Slickwraps for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Applewerkz sent us a number of cases and accessories including this Slickwraps for Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Slickwraps provides a number of wraps/skins for your smartphone providing 360 degree of stylish, ultra-thin and durable protection.

The Slickwraps Applewerkz sent us was leather brown from the Slickwraps Leather Series. Slickwraps also have leather orange, leather black, alligator black, alligator white skin under this series. If you’re not a fan of leather, Slickwraps also have Wood, Carbon Fiber and Metal Series.

The package came with a Slickwraps HD scratch-proof screen protector and a cleaning cloth. I couldn’t count the pieces but the wraps covered everything from the front, back, sides and even the stylus of my Galaxy Note 2. The Slickwraps was also easy to apply and remove but yeah, I should have not trusted my judgment and asked a professional to install the wraps instead. (notice that some of the skins were not properly aligned, also remember to clean your smartphone first before installing the wraps :))

Anyways, the Slickwraps provided a distinctive design and protection to my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I liked how the Slickwraps’ leather texture felt and looked on my Note 2. Installing and removing the wraps was also straightforward and it didn’t leave any residue. The Slickwraps appeals to those who  don’t want a conventional cover for their smartphone specially to those who love fashion and want to protect their smartphones with style.

More photos of the Slickwraps on my Galaxy Note 2

You can get the Slickwraps in any of Applewerkz’ branches below.

Applewerkz Incorporated is a company that specializes in importation and distribution of premium cases and add-ons for mobile telephones and gadgets. They deliver a broad range of high-quality merchandise that are useable, well-designed and great for customization which makes them unique and stand out in this ever growing mobile industry market.

Some of the top brands Applewerkz carry are: Element Case (USA), Slickwraps (USA), Realook (Korea), RokForm (USA), Itskins (France), Spigen-SGP (Korea) and Draco-design (USA) to name a few.

1601 Atlanta Centre, Annapolis St.
San Juan City, Philippines 1502

11318 Meridian Avenue N
Seattle, WA, USA 98133
00 1 206 3072242

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