Aug 5, 2011

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PlayStation Vita won’t make it by Christmas says Sony

If you’re saving money to get yourself a Sony PlayStation Vita this Christmas then you might want to start looking at other gadget ideas now. Sony Corp. announced that the only country where the PS Vita will be released this Christmas is Japan.


Kazuo Hirai, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI), told reporters in Tokyo that the PlayStation Vita will initially launch in Japan before the end of December, followed by introductions in the U.S. and Europe early next year. That only means much later in other parts of the world.

Last June, we reported that the PlayStation Vita will start shipping late this year so this was a surprising turn of events from Sony who couldn’t capitalize the holiday season especially on the two markets that accounted for more than 40% of their revenue last fiscal year.

The PlayStation Vita is Sony’s next-generation gaming device with high-end gaming specs, 5-inch multitouch screen and a number of controls available to a gamer. Good news is Sony’s sticking to the $249 (WiFi) and $299 (3G/WiFi) price tag for the PS Vita.


  1. They better release it sooner. Smartphones are rapidly eating away at their market share

  2. Griswold says:

    awww… inaabangan ko pa naman ito. sana magbago ihip ng hangin.

  3. this can’t be happening /sob

  4. So when do you think it would be released here in Manila?

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