Samsung i8510 gets an 8MP camera

Following the lead of the Sony Ericsson c905, Samsung is also topping the megapixel wars among camera phones with the upcoming i8510.

samsung i8510

The Samsung i8510 will sport an 8 mexapixel camera, HSDPA (7.2Mbps), FM tuner, GPS, WiFi and internal storage of 16GB Add another 8GB from an external microSD slot and bump the storage to 24GB. It has a dual LED flash and 120 fps video capture.

No word on when this will be out and for how much. {via}


  1. I dont think samsung as reliable as sony and nokia ..but with 8 mp camera it will rock sure i love to have this one too .

  2. want this phone but how much oy. and is it really that durable?

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