Jan 28, 2013

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Smart upgrades SmartNet, now with free access to Yahoo! Services

Remember SmartNet? Smart’s mobile app that allows you to somehow gain free but limited access to Facebook and Twitter via the SmartNet network simply by having a peso load on your account. It was launched last year as a built-in app to some of Smart’s handset offerings and eventually made its way to Google Play.


Now Smart has announced an improved SmartNet which now grants you free access to Yahoo! Services namely Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Mail, and Yahoo! OMG. No Yahoo! Messenger as that will overshadow one of SmartNet’s features which is to freely chat with other SmartNet members but free access to Yahoo! Mail will provide useful to a lot of people.

SmartNet is not only an Android app anymore. You can also get it on your iPhone and soon on Windows 7, and is also accessible by feature phones by launching your mobile browser and going to www.smartnet.ph.

SmartNet Headlines

Additionally, SmartNet also includes free access to Headlines, Smart’s homegrown news aggregator which combines the latest stories from the most popular blogs and websites.

Again, access to these sites and services are free via SmartNet as long as you have a peso load on your account. To ensure you won’t be charged for data, SmartNet has the Safe Browse” feature which can be activated by clicking on the “Internet” button on the SmartNet widget. This will permit Internet-capable smart phones to access SmartNet and other whitelisted sites of Smart for free.

  1. paschal ogbonna says:

    What does this alarm mean>
    1. GFP LOMF!
    2. GFP CRC8
    3. GFP DNU
    4. GFP RSync

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