Dec 31, 2013

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Signing off…

Happy new year friends! This is Calvin signing off from Pinoy Tech Blog as this will be my last post for the blog. Don’t worry, PTB will still continue to exist and provide you with relevant tech news under the management of Joey Abiog.

Back in 2005, Pinoy Tech Blog started off as a collaborative effort from a group of well-known bloggers headed by Abe Olandres of Yugatech. Unfortunately, after a few years it kinda died down until it was only Abe who posting sporadically for the site just to keep it updated.

yugatech network

In 2008, when I started blogging, Abe entrusted me with Pinoy Tech Blog along with Joey and Raffy to help me. We changed its design, created social media accounts, and made it grow to what it is now. I can say that looking back from what it was before, we really accomplished a lot and all the hard work paid off.

Unfortunately, now’s the time for me to let PTB go.

calvin in future perfect

I just want to take this time to thank you my readers, for keeping this site worth managing and writing for. Thank you to all those who are subscribed to our social media accounts, those who made this site a part of their daily reading, and those who somewhat made PTB a community. Thank you for the questions, the comments, and the numerous grammatical corrections on my part. Hehehe.

I also would like to thank my trusty contributors who shared their insights and reviews over the years. It’s really difficult for one person to manage a site of this magnitude without any help.

s4 launch in new york

There are also the brands and PR agencies who regarded PTB as a respectable tech site in the country capable of delivering insightful news and reviews for Filipinos. Thank you for trusting us. I will definitely miss covering events (mostly overseas ones), trying out the latest gadgets, and definitely mingling with friends I made in the industry.

Abe and I now entrusted PTB to Joey who will continue to run the site and make it reach new heights. Do expect some birth pains at the start but I’m sure Joey will do a great job here and even grow PTB and its community some more.

It has been a fun ride everyone. If you want to keep in touch with me, there’s still my personal blog which I will continue to maintain, or follow me on Twitter (@calvinshub) or Instagram (@calvinshub).

  1. awtzzz! ma mi miss kta, Calvin! ;D

  2. This news comes as a shock and a bit of sadness. Thank you for providing daily articles to readers like me. Your effort is very much appreciated. May I ask what will keep you busy after PTB?

  3. bagongsaing says:

    God bless, dude.

  4. Thanks & Good luck Calvin!

  5. Wishing you all the best Calvin!

  6. Glad that I had known you Calvs! :) Wishing you the best for 2014.

  7. God bless!!! All the best sir….

  8. Wishing you all the best Calvin!

  9. venus salud says:

    wishing you all the best and good luck.

  10. Thanks and God Speed Sir Calvin.. Your 1 of the best..

    Siyempre, tuloy pa din ang suporta namin sa PTB.

  11. Wishing you the best, Sir Calvin! Anyway, I am following you on twitter and instagram. And of course, there’s Calvin’s Hub. Happy New Year po! :)

  12. Lau Beruin says:

    Maraming salamat Sir Calvin! Ma-mi-miss ka namin. Daan na lang kami sa calvin’s hub para bisitahin ka. =))

  13. Good Luck Calvin! All the best!

  14. Bye Calvin! It was a good ride! Have a great life!

  15. Wow! Leaving soon.
    Thanks, man. And, good luck.

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