Apr 24, 2013

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Pouch loyalty app arrives in the Philippines

Are you one of those people who have plenty of loyalty stamp cards in their wallets? Don’t you just hate bringing them with you at all times, only to forget that you had it with you.

Well Pouch is a digital version of those stamp cards that resides on your smartphone so you don’t have to bring a card for each establishment. It’s a big thing in Indonesia where it started and now it’s here in the Philippines with a handful of partner stores to start with.


With the Pouch app, the establishment will ask you to scan a QR code with it to get your stamp. Rewards per number of stamps vary per establishment so you can choose to redeem a reward right away or earn more stamps for a bigger reward.

To redeem a reward, all you need to do is select which reward you want and you will be presented with a code that you need to show to the merchant. This will deduct the number of stamps collected for that establishment from your account.

How Pouch Works

Pouch is a free download and is available for the iOS, Android, and BlackBerry with the following merchant partners at the moment:

  • 2nds
  • Al Kho Bar
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • David’s Salon
  • Motorway
  • Ninyo
  • Recc Optical Services
  • Sarabia Optical
  • Sesou Nature Source
  • SeventySeven Cafe
  • Songkran
  • Strumms
  • Sumo Sam Legacy
  • The Bar @ 1951
  • Vape Republic Lounge
  • Wink Laser & Wax Studio

I know, the list isn’t that extensive yet and the popular coffee shops or those milk tea establishments are not yet included. But hey, it’s free and it won’t take up space in your wallet or purse. And it’s bound to get better in time.

You can visit http://www.pouch.ph for more details.

  1. May kalaban na ang Perxclub hehe! Same concept din pero marami-rami na rin syang merchants.

  2. I still Perxclub. Parang mas maraming laman, may special offers, leadership ek ek, etc. I think they’ve released 2.0 sa iOS na less buggy, waiting pa rin me sa Android..

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