Smart WiFi gets mixed reception.

Two and a half months since Smart launched their WiFi service and we’re seeing a lot of mixed reactions towards this cheap alternative broadband service. I blogged about its launch last June and as of today, the entry has gathered close to a hundred comments already.

Smart Wifi subscribers from as high as Baguio to a far down south as Zamboanga have opposing feedback on their connectivity. The good thing about it is the pricing. At Php788/month introductory and Php988/month regular rate, Smart WiFi is comparably affordable to the common household even at its prescribed speed of just 128Kbps (though others have reported to reach twice this rate already).

In hindsight, Smart WiFi isn’t really WiFi since the only un-wired segment is between your antenna and Smart’s nearest cellsite. Inside your home, you’re still plugged to cables and wires into the router unless you buy the wireless type (yet again) to hook up to multiple PCs or devices.

Scouring from the dozens and dozens of feedback from current users, the biggest issue by far is the “fidelity” of the connection. Even if the Line of Sight (LOS) is achieved, there are other extraneous factors that affect the reliability of connection such as weather conditions and the like. These are inherent issues with wireless fidelity so subscribers should take it as a consistent affliction in their broadband setup.

And since Smart, or PLDT for that matter, is all alone in this market, we won’t see any difference in terms of service reliability and customer support (worse). We’ve already witnessed how broadband penetration, pricing and bandwidth has improved with the number of providers increasing. What we need is another player like Globe’s GlobeQuest service going the same WiFi route. Will Sun Cellular go the same route via Eastern Telecoms or BayanTel? Still remains be seen.

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  • Penoybalut1

    Well, luckily my daughter is computer-literate. I had her re-install the antivirus. Can you imagine that? She couldn’t find the program anywhere in the hardisk drive. They didn’t merely shut down the antivirus I installed. They UNINSTALLED it! Simply because they probably couldn’t waste any time on trying to re-configure my firewall & security settings. And considering that I already gave my password just to get it open. I thought they’d take it from there. No, they had to take it one step further to put my PC at risk. These are the people they hire for tech support? The worst part is, I’m at their mercy for the next 9 months! And after the “repairs” they did with my connection? The speed I got never went beyond 112 Kbps. A few hundred less from what their ad promised. I was already quite happy with the 350Kbps+ speed I had before their “repairs”. Before, the speed would sometimes spike as fast as 570Kbps. This time I might just be lucky if I go beyond 150.

  • indigo

    about a week (or 2 weeks) ago, I also wasnt able to access the internet, “limited or no connectivity” I called up their tech support and to be fair to them, they were willing to help me do troubleshooting. Siguro around 2 technical support staff ung kinausap ko, in a day, same procedure, go to the command prompt….etc etc…nothing happened…endorse daw ung case ko sa higher tech group, same troubleshooting procedure…ping! ping! ping! eventually they decided na its time to contact a contractor to go to our place to conduct occular inspection, ending, pinalitan ng antennae. It worked…May 14 bumalik ung internet connection…ang bilis ng download time…and then…May 18, 2006…while I was surfing, the internet connection stopped, “network cable unplugged” so I checked all the cable connection, detached, attached it back, same thing. Called up smart…troubleshoot uli, nothing happened…until now, I called up again, i-troubleshoot daw uli, what for…same procedure…ganun din naman. Parang sobra na ata…its just soooooooo frustrating.

  • sidsakay

    This Smart WiFi thing is the biggest scam that this company is trying to get away with. After several months of having a disappointed service from them (that is, getting an average of 35KBPS. Most of the time, no connection and their tech support is useless). So I decided to discontinue paying. Now they are threatening me of a law suit. They think they can scare me of this. I will fight for my rights until the end. I’m not just going to sit down and steal my hard-earned money. If we, the subscribers who decided to discontinue paying because of the poor service, can just unite and fight. I believe, we can win this war.

  • User since first

    I just have a few words to say becoz im am soooooo fcking pissed right now…..


    Blacmailers/Shitty connection/Intermittent/DUMBASS customer support/service/ EVEN MORE DUMBASS Technician.

  • User since first

    Me again = User since October 4,2005 till now.

    Summary: Pissed since November, 2005 since it has only been a month where it has been satisfactory.

    Status now:

    Average: 84kbps
    Burstable: 120kbps (once?)
    Inttermitent Disconnections: omfg 50 times a day?!?!?!

    Phone Customer support/service: 10 times a day

    Their Result: nothing, u just waste time talking to their dumbass service and technicians who cant even come here and fix it, oh yeah i forgot they will come if you pay them Php1000 cold hard cash for their hard work?

  • User since first

    Seriously we are doing everyone a favor here, to anyone whos even thinking about SMART wifi, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE. (WHY?)

    Subsriber since October 4,2005, First month we had was 234kbps Burstable to 384kbps only a few times and 2 disconnections a day.

    But now it has an average of 84kbps 32kbps or lower, 50 times or more disconenctions (not joking), and as ussuall customer service acts like they could help but they just waste ur time condolencing ur experiences with them.

    Smart Wifi Status:

    Intermittent Connections
    Disconnections all day
    Low Speed Boardband internet
    Customer Service sucks

    and if you want to terminate the subscription they will tell you you cant or they will file a law suit against you..

    For new users who are praising SMART WIFI, please do not post here till you have more than 1 month experience because after 1 month you will most likely be pissed and regret what u said.

    For some whos saying its the location and the line of sight, IT IS NOT TRUE, we live here in paranque near the airport and we have the highest building arround here since u can not build more than 5 floors because it is near a landing airplane site, and most likely we have no one blocking us from DIRECT LINE OF SIGHT from SMART CELL SITES and we still have shitty connections.

    I cant even beilive their still accepting new subscribers..

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  • tedtones2600

    mga katropang galit sa smart!from baguio subscriber din din ako ng wifi nung august pa lang, mag iisang taon na ang contrata ko niminsan di ko naganahang mag net superlag! superdisconnect! tatawag ka sa *1888 idrodrop ang call,,,tang*na talaga…
    someone tell me kung maganda ba yung pldt wifi? pareho ba sila ng location ng base station sa smart? thanks sa site nato for expressing my side

  • kiko

    i’ll read a lot of stories and comments from diff peep’s using this wireless broadband, before i think of it na makakatulong sya for me but i change my decision buti na lang di natuloy yung application ko for this service (wifi) of smart, becoz the last time i came from their office dami hinihingi na requirements kaya pabalik balik ako sa office nila here in east metro mla. “thanks nga pala sa mga insigths mo prof. wolf i learned a lot Man… salamat… well my view about their service (smart wifi) is kelangan talaga tutukan ng management ang involve dun sa service nila from csr, techsupport and the operation for their contractor of linemens kung tama yung theory ni prof. wolf na diskarte ng contractor yun e dapat “AKSIYUNAN TO NG SMART”, kawawa naman mga nangagailangan na subscriber and customer!!! sa mga taga “SMART” wag nyo na hintayin bulabugin pa kayo ng Tulfo Bro’s or baka di kayo tantanan ni “Pareng Mike…

    “Gising natutulog na SMART…

  • JackCrowley

    SMART Wi-Fi? Wow, I couldn’t be angrier with an Internet service since the dawn of the dial-up. I applied for the service sometime in Feb ’06, then the technicians came after 2 weeks. I live in Cubao, so I assumed that SMART cellsites would be everywhere. Yes the sites were close to my house and their ubiquitous white antenna picked those sites up with no problem. But the problem begins when we tried to connect to the Internet. From the SMART site to the Internet, it was like looking for the bottom of the Pasig river. The technicians assured me that it was only a teething problem but after a month of tinkering around the connection and after an army of technicians, I still wasn’t connected. The techies even blamed my PC, saying “baka nasa PC talaga problema nyo Sir” so I gave them my 3 other PC’s just to be sure. As it turns out, the problem was in the cellsites themselves, and customer service wasn’t too happy in admitting the problem. Bottomline – I scratched my application for SMART “Wi-Fi” and opted for the fixed-line PLDT DSL and I couldn’t be happier.

  • tedtones2600

    wag na kau magpakabit ng smartbro!! sakit lang ng ulo yan!!! bobo pa mga call agents, pag ala ka net sasabihin nila virus pc mo o sira, eh paano ka magkakavirus ala ka nga net tsaka sasabihin “burtable naman sa 256kbps ang speed nio”

  • rocarobin

    iv been monitoring smartwifi for morethan a year, and i already know all thier ip addresses, so! i hook it up, iv shutdown smartwifi base stations morethan 500 times in many different locations, but not in my area. do you want to get your revenge ? >[email protected] >globe_wisp_netad

  • trebskie

    Using SmartBro service for 6 months now. I think I’m getting a fair value with the amount I pay.

    Is there any community based support group/forum around? I’m specifically interested on support for non X / GUI based browsers to authenticate on the portal with a captcha on it.

  • Francis

    so far ok naman smart bro ko for 1 month. i only had 2 interruptions so far. Speed is 250kbps.. So far mas reliable than globle broadband..i have so many interruptions in a month and could last for 5 or more hours!…let see what happens after 1 month.

  • weng

    bkit nmn ganun? its unfair, nag inquire ako s smart broadband, mag pa2kabit sna ko ng internet s cuenca batangas, sbi skin ng smart wala p daw linya s cuenca. ano b un?

  • ..a white rabbit..

    ..what a December, the Smartbro goes dead around the 15th, i don’t find out till the 21st and so no Xmas with my friends on the other side of the world, finally it comes back on the 28th, at 70KBs ul+dl, not the previous 90, then the techies arive, change the antenae, on the day promised !, and now 50kBs ul+dl, both maxing at 25kBs..

    ..on the other hand, my contract ends in January, where’s that Globe leaflet…

  • bob

    if you want to improve your reception, how about getting an antenna? Go check it out at

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  • http://na jedexic

    sa akin kc di smart wifi. i used smart bro. I’ve been talked to a smart techies and they told me smart wi-fi is different to smart bro although they have the same service. ang wifi kasi according to them. test lang nila yun kaya nung lumabas ang smart bro kung napansin nyo wala ng lumalabas about smart wifi diba? i’m from bulacan and owning an internet cafe. ok naman ang connection madalang ang naging problem sa akin na disconnection. ang problem kasi sa pag-isa lang ginamit mong connection with 11 units of computer medyo mabagal. to avoid that i used 2 smart bro connection. and believe me ok talaga. in fact maganda pa sya sa dsl depende kung 2mb connection sa dsl. hehehe. when visiting youtube website or any site with video feed, affected talaga since two connections ako selected lang ang naaapektuhan. what i mean is if i have 11 units, 5 units 1 connection and the other 6 units 1 connections. kya kung may mag-youtube sa first connection at online games sa second connection walang problem. “KAYA PWEDENG GAMITIN SA INTERNET CAFE SMART WIRELESS CONNECTION” PWEDENG-PWEDE…… MANIWALA KAYO

  • http://na jedexic

    sorry for wrong grammars correct nyo na lang hehehe

  • jedexic

    hi NiwdE,

    pwede i-share ang internet connection ng smart na walang gamit na router. but hanggang 2 pc lang. na-try ko na kasi kelangan mo sa isang unit ng internet connection sharing. wala nga lang akong gamit na hub. crosscable configuration ginawa ko. pero i think pwede

  • jedexic


    may way alam ko sa more than 2 pc. internet connection sharing lang talaga. o kaya proxy. although di ko pa nasusubukan pero naisip ko lang sequence at i think pwede

  • sap ramos

    halos nabasa ko na mga comments ng smart wifi/bro, matagal na akong may dsl sa bahay, digitel nga lang.

    baka pwede nating pag usapan tungkol naman sa technical, about thier infrastructure, ano ba gamit nila sa client? is it bridge or…? ano configuration nila? pwede ba tayong bumili ng sarili nating gamit? like wifi router, wifi bridge high gain antenna?

    concern kasi ako about roaming, is it possible? kasi taga calamba ako, misis ko nag ta-trabaho sa maynila, minsan don din ako nauwi, so kung pwede mag connect kahit saan using same/one account where i live, halimbawa nakarating ako ng bulacan, dala ko laptop, wifi bridge/router etc, pwede ba ako mag connect sa bulacan, kahit ang application ko ay sa calamba?

    maraming salamat sa mga sagot in advance…


    i’m also interested about one on one discussion…

  • Aris

    Wag kanang mag smartbobo este smartbro vias kasi sila block nila yung silkroad online ingit kasi sila sa dami ng online sro gamers kase sa mga bulok nilang games. kung pwede lang balik nyo na kung lilipat na kmi
    sa guild ko sa silkroad 45 kami using smartbro
    ok smart bobo

  • dudong

    mga repipaps kadalasan hindi maka pag deliver yung smtp server nila kaya late na dumating sa recipient yung email

  • dachan

    Haha, I’d give anything for a 100+kbps connection. SMART BRO(ken) offers like 384+kbps or whatever, but it doesn’t matter, because all we get is like 30kbps TOPS. That’s it. Their service sucks. What’s more, their tech support is lousy. They talk to us customers like we’re kids, but it’s pretty easy to tell that we know more than they do. Pathetic. And they don’t know how to give ‘estimates’. Whenever our connection goes down, my brother calls tech support and asks them when they ‘expect’ the connection to be back up. They tell us to WAIT for it. WTF kind of answer is that???

    Haha, and does anyone here play MMO RPGs?? Have you ever tried comparing your latency rates with those of players from other countries?? Sheesh.

    Matagal nang matino ang internet sa ibang parte ng mundo, ah. I have a friend from Germany who complains whenever her torrent/download speeds go down to 100kbps, whereas I could only dream of 50kbps. Is the Philippines really that far behind technologically not to have decent internet speeds? I don’t suppose so. *hint*hint* >_>

    Does anyone know of better quality DSL services in the Philippines? u__u;; I’m dying to ditch Smart Bro(ken) right now.

  • http://yahoo jo from pampanga

    sana gandahan naman kahit konti lng ang serbisyo…kawawa naman kami na nasa liblib na lugar kung pabalik balik sa kabayanan para dinggin ang reklamo namin..gusto ko na nga lumipat sa local na provider kaso nakapirma raw kami sa 1-year contract at obligado na bayaran ang isang taon para ka makalipat sa iba…

  • globelines hahah

    hi to smart bro or wi-fi… ive read a lot of comments with
    your service… and they are all negative nothing to tell about
    a good service… I want to share my experience with smart bro..
    I also experience their very slow action for the complaints…
    I told the operator that i experience disconection from the
    server and a very low signal i received… they told me that it
    would not last for a week and they will fix it..
    but now its month ago and still experienced the same problem..
    Smart bro must should do something… I still beleive that you can
    can give a better service to your subscriber.. thanksss

  • katherine

    anu ba yan? ang dami na ngang nagrereklamo sa inyo but u’r still not doing anything for the benefits of ur customers. ang dami nga na negative feedbacks sa inyo pero parang balewla lang, alam nio po pa na mga 3 hours lang mblis ang internet or ung connection d2? after nun mga 11am- 11pm nku nkkainis na as in sobrang bagal… sna nman enaf na ung mga feedbacks ng mga consumers like us pra magawan na ninyo 2 ng aksyon… bka instead na dumami pa ung customers ninyo eh lalong mwla dhil sa sobrang bgal ng connection… SANA LANG DI BA????

  • albino

    dapat diba may PANA truth in advertising ? bakit nakakalusot itong SMART BRO sa print and tv ads nila. 7 x raw faster ng dial – up.

    ang laki laki ng kinikita ng pldt, puro sponsor sa lahat ng events, pero di nila maayos ayos itong smart bro. dapat dito class action suit.

    I remember before nung nag magreklamo si Manolo Quezon ( Manuel Quezon III – ANC’s Explainer ) sa editorial nya sa inquirer about his pldt dsl connection. the following day sa editorial kinwento nya na agad-agad may pumuntang isang team ng pldt dsl sa bahay nila para ayusin agad dsl nya.

    dapat ma realize ng pldt people na ayusin muna nila ang current subscribers bago sila mag advertise. hinay hinay lang sa advertisement.

  • cleric

    Smart Bro-ken talaga…tsk tsk..

  • flameboyant

    smartbro hay naku malkas yan sa gabi lng mga 11 to 5am mga 200mbps but sa umaga mga 56kmbps to 60 lng up to 11 ng gabi mbagal talaga

  • flameboyant

    ok ba yon Globeline na wireless yon may wireless phone pls give comment????blak ko mag ship ehh

  • flameboyant

    ok ba yon Globeline na wireless yon may wireless phone pls give comment????blak ko mag shift eh for better signal

  • juan

    ausin nyo nman services nyo ksing presyo n ng pldt dsl ang smart wifi tpos ambagal pdin business tlga tae

  • quezacolt

    “smartbro hay naku malkas yan sa gabi lng mga 11 to 5am mga 200mbps but sa umaga mga 56kmbps to 60 lng up to 11 ng gabi mbagal talaga”

    200mbps? ano yan ferrari? hehe
    56kmbps? kilo megabytes per second? matulin pa yan kaysa sa jetplane ha hehe

  • ppjj

    bakit naman ganito ung smart broadband? mag 1 week na ako sirang sira signal, minsan nakaka net pero after 5 secs. disconnect naman, kaasar lalo na pag nag nenet ka tapos biglang na didisconnect nakakabitin, hirap kumuha ng signal at ang bagal pa, lalong lalo na ung sa disconnection problems, halos buong araw nga no connectivity ako eh, san ba napupunta 999 natin? smart pakiayos nmn po ng services nyo =C

  • jhayzhon

    my internet got slow lately mga 3 weeks din na 20kbytes lang ang download speed ko. but now i got 271 kbytes mga 2mbits ang speed ko, bakit kaya?? anyway pagkakataon na para magdownload ng madami!!! hehehe

  • zitroks

    hehehe… sorry sa mga smartbroken…
    naisip ko lang… kasi nka smartbro din ako yung kapitbahay ko at yung isa pang bahay dun… nagkakaproblema daw sila… sabi ko naman bkt ako ni isang beses hindi pa nag ka problema… tignan ko place nila may problema pla… yung antena nila natatkpan ng puno… pader bubongan ng bahay… tapos out of site pa! langya… cellphone pag takpan mo ng pader nawawala din signal smartbroken pa kaya,.. kasi po nung kinakabit yung antenna ko sinigurado ko na walang harang sa signal at hindi out of site… taos yung nagkabit sa amin binigyan ko ng kuting kaya ang bait ilang beses sya akyat baba sa bubong namin… para talagang walang disconnection… hindi pa kami na kuntento… nakataas pa sa tubo yung antena so plus 10feet high pa sya…. siguro mga total hight ng antenna namin eh mga 50feet ka taas…. si no gusto humarang sa signal ko….

    sya nga pla disconnected kami kapag brownout…

  • ako

    any service naman has its own problems and disadvantages. though ang claims e always on ang connection, it doesnt mean na you won’t experience any problem. there is no such thing as a perfect technology. i mean think about it. wireless ang connection to access the internet and then antenna lang ang gamit and affordable rate. thats actually good. besides, hindi pa ganun ka efficient ung wireless broadband natin d2 sa pilipinas. take into consideration mo pa yung factors that affects ung connection. wireless is subject to various losses sa propagation pa lang like weather, terrain o yung daanan ng signal at marami pang iba. compared to dsl which is wired, minimal and losses nun. syempre mas mahal. thus, kung maraming lossess, what do you expect sa outcome ng signal?

  • http://smartbro jhaberwalk

    bulok ang smartbro 1 month mahigit ko na gamit yung akin pero putol putol pa din ang signal swerte na ang makagamit ako ng 30 minutes na di napuputol, tumatawag naman ako lagi sa 6727277 na bigay ng tao nila pero lagi naman bc nagtatago ata sila sa problema….

  • STUPIDbro

    Smartbro uses advanced STONE AGE technology for its service… SMART doesnt have service at all. smartbro sucks….isnt there any other decent isp here sa pinas?

  • Smart Bro-ken = SCAM!

    Magaling lang ang Smart Bro-ken sa advertising. Pag dating sa serbisyo, walang kwenta. Tapos inaabuso pa ang watawat ng Pilipinas para ibenta ang scam nila? Hindi na ba sila nahiya?

  • benz

    Well gnun tlga. lalong bumagal nung my advertising. Nag upgrade yata sila sa server nila. 1 week nga nagtutupak smart bro q.akala q router ang may problem.yung base station dito s baliuag ang my tupak. Basta pag tinupak ang smart bro ninyo itawag nyo kagad kc hnd nmn nila malalaman na sira base station nila until nagreport kau n my tupak connection nyo.

  • benz

    Kahit mag globe k pa gnun din. palpak. yung tropa kong seaman. 2mawag sa globe para magpakabit ng globe broadband with phone,nung hapon dumating.after nun mga 2 weeks siguro bago maactivate yung net nila. kala ko pa nmn ok ang globe. choppy boses nila daw s phone. den mabagal net nila kc malayo cla s base station ng globe.

  • sugar

    help nmn wat b mgandang broadband?

  • Gilliene

    Same here…I payed for 384kbps and all I get was mere 48kbps which is unfair, we pay 998 pesos a month for it which is also the same as dial up, all you can do is download some turbo tune uppers now unless you will stop subscribing to their service …

  • http://smartass Smartass

    Smart Bro? walang wenta potha tinukis lang ako ng kaibigan ko sabi stable daw bullshit. nasa heaven na ako bumaba pa ako sa hell potha kahit na 2500 a month ang bayad ko sa DSL ko dati okay lang potha na smartbro walang kwenta prang dialup LoL p0th4ng ina nyo mga may pasimuno ng smart bro acho-cho internet wala kayong place sa internet kaya wag na kayong mag pumilit ng sumabay as technology hangang text text cal call provider lang kayo hangang doon lang.

  • smartsucks

    putang ina smart yan bulokkkkkkkkkkkk bulokkkkkkkkkkkk bulokkkkkkkkkkkk bulokkkkkkkkkkkk bulokkkkkkkkkkkk
    bulokkkkkkkkkkkk bulokkkkkkkkkkkk
    dsl na lang kau

  • smartsucks

    putang ina smartbobo bulok putang ina smartbobo bulok putang ina smartbobo bulok putang ina smartbobo bulok putang ina smartbobo bulok putang ina smartbobo bulok putang ina smartbobo bulok