OtterBox Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

OtterBox sent over an OtterBox case for the Galaxy S5 earlier. Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy S5 and just yesterday, I got hold of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. The Galaxy S5 may be water and dust resistant but it is not shockproof. One of the things I do first after buying a smartphone is to look for a durable case. Of course you don’t want to risk your smartphone from getting chipped or scratched in case it accidentally slips from your hand.

The OtterBox case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 I got was from the Commuter Series. The Commuter Series is one of OtterBox’s cases which is designed to fit and slide easily in and out of your pockets. It features a dual-layer case to protect your smartphone from bumps and shocks- the inner, made of soft rubber and the outer, a hard plastic case.

Other OtterBox lines include the Defender Series and the Commuter Wallet Series. The Defender Series is a rugged, multi-layered case that features an impact-absorbing outer layer, solid polycarbonate shell, built-in screen protector and a swivel-style belt clip holster and an ergonomic grip. The Commuter Wallet Series features storage for important cards and cash.

OtterBox also provides glossy and matte high-strength, self-healing polyurethane screen protector under the Clearly Protected Series.

Check out below for the pricing of the OtterBox Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

OtterBox Defender Series for the Samsung Galaxy S5 – Php 2,850
OtterBox Commuter Series for the Samsung Galaxy S5 – Php 2,150
OtterBox Commuter Wallet Series for the Samsung GalaxyS5 – Php 2,150

Check out this link on where to get these OtterBox cases for your smartphones.

More photos of the OtterBox Case for Galaxy S5:

  • StratoSpHere

    Look at that SGS5 that I won’t have! Oh, and also that Otterbox case too! #FML

  • Gem

    Hi! where did you buy your otterbox?
    I also just got my S5 and would love an otterbox case but i can’t seem to find any online shops in the philippines selling it.
    if you bought it at the otterbox site, how much was the shipping fee?