Run OLPC’s Sugar UI On Your Own Computer

With a blurb like the following by BusinessWeek, wouldn’t you be interested to test run Sugar, the OLPC UI?

Sugar offers a brand new approach to computing. Ever since the first Apple Macintosh was launched in 1984, the user interfaces of personal computers have been designed based on the same visual metaphor: the desktop. Sugar tosses out all of that like so much tattered baggage. Instead, an icon representing the individual occupies the center of the screen; “zoom” out like a telephoto lens and you see the user in relation to friends, and finally to all of the people in the village who are also on the network.

Article here, slideshow here (via).

How to test run Sugar:

1) (Obviously) Get an OLPC, where Sugar is installed by default, or;
2) Run QEMU -an open-source processor emulator- on a Mac, or a PC, and use the OLPC images, or;
3) Install Python for a Sugar Development Environment on Windows, Mac OSX, *IX Oses

For more Sugar goodness, read:

Sugar Instructions (more screenshots here)
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines

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  1. McKhulet /

    So fugly. OSX still provides the best UI!


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