Pinoy Tech Blog Mini-Contest

UPDATE: This mini-contest is now over. Please wait for the announcement of winners. Thanks to all who joined.

To our readers, here’s a mini-contest from you. In partnership with Lenovo, we are giving away some mini-prizes for this very easy mini-contest commemorating Lenovo’s What’s Your Idea of Fun theme. This is just a prelude to the Lenovo laptop that we will be giving away this December.

Here’s the deal

Last month, Calvin’s Hub had a Lenovo mini-contest as well. Those who joined that contest automatically got a raffle entry for our drawing of the Lenovo laptop this December. To those who were not able to join that contest, here’s another chance for you. You will get a raffle entry for the laptop draw and win some cool prizes from Lenovo as well.

Note: Those who joined the mini-contest at Calvin’s Hub can still join this one for another raffle entry and a chance to win these mini prizes.

And the prizes are

For the Calvin’s Hub mini-contest, Lenovo gave away T-shirts and water guns. This time, you can win one of these cool prizes. usbhub

10 funky stick man Lenovo 4-port USB 2.0 hubs


5 Lenovo USB bracelets

Yep, there will be 10 winners in this mini-contest here. I don’t know how big the capacity is on the USB bracelets but for the sake of keeping our expectations low, let’s assume it’s 1GB ok?

The grand prize

Of course, there’s still the Lenovo G460 laptop up for grabs on a raffle draw this December. Earn your raffle entry by joining this mini-contest.

How to join

Joining is pretty simple. Just follow these three easy steps.

1. Like our PTB page in Facebook.

2. Leave a comment after this post answering this very easy question:

“What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?” It can be an activity game with friends, a video game, parlor game, etc. Please leave use a valid e-mail when commenting.

3. Share this contest link (you can copy paste the URL from your browser or use the Facebook button found after this post) on your Facebook wall with the following message as your status:

I joined this easy contest from Pinoy Tech Blog because I want to win a Lenovo laptop this December!

Told you it’s going to be easy right?

Choosing the winners

Contest ends on November 27, 11:59PM. On November 28, I will choose 15 winners at random from those who joined. The 1st 10 winners will get a 4-port USB hub and the last five winners will get a USB bracelet.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This contest is open to Metro Manila residents only. Or those with a Metro Manila shipping address.
  2. Only one valid comment per person
  3. Have fun and good luck!

Feel free to “Like” the Lenovo Philippines Page in Facebook and get to know product news, promos and even ask some support/service questions there.

Go comment and share in Facebook! Have fun! Thanks to Lenovo Philippines for sponsoring this contest.


  1. “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”

    my most unforgettable and coolest game I’ve ever played in my life is “habulang hubo” .. It was an embarrassing moment for me but then it was so cool. As time pass by and as the children grows they even forget those games because of the generation. Even though it was so malicious it was so fun to play because its the willingness of the player to do so.


    [email protected]

  2. Jubi Santos /

    What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?

    I think the most fun game I played during childhood was “Lutu-Lutuan with merienda and Bubbles game after”. We really take time to set-up stones that will serve as the base of our “stove”, we have dried leaves and woods and even a match for real fire! A can of Century Tuna or Maling will serve as our pots to cook our food – we have water, alatiris & guava, and gumamela!

    we boil alatiris in water(lutu-lutuan part) and eat it after (merienda part) and lastly, we boil and crush the gumamela leaves with joy to make a solution for bubbles! So much for bonding time!


  3. “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”

    My favorite game is patintero with my sister and cousins as well as the video game pacman and galaga. It makes my childhood worth remembering…

  4. “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”

    My village friends and I played “Patintero” during our childhood days. It was fun and memorable cause we used to play that during the 1990s power crisis where there were rotating brownouts. No electricity means no chance of playing our “Family Computer”. We would just go out on the streets, play patintero and enjoy while the moon is full. :)

  5. When I was a kid, the most fun game I played is tumbang-preso. It was one of the popular games during my time since there were still no video and computer games.

    Though the game was easy, we needed to have more players because the more players there are, the more challenging the game would be. We would start by playing bato-bato-pix and the one who lose the most would be the “it”. Then the “it” will defend the can from being hit and when he caught or ‘tagged” another player when the can was not yet knocked down, then that another player would be the new “it”. We had so much fun laughing and shouting when the “it” started to chase everybody, if he happened to be slow, he would end up returning the can over and over again.

    I remember we used our ordinary rubber slippers as weapon to hit the can and after the game we would go home all laughing and dirty and stinky and my mother would say we smell like stray dogs and she would pull our ears and threw us in the bathroom and me and my siblings would still laugh our hearts out.

  6. Thank you to all of those who joined. this mini-contest is now over. i will announce the winners soon. those who joined here will have an entry for the laptop giveaway this December.

    Thanks again!

    – PTB Editor

    • G,habd /

      kailangan pa po ba naka tag ng ganito ung name ng blog nyo sa FACEBOOK? @PINOY TECHBLOG kpag ishare sa status msg namin? thanks po just for clarifications

  7. Prince Arthur Alagao /

    “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”

    I really enjoy reminiscing my childhood memories!

    My friends and I really had fun playing Hide-and-Seek, Patintero, Base-to-Base and even our very own game…..Takeshi’s Castle.
    I can still remember the game that I made that has the concept of finding a clue in our community that leads them to their next destination. It was a successful one and we even play it until now!
    If you don’t know, that’s the concept of a reality show named The Amazing Race. But I made my game before realizing that there is already a show like that.
    Maybe that’s the reason why I’m an addicted to The Amazing Race!

    Those are my memories but that’s not my most fun game of my childhood life,….

    The Most Fun Game that I have played during my childhood is the POKEMON!
    I think everyone knows it. The children in our community loves to play with it also. My brothers, my friends, and I really had fun playing with it. We even challenge each other. The name of our group is named after that game!

    [email protected]

  8. The most fun game I’ve ever played when I was a small kid was luksong tinik (Jump Thorns).

    It’s a good form of exercise, unlike nowadays, hindi puro electronics ang laruan natin before. And also a challenging one.
    This game seems to help develop my skills in cause and effect, spatial awareness, motor skills, and problem solving. Also my social awareness since we are a team in this game.

    [email protected]

  9. Pop Corn /

    “What was the most fun game you played during your childhood and why?”

    My most fun game i played during my childhood is Hide and seek with my brothers .. im small and thin so i can easily hide… and sometimes kinakarga aq ni papa in his shoulder and he is on the back of my brother hindi nila aq makita kasi mataas aq.. kaya nakakapunta aq agad sa base.. LOLZ … bihira lang aq mataya kasi madaya aq hahaha… so unfair ! but it was fun.. I always laugh because they always angry with me

  10. I and my sister usually enjoy playing “pretend” games. It is where I had many adventures and have reached distant places through playful imagination and resourcefulness.

  11. I remember the most interesting part of my childhood with my friends as we are growing up is the game we used to play usually in the afternoon is siatong a game with a wooden stick you have to play with two woooden sticks one is used to lift the other sticks and flip it as far as the wooden stick go on the way back where your wooden stick has landed you have to walked back to where you have began and on walking you have to shout Siatong when you loose your voice you stop there and do it all over again as you farther and farther the one who comes back to the original place won the game of couse you should survive shouting by walking the word siatong…. easy to say but hard to do …. gasping for breath to reach your goal..


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