Archos 70 Android tablet can fit all your TV series videos… probably

Sep 23, 11 Archos 70 Android tablet can fit all your TV series videos… probably

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I’ve known the Archos brand way before they were still making portable media players. Well, they’re already in the Android tablet business but I wasn’t aware of one particular model from their line up that really stood out (shame on me). The Archos 70 looks just like your ordinary 7-inch Android tablet but...

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Android users are introverts while iOS are extroverts

Aug 17, 11 Android users are introverts while iOS are extroverts

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There are dozens of surveys by Hutch that generated over 80 million responses on the behavior and personalities of different types of mobile platform users. And since we all know that iOS and Android are the top two mobile OS in terms of market share, it’s interesting to learn some similarities among its users. Say for...

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HTC ChaCha Review, being different can be good

Jul 19, 11 HTC ChaCha Review, being different can be good

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The HTC ChaCha is an Android phone from HTC that comes with a portrait keyboard. Android is being dominated by touchscreen phones and those wanting physical keyboard are left with a few and expensive options so it’s nice of HTC to add one their own in the mid-range level. Unlike other phones that comes with a front QWERTY keypad,...

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How to manually install apps / games on your Android device

Sometimes, you just can’t find the apps or games you are looking for in the Android market. Problem with Android is that there are a lot of markets out there for apps/games unlike Apple which only has the App Store. Or maybe a friend has some games that he wants to share to you and instead of downloading them from the market...

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How to make Yahoo! mail work on your Android device

Android is by Google and it’s no mystery that Gmail will seamlessly work with it. But for you Yahoo! users out there, you may have been unsuccessful adding your Yahoo! Mail account to your Android device and ending up downloading a separate Yahoo! app just to check your mails. Well, you can still add your Yahoo! account to the...

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Google tries its hands on social networking with Google+

Social networking. The one thing Google just can’t quite get a grasp on. They tried it with Google Buzz but that didn’t work out and Facebook is way ahead in the SNS scene. The big G’s next attempt is the Google+. If you see your Google page having the gray navigation bar on top, it’s because Google is...

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Google’s Android poised to surpass Apple’s iOS in terms of mobile apps

If the rate of app submission today is going to be the trend in the near future, Google’s Android market will become the biggest mobile content platform by August 2011 according to mobile research specialist, research2guidance. In the month of April, 28,000 new apps were submitted to the Android market as opposed to the...

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Acer Iconia Smart S300 will make your hand look smaller

Apr 29, 11 Acer Iconia Smart S300 will make your hand look smaller

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Acer unveiled a whole range of upcoming consumer electronics today from laptops, projectors, tablet and smartphones. One of the upcoming smartphone they will be bringing to the market soon is the gigantic Iconia Smart S300. At what size do you consider a tablet a tablet and a phone a phone? The Acer Iconia S300 blurred that line by...

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Alcatel OT-980 Review

Mar 19, 11 Alcatel OT-980 Review

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Alcatel is well known for its budget handsets, and it has a solid reputation in that market. Its latest effort comes with an Android-toting device that sports a full QWERTY keyboard slider akin to the RIM’s Blackberry torch. Unfortunately, the similarity between these devices ends there. Design Alcatel’s OT-980 presents itself with...

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Samsung Galaxy 551 Review

Feb 27, 11 Samsung Galaxy 551 Review

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The Samsung Galaxy 551 is one of the relatively unknown Samsung Android phones out in the market today. This mid-level smartphone has a feature that’s quite rare in Android phones available locally, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. If the HTC Desire Z is out of your budget and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro too small for your...

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