Sony HMZ-T3 Personal 3D Viewer

During the SONY PlayStation 4 Launch, this headgear caught my attention. The headgear happens to be the Sony HMZ-T3 Personal 3D Viewer, Sony’s take on the Oculus Rift VR 3D gaming headset.

The Sony HMZ-T3 features Twin OLED HD Screens, virtual 7.1 channel surround sound and wireless HD technology. It was connected to the PS4 console during the demo but you can basically connect it yo your mobile device to stream movies and play games in HD and 3D.

Although it looked a bit bulky, the Sony HMZ-T3 was surprisingly light and it fit comfortably on my head. I was only able to try the 3D viewer for a couple of minutes but the experience was pretty awesome. Imagine if you have one at home. :) A little Googling indicated that this is Sony’s third iteration of the wearable display gaming device. The Sony HMZ-T3 will surely turn heads specially among gamers, the only thing that’s going to keep you from buying this device is the price.

The Sony HMZ-T3 has an SRP of Php 49,999. We got a tip that the price could go down to Php 39,999 in a couple of months but still that’s pretty steep.

Check out some photos of the Sony HMZ-T3 Personal 3D Viewer below.

The batt pack

The power, volume and menu buttons

Check out this Sony website for more.

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