Samsung Galaxy S5 Hands-On

If you’re planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy S5, We were lucky enough to have our hands on Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 before its official launch tonight.

At first glance, the differences in design are barely noticeable between the Galaxy S5 and its predecessor. The Samsung Galaxy S5 still have a perforated pattern on the back cover but is slightly bigger and heavier than the S4.

Unlike the S4, the Galaxy S5 is now dust and water resistant, including its S-View flip cover.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has just about the same display as the S4 but Displaymate reveals that the Galaxy S5 has the best smartphone display they’ve ever tested.

Meng’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Left) and Samsung Galaxy S5 (Right)

There isn’t a huge bump in megapixels but Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera now has a faster auto focus (at 0.3 secs). Check out below for some sample photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Click /Right-click, Open in new Tab to view the raw version.

The one below is taken with Selective focus on

We still have yet to test how the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor on the Samsung Galaxy S5 enhanced the smartphone’s performance over its precursor but if you’re particular with benchmarks, we have the Antutu score below.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has an SRP of Php 34,990 and will be available starting April 12, 2014. For full specs, click here. Watch out for our complete review of the Samsung Galaxy S5 soon.

More photos of the Samsung Galaxy S5 below.

If you’re planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can check out SMART’s Galaxy S5 and Globe’s Galaxy S5 Plans.

  • Chris


    nice article – finally the Samsung S5 comes out.

    What do you consider the strongest competitor to the S5? Still the Iphone 5s?

    I hope the other companies will launch soon and Samsung doesnt get too strong in the Philippines :)

    Cheers Chris