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Play Atari’s Breakout on Google’s image search

To commemorate the 37th year of Atari’s Breakout, Google create a little easter egg on their image search that will surely take a few minutes of your time.

If you don’t know the game Breakout, it’s a game inspired by Pong, then in turn inspired the game called Arkanoid which you probably know. The object of the game is to clear all bricks by bouncing a ball off your paddle. Of course Breakout is the most simplest form of the game without any power-ups or anything to slow down the ball, or make your paddle longer… you know what I mean if you’re a fan of such games.


To play Breakout in Google, simply go to image search and type in “atari breakout.” The image results will turn into blocks which you have to break through.

  • Griswold

    Alam ko yang breakout!! one of the few games we had before sa Atari kasama ng pong. shucks ang tanda ko na.

  • robinhood

    whi is it not working in my pc??

    • http://calvinshub.com Calvin

      go to image search, not the main search page