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UPDATE: This mini-contest is now over. Please wait for the announcement of winners. Thanks to all who joined.

To our readers, here’s a mini-contest from you. In partnership with Lenovo, we are giving away some mini-prizes for this very easy mini-contest commemorating Lenovo’s What’s Your Idea of Fun theme. This is just a prelude to the Lenovo laptop that we will be giving away this December.

Here’s the deal

Last month, Calvin’s Hub had a Lenovo mini-contest as well. Those who joined that contest automatically got a raffle entry for our drawing of the Lenovo laptop this December. To those who were not able to join that contest, here’s another chance for you. You will get a raffle entry for the laptop draw and win some cool prizes from Lenovo as well.

Note: Those who joined the mini-contest at Calvin’s Hub can still join this one for another raffle entry and a chance to win these mini prizes.

And the prizes are

For the Calvin’s Hub mini-contest, Lenovo gave away T-shirts and water guns. This time, you can win one of these cool prizes. usbhub

10 funky stick man Lenovo 4-port USB 2.0 hubs


5 Lenovo USB bracelets

Yep, there will be 10 winners in this mini-contest here. I don’t know how big the capacity is on the USB bracelets but for the sake of keeping our expectations low, let’s assume it’s 1GB ok?

The grand prize

Of course, there’s still the Lenovo G460 laptop up for grabs on a raffle draw this December. Earn your raffle entry by joining this mini-contest.

How to join

Joining is pretty simple. Just follow these three easy steps.

1. Like our PTB page in Facebook.

2. Leave a comment after this post answering this very easy question:

“What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?” It can be an activity game with friends, a video game, parlor game, etc. Please leave use a valid e-mail when commenting.

3. Share this contest link (you can copy paste the URL from your browser or use the Facebook button found after this post) on your Facebook wall with the following message as your status:

I joined this easy contest from Pinoy Tech Blog because I want to win a Lenovo laptop this December!

Told you it’s going to be easy right?

Choosing the winners

Contest ends on November 27, 11:59PM. On November 28, I will choose 15 winners at random from those who joined. The 1st 10 winners will get a 4-port USB hub and the last five winners will get a USB bracelet.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This contest is open to Metro Manila residents only. Or those with a Metro Manila shipping address.
  2. Only one valid comment per person
  3. Have fun and good luck!

Feel free to “Like” the Lenovo Philippines Page in Facebook and get to know product news, promos and even ask some support/service questions there.

Go comment and share in Facebook! Have fun! Thanks to Lenovo Philippines for sponsoring this contest.


  1. My favorite and most fun game that I’ve played during my childhood days was ‘chinese garter.’ I enjoyed playing the game with my sisters, neighbors and schoolmates.

  2. Vanessa June Balatero /

    “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”

    The most fun video game that I played during my childhood was of course “SUPER MARIO Brothers!” If you did not enjoy this video game then you must have not enjoyed your childhood years. I mean, who was not entertained by the game? saving the princess, having super powers, swimming under the sea, flying above the clouds, killing those annoying turtles, teleporting to another portal, trying to reach the flag to get a bonus points, now that was fun right?! It was played in the family computer, we even had a hard time removing and replacing super mario tape, but it was all worth it. When talking about it, it will always leave a smile on me and my friends faces. It was just not the game that we enjoyed, but also the wonderful memories that we shared when we played SUPER MARIO Brothers.


    [email protected]

  3. Kay Raynera /

    The most fun game I played with my friends was pretending to be the members from “Biomen.”

  4. i had so much fun playing with my cousins in the province everytime we went there for vacation. my sister and i don’t play much outside as we were not allowed to play outdoors, so playing outside was a thrill for us. we scavenge for candy wrappers near the store of my lolo and around the neighborhood, then we use the candy wrappers as our play money. we get leaves to “sell” as vegetables, fish or any commodity we could think of. we even use our bikes in going around. we have such big space to go around in the province (and this is not on the road)! a little creativity and imagination were all we need to have fun. i miss those days. =)

  5. joni ablaza /

    I love to play patintero with my childhood friends. Those memories was unforgettable for me like now I love watching my daughter also play patintero with her friends.

  6. Joan R. Flores /

    The most fun game I played during my childhood, as far as I could remember was the ‘kasal-kasalan’ that was initiated by my classmates when I was in grade 3. I consider it most funny because it’s unforgettable. The young boy that they gave me as partner happened to be my secret crush as well, but of course nobody knew about that until we were college already and they still kept on teasing me about that game more than a decade ago..

  7. What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?

    The most enjoyed game I played during my childhood years was playing PLAYSTATION 1 with MARVEL VS. CAPCOM games with my brothers! It’s fun and challenging. it served a bonding time with my brothers that time :)

  8. Michael Yu /

    It’s my all-time video game favorite, 4-player Bomber Man!!! It’s the PC version programmed using only a DOS Quick Basic (Q Basic) programming language :) Having fun playing this game with my siblings sharing a single keyboard to play this game at the same time :)

  9. Cherie Chan /

    Chinese Garter! :D I’m the best among all my friends in this fun game during my elementary days :)

  10. Vivian Blas /

    What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?

    I like playing the chinese “MI PAO” :D it’s similar with playing jackstones, but instead of using ball and jacks, you use rice sewed together inside a cloth. You need some balancing powers in this game :)

  11. Lilibeth Yu /

    What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?

    TOUCH-CUE!!! hehe :D like this game very much. I’m the best at touching and rescuing people! :) I run very fast in this game :)

  12. Anna Domingo /

    The most fun game I played during my childhood was Barbie, chinese garter and jackstones! I even sneak them every time I bring it to school then play with my classmates during recess/lunch/dismissal.

  13. Richard /

    What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?

    The most fun game I have played was Hide-and-Seek! :D Eventhough I’m the tallest among us, I’m the best when it comes to hiding :)

  14. Charmae /

    I loved “Touch the Color…” game very much :) It keeps me running all the time looking for colors around me :)

  15. “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”

    I played Battle City on the Famicom with my dad when I was a kid. For me, this was very fun because not only was I enjoying the game, my dad got the chance to relax and have fun with me as well! It was a unique father-daughter bonding experience.

  16. “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”

    It would have to be the Super Mario Bros 3 video game and using the old Nintendo game console at that! I remember being a fanatic of SMB 1 and 2 but when SMB 3 came out, it was such a blast and I was hooked! I had to battle new enemies, deal with the new challenges and obstacles, and had to go through the 8 worlds (the Giant world was my favorite). Good thing the game also introduced new power-ups and special abilities to help me stay alive in the game. I super enjoyed the new additions of the Super Leaf Suit and the Frog Suit but the Magic Whistle would have to be my all-time favorite special item as it helped me bypass and skip certain worlds. I had fun being ahead in the game with my Magic Whistle and had to laugh out loud whenever I get hold of the Magic Whistle before my siblings could. Ah, those were such fun times. I enjoyed the game as much as I enjoyed playing it with my siblings. We sure had a lot of fun memories with Mario and Luigi way back then :)

  17. JorlanBalbuena /

    What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?

    i heart tamaang tao.
    its fun ksi i can aim accurately and hit my target easily…:)kaya di ako laging taya.
    i want a timemachine!

  18. I enjoyed playing “siato” during my childhood days. Nowadays, I don’t see kids playing that anymore.

  19. “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”

    –Mine was playing wrestling with my cousins, where we have to stand on a bed and wrestle each other by pushing each ones shoulder downwards, or into whatever direction and so on until we go shaking tired of exerting too much force to each other. The fight ends when we’re both lying on the bed, and taking some deep breath! When we we’re older it was when we realized that it was quite a violent game for a 7-10yr old kids to play on. Though it might seem ridiculous, we really did had fun and we did not hurt each other =) just purely PUSH + TICKLE = 101% FUN! all smiles =D

  20. The most fun game I played during my childhood days is “patintero”. Me and my girl friends always win this game, and we love it when we beat the boys!


  21. The most fun game I played during my childhood days is “Patintero”. Me and my girlfriends always win this game and we love it when we beat the boys!


  22. Jelaine /

    Ang mga nilalaro ko nung bata ako ay jolens, tatching, balikbayan, teks (chub, cha talikod kuba), yung kalog tansan. Halos karamihan mga panlalake. Di ko alam kung bakit. Pero hindi ako tomboy ha. Ang alam ko lang madalas ako manalo sa mga larong yun kaya nag-eenjoy ako. Kaya nung isang beses na inutusan ako nang nanay ko at hindi ko siya kaagad sinunod dahil sa naglalaro nga ako at nawala pa yung P100 na binigay niya pambili, tinapon niya ung lata-lata kong tansan at litro-litro kong jolens. At sabi nya pa, ipiprito niya daw ung mga teks ko at yun daw ulamin ko..

  23. Have any of you played X-Men? Hahaha! It was one of the much-awaited animated series every Friday night, which was previously shown at ABS-CBN during the late 90s.

    Together with my childhood friends, we used to mimic the distinctive actions of these magnificent heroes and villains. I also remember, we always gather around at our back yard (which was a vacant lot) and build our own X-Mansion built with scrap materials.

    After constructing our lair, there goes the action! We role-play some of the renowned characters of X-Men such as Professor X, Wolverine, Cyclops, and also their foes like, Magneto, The Sentinel among others. We pretend to be like these characters and acted like we have mutant powers also.

    It was one of those nostalgic moments and absolutely an enjoyable and fun childhood experience.

    [email protected]

  24. Mary Jane Pineda /

    My favorite childhood games were Chinese jackstones and pick up sticks.

  25. Allan Reyes /

    My favorite childhood game is tumbang preso.

  26. What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?
    MY most fun game for me i played, we played was the ” TAGU-TAGUAN”(hide and seek), after going to school we gathered near our place then shout “TAGU-TAGUAN NA”. It takes an all- seeing, tough intelligence,speed and talent to play hide and seek.Until now i feel the energy that bonds us together that permeates this compelling series of our life. A life that radiates brilliance, and vivacious live each magnificent day to the maximum enjoyment that the childhood ever made.

    [email protected]

  27. Darrell Dubos /

    the most fun game i played during my childhood is playing bingo . .me and my relatives and friends played together. .

  28. What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?

    It is “AGAWANG BASE” for me. In our young age, we learned to coordinate our moves, come up with stategies and plans to rescue our team members who were held prisoners in the enemy’s base. It is a game of wit and physical stamina since the players need to outrun the opponents. It is also very exciting and fast paced. i love that game!!

  29. What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?

    I liked playing jack stones best because I love to do all the exhibitions even if my hands collect all the dust and dirt!


  30. I enjoyed chess because I didn’t like to sweat. And yes, I was a nerd.

  31. Gian Javier /

    I remember playing “LANGIT-LUPA-IMPIYERNO”, “HAWAY”, “HARANGANG-TAGA”, and “TUMBANG-PRESO” with my kalaros when I was a kid. I also loved playing my family computer games like Battle City, Super Mario Bros., Antartica and those games with Japanese characters until now I still do not know the title, SUGIO! (BEH… hehehe…). But I preferred playing parlor games with my friends. It was more enjoyable and it made us “Amoy-Araw”

    [email protected]

  32. Rowell Ilog /

    I remember I always loved playing teks, marbles and pog. Looking back, it almost feels like gambling for kids.

  33. Kasal-kasalan, bahay-bahayan and luto-lutuan. I can’t forget those games. It was a real fun game. We used to play it in a “Kubo” (native house) made for my friend just for our playhouse. At first, there will be a wedding, for the kasal-kasalan part. Wherein, we made cake from a wet sand, vegetable dishes from any leaves we could gather and flowers as bouquet. It was funny when it was my turn to be a bride because my groom was my crush during that time. There was this instance that my friend got jealous of me for being a bride because the groom was her crush too. LOL. The cheesy part was when the priest pronounced us husband and wife. He did kiss me. Afterwards, we got to play the bahay-bahayan part. We mimicked the role of each of the member of the family and used towel to make as a baby. We did marketing by going around the village to look for any scrapped materials, leaves, flowers, and anything we could gather that we thought was useful for the house. We then cooked foods as luto-lutuan game from our kitchen utensil toys, and fed our pets (stuffed toys). Those days was incredible. All we did was play. I’ve got great memories of my childhood. I just love being a kid then. LOL.

  34. spidergrrl /

    “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”

    The most fun games I played when I was a kid were Blind Man’s Buff and Taguan. :)

  35. “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”
    When i wa on childhood days me and my friends plays called “batuhan ng bola” when your opponents go to the rightside ..thats the start of runing to go to the other site of the court until youve reach the end without hitting the ball.thats game ever …most enjoyed.:)coz we’ve laugh out loud so that game,i remember,&can’t forgot when my friend trying to touch the ball ,&she accidentally touch animal dung.:)

  36. The most fun game I played during my childhood days was duyan duyan under our house.I used to play it with my 2 elder sister. Since my father won’t allow me to go out the house I learn to appreciate staying in the house. The funny part of playing this game is that we assumed that its already night and we lie on the mat and then we forgot and took asleep.

  37. Aegis Obusan /

    “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”
    HIDE & SEEK.. the excitement is when your the only one the finder last to find or even couldn’t find..

  38. “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”
    HIDE & SEEK.. the excitement is when you’re the last one to be found or even could not be found..

  39. Gun Smoke on the Family Computer. It was so nice, even my dad would play it! :)

  40. Marie Flor Lumingkit /

    What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”

    For me, it’s piko. I loved it because the game is very challenging specially if you have too many “bahays”. I am really missing those times playing with my sister and childhood friends. :)

  41. Jill Ann /

    My favorite game during my childhood years was Lupa Langit! Someone will be the IT and he will try to catch a person who is on the ground. You have to be on a high level place so that IT won’t catch you, but you can’t stay on one place for a long period of time. It’s so fun especially if you are playing with your relatives and friends. =) I’m always the IT though hahahah

  42. Jill Ann /

    I am not sure why my 1st post did not appear. anyways, here’s another try… My favorite game during my childhood years was Lupa Langit. It’s so fun playing the game with family and friends =)

  43. Himbabao! It was good and fun, all the hiding and chasing inside the public market (when all the store is closed), through the rice paddies, and sometimes up to the beach. God I love my childhood weekends because of this game.

  44. Christian Baret /

    The most fun game i played during my childhood is spider fight, we used to catch spiders for fighting at night so we could fight them with other spiders. You have to put them in match boxes which has several divisions. Feed them, giving them water, and doing sparrings with other spiders before the big fight. There were a lot of different spiders we could use then, we call them based on the tree or where we usually catch them, some are the gagambang saging(banana spider), gagambang ordin(spider with a big spot at the back, usually white spot), there are a lot of kinds but the ones i mentioned were the ones i remember. The best spider i ever had was the gagambang kuryente, the fiercest of them all which can stand in almost any weather which is found on power lines. That was the most fun game i ever played and i won’t forget….

    [email protected]


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