PLDT Fibr teams with ClickPlay, brings free video-on-demand to your home

PLDT Fibr subscribers, here’s a treat for you. PLDT just partnered with, which you can think of as the Netflix for Philippines, to bring free streaming of blockbuster movies to your home whenever you want to.

PLDT Home inks deal with Click Play. L-R: Gary Dujali, Head of PLDT HOME Broadband, Ariel Fermin, EVP and Head of PLDT HOME Business, Jon Sherwin Dela Cruz, President of Clickplay, and Nilo Castaneda, Head of PLDT HOME Product Development

PLDT Home inks deal with ClickPlay. L-R: Gary Dujali, Head of PLDT HOME Broadband; Ariel Fermin, EVP and Head of PLDT HOME Business; Jon Sherwin Dela Cruz, President of Clickplay; and Nilo Castaneda, Head of PLDT HOME Product Development

“Barely a month since we launched the HOME brand of the PLDT Group, we are giving our customers quality content using the ultra-fast and reliable connection of Fibr,” said Ariel Fermin, EVP and Head of PLDT Home Business.

Fibr is PLDT Home’s most powerful broadband connection which is offered at a minimum of 8 Mbps speed and is also available at a whopping 100 Mbps speed. Even at the minimum speed, this connection is very ideal for streaming full movies off the net and this is where ClickPlay comes in.

ClickPlay, which is partly owned by Magnavision, is like Netflix where you can rent videos and stream it through the internet. Currently, they have around 70 blockbuster movies from Warner Studios with plenty more coming soon. Streaming of videos is done through their site,, via browser using Silverlight so best way to watch movies this way is to hook your Fibr-powered PC or laptop to your TV. Streaming straight to Smart TVs and mobile devices will be supported soon though.


I was able to try the service out and it was easy to select and play movies. Buffering at the start was quick and it was smooth sailing from then on watching Hollywood hits such as Superman Returns, 300, and Dark Knight Rises to name a few. Skipping and resuming within the video is also supported although at the moment only standard definition quality is available.

PLDT’s Fibr is an unlimited broadband service and is available in four plans which already includes Fibr Voice Line, free PLDT Telpad and free access to PLDT WiFi Zone.

  • Fibr 8 Mbps – P3,500/month with 3 movies from Clickplay
  • Fibr 20 Mbps – P5,800/month with 4 movies from Clickplay
  • Fibr 50 Mbps – P8,800/month with 10 movies from Clickplay
  • Fibr 100 Mbps – P20,000/month with 20 movies from Clickplay

Fibr is currently available in over 100 exclusive villages in Metro Manila and PLDT is aggressively rolling it out to Cavite, Laguna, and Cebu.

For more information about PLDT Fibr, you may visit or call the hotline 101-FIBR.

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  • Good to know there is an equivalent to NetFlix in PH!

    • yup… no need for VPN anymore. hopefully broadband speed can keep up.

  • Griswold

    hindi siguro ito magcliclick as long as maraming nagtotorrent. well yung clickplay that is, not Fibr.

  • Hi sir Calvin. Nice meeting you at that event. Sorry for acting like a clueless dork :-/