Seagate Wireless Plus wins CNET’s Best of CES 2013 Award

Seagate’s latest wireless portable storage, the Wireless Plus, won CNET’s Best of CES 2013 award for Networking and Storage. The Wireless Plus is the much-improved version of their GoFlex Satellite, a portable drive with a built-in wireless feature to stream content to a number of mobile devices.

seagate wireless plusThe Seagate Wireless Plus builds on the GoFlex Satellite but with more features and a bigger 1TB capacity. This new portable wireless storage can create its own wireless network and stream content to up to 8 mobile devices at the same time. You can also use this device to connect to a wireless netwok and share the internet connection to multiple devices. Really handy if you’re in a hotel. With the Seagate Media App, you can upload files from your mobile device to the Wireless Plus. The Seagate Wireless Plus now gets a longer battery life rated at 10 hours.

“We are thrilled that CNET has selected Wireless Plus as a “Best of CES” award winner,” said Scott Horn, vice president of marketing at Seagate. “A category of storage first pioneered by Seagate, this latest offering of wireless storage improves on an already great product concept.”


  1. Griswold /

    Yikes… i feel for those who bought the seagate goflex satellite last christmas.

  2. The same kind of product already exist. Patriot Gauntlet 360/Node. Got the Node version and installed my existing 600GB hdd. But you can put a 1TB or larger if you want. Go check it out.

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