Apple updates Macbook Air with better innards and not much else

At the recently concluded WWDC 2012, Apple unveiled the MacBook Air 2012. Looks exactly like the last MacBook Air but with a slight bump on specs making it a tad faster. See below for the list of updates if you think it’s worth an upgrade. Although a lot of people were expecting the same Retina Display on the MacBook Pro, the...

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Power Mac Center opens at The Podium, 15% off on items

Power Mac Center, a premium authorized Apple Reseller, opens its 14th store at The Podium, Ortigas Center today. The store officially opens at 2PM at the 2nd Floor of The Podium and as a treat, customers will be given 15% discounts on their purchases (except MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone) for the first three days. That’s until they...

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Apple reveals “The New iPad”, more powerful and with better graphics

Mar 08, 12 Apple reveals “The New iPad”, more powerful and with better graphics

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Apple finally revealed their latest iPad which they simply call “The New iPad”, and just like with the iPhone 4S, this new iPad features only minor upgrades from the iPad 2. No revolutionary design nor stellar features. Still the same look although with souped-up specs. But should you rush to get one? Check out what the new iPad...

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Apple Store down, new iPad may be available on March 16

The Apple Store has been down for hours before the great iPad launch event which is scheduled for 1 p.m. ET. You know what this means? Just like last year after the launch of the iPad 2, we’ll most probably see the pre-order and pricing of the new iPad after the event which I know you must be excited about if you’re...

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Apple to hold 1-day sale on Jan. 6 to celebrate Year of the Dragon

Ok listen up folks. This Friday, January 6, Apple online stores in Asia will be having a one-day sale where you can get amazing deals on Apple products and accessories being sold in their online store. Dubbed as “Red Friday”, customers in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines will have an...

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PTB’s Top Gadget of 2011

Dec 31, 11 PTB’s Top Gadget of 2011

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Before the year ends, I would like to take time to write about what I think the Gadget of the Year for 2011 is. Here are my guidelines for coming up with this year’s top gadget: It should be officially available in our local market this year. No gray market stuff. It’s something that a lot of people can really use. Being innovative...

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Apple’s 12 days of Christmas gives you free stuff for your iOS device

If Android has free apps from GetJar for the holidays, Apple is also giving away something free from the App Store for 12 days starting on December 26 until January 6. What’s up for grabs? We don’t know and Apple is not telling beforehand. The best way to be updated is to download their 12 Days of Christmas app and...

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Apple accounts to 53% of e-mobile device market share in Southeast Asia

If you’re talking about smartphones, tablets and portable media players, Apple reigns supreme in Southeast Asia in terms of market share. According to a report by Effective Measures, Apple’s market share for mobile devices is at 53.1% for the Southeast Asia e-mobile population during the month ending October 2011. The...

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iPhone 4S hits the gray market for Php48,500

There’s no word yet on when Globe will be bringing out Apple’s iPhone 4S but if you can’t wait for it, Widget City is already selling the 16GB version for Php48,500. It’s quite a markup but what do you expect? It’s a hot commodity and it’s unlocked! What we don’t know is if they already have it on hand or if they’re getting their...

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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away, we pay tribute

It’s a sad day for the computing world. Co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, passed away at the age of 56 surrounded by his family. We saw it coming with the leaked photos of his condition when he stepped down as CEO of the company but who knew it will be this soon? I’m not really an Apple fan but I’m still deeply saddened with the...

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