No iPhone 5? No problem. iPhone 4S saves the day.

Oct 05, 11 No iPhone 5? No problem. iPhone 4S saves the day.

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Everybody who’s not working for Apple were expecting for the iPhone 5 announcement in today’s Apple keynote but all we got is the iPhone 4S. Yep, the highlight of the keynote is the iPhone 4S after recapping what was announced in WWDC last June, a bunch of so-so updates on the iPod nano and iPod Touch. No iPhone 5. No iPhone 5 news didn’t really mean that the iPhone 4S announcement was a letdown. Well in a way, yes, but still the hardware upgrade they did on the iPhone 4S is something that’s worth talking about. There’s nothing different physically with the iPhone 4, the magic happens on the inside. The iPhone 4S is powered by the new A5 chip dual-core processor and its dual-core graphics which is said to be  seven times faster as that of the iPhone 4. Good news for the gamers who enjoy playing 3D games on the iPhone. Then there’s also the much-improved camera. They really did quite a number here. The iPhone 4 was already a good camera on its own but the iPhone 4S will going to kick things up a notch or two. Apple bumped the megapixel count from 5 to 8 but we all know higher megapixel doesn’t really equate to better picture. So Apple also changed the sensor to a backside illuminated CMOS so more light (73%) could come in and it’s now faster too. Then they included a hybrid IR filter for better colors and upgraded it to what they call a five-element lens which gives you more sharper photos and a f/2.4 aperture. Hello indoor shots. Apple also designed a new Image Signal Processor for face detection and better white balance. Basically, the camera on the iPhone 4S will rock! Other upgrades include better battery life, improved wireless performance including support for both GSM and CDMA for the frequent travelers out there. iPhone 4S will also have 1080p HD video recording and of course, the highly-anticipated iOS 5. Lastly, Apple demoed Siri,...

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Adobe Flash Video will soon be available to iPhones and iPads

One of the things why Android has an advantage over Apple’s iOS is that they can play with Adobe Flash. Apple shuns Flash mainly because it strains their devices making it slow and consume a lot of battery. This is forcing companies to ditch Flash in favor of HTML5 and Adobe wants none of it. Adobe gave up talking to Apple but instead created a workaround on their media server that will allow streaming of online Flash videos available to iOS devices. With Adobe’s Flash Media Server 4.5, content providers can deliver Flash content to different mobile devices including Apple’s iPads, iPod Touch and iPhones using the same content stream. So to make things clear, Flash on your iPad or iPhone is not device dependent but server dependent. There’s a couple of caveats to this. Only Flash videos are supported. You still can’t play Flash games or Flash animations on your iOS device and companies still has to decide whether to get this Flash Media Server 4.5 just to make their Flash videos viewable on Apple’s devices. If you want to get geeky, what this new media server simply does is wrap the Flash video into a HLS or HTTP Live Streaming format which the iOS can handle. It’s not the ideal solution iOS fans are looking for but it’s a step towards Flash viewing on Apple’s mobile devices. There’s still the HTML5 route anyway. Related posts: Apple’s iPod sales drop in third quarter Apple’s iOS4 finally got jailbroken… the easy way Apples sues Samsung over copied design Smart to get into the micro-SIM game really soon Apple iOS 4.2 is out, includes Find My iPhone for free iPad 2 set to be revealed on March...

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Steve Jobs steps down, Tim Cook replaces him as CEO

The inevitable has finally happened. Most of us know that Steve Jobs’ health is a concern for him to play a major role as Apple’s CEO and his resignation is bound to happen soon. Well it finally did as Jobs stepped down from his post today and recommended Apple’s chief operating officer, Tim Cook, to replace him as CEO. Back in 2004, Jobs underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer and Tim Cook took the reins while Jobs recovered. Same thing happened in early 2009 when Jobs took a leave of absence letting Cook handle Apple’s day to day operations. Today, the move is permanent. Apple’s enigmatic figure is no longer CEO but he will still be with Apple as Chairman of the Board. We will surely miss the guy with the black turtleneck headlining Apple events, showing off their latest toys and making people believe in it. I think he’s the one responsible for elevating Apple high above the pedestal in the consumer electronics industry. The most recent major impact he made was to let people believe in the viability of the tablet when the iPad was released two years ago. Here’s Steve Jobs’ letter. To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community: I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come. I hereby resign as CEO of Apple. I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee. As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple. I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role. I have made some of the best friends of my life at Apple, and I thank you...

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New MacBook Air now available at Power MAC Center

When we saw last year’s MacBook Airs (MBAs), we were really impressed not just with the looks but also with the performance. Looking at the latest refresh of the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air though makes the old one seem like something you would hand over to your grandparents. We’re not talking about the design here. There’s absolutely nothing we wrong with the design. It’s the internals that’s been greatly improved. The 2011 MacBook Air sports the latest Sandy Bridge Core i5 processors from Intel. Heck you can even have it customized to pack a Core i7 if you so wish. Both models also have the fast Thunderbolt port which you probably won’t need now but just you wait in the near future. Then there’s also the backlit keyboard that we sorely miss from the previous MBA. The 13-inch also features a high definition 1440 x 900 native display resolution and an SD card slot! Now I wonder why they left out the SD slot from the 11-inch. Oh yeah, they ship with the latest Lion OS too. Perhaps what’s even more interesting here is that the price is lower than it was when the 2101 Air were launched. Here are the pricing listed at Apple Store Philippines. 11-inch (64GB) – P49,990 11-inch (128GB) – P59,990 13-inch (128GB) – P65,990 13-inch (256GB) – P79,990 It’s P3,000 more expensive at PMC but you can do 6-months installment at 0% interest. So who’s getting one? Looks like a nice gift to oneself for Christmas. Head to the nearest Power Mac Center to check them out. Related posts: Apple refreshes the MacBook Air, adds 11.6-inch model MacBook Air 11.6 Review MacBook Pro family gets an upgrade from Apple iPad 2 set to be revealed on March 2 Where to get your iPad 2 on April 29 Power Mac Center becomes first Apple Authorized Training Center in the...

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Power Mac Center becomes first Apple Authorized Training Center in the country

Most of us already know that the Power Mac Center in Greenbelt and Trinoma offers training sessions and seminars (both free and paid) to the general public. Well, the Greenbelt 3 branch is now the first local Apple Reseller to receive the internationally recognized certification to offer IT Track courses in the country. The PMC Greenbelt is now an Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC) where you can get Apple certification training and exams. Granted that not a lot of jobs in the country requires Apple certification but eventually it will when Apple becomes a mainstream enterprise solution like in other countries. Then there are also opportunities abroad for professionals with deep knowledge of the Mac OS X operating system. Being an Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) which includes addressing basic Mac OS X support and troubleshooting, is the starting point on the Mac OS X certification path. The Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) certification is the next step which adds essential Mac OS X Server support and troubleshooting skills. Finally, Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA) is Apple’s premier Mac OS X Certification, addressing the needs of profressional system administrators and engineers who manage networks of systems in complex multi-platform deployments. More info on Mac OS X certifications can be found in You can also take non-certification courses at Power Mac Center for basic and pro applications such as the iLife Suite, Adobe CS5 for Mac, Aperture, Final Cut Studio, etc. They also offer Prometric services where you can just take the exams if you feel you already have the required knowledge to pass. For complete list of courses and their prices, visit Power Mac Center has full time Apple Certified Trainers (ACTs) that maintains a high-standard of instructional preparedness for the training center. They have the ability to teach comprehensive courseware developed by industry experts in Apple courses and proctor exams. With the strong presence of Macs in creative agencies and rapid increase of Mac penetration for top executives in major companies, Power Mac Center...

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What’s new with the Apple iOS5?

Over at Apple’s WWDC 2011, the iOS5 is finally revealed with a lot of exciting features. Here are the hottest among the bunch which will make you screw waiting for a jailbreak and go with the iOS5 instead. Notification Center There’s now a Notification Center that will aggregate all your apps’ notifications. By swiping from the bottom, you can see all notifications, go to the app or just ignore and delete them. Hmm… sounds like Android? You can also now access new text messages straight from the lockscreen without the need to unlock your device. Hmm… sounds like a couple of Android messaging apps I know. Twitter Integration You can now sign in your Twitter account onto your device and iOS5 will make it available to all apps that utilizes your Twitter credentials. Take a photo and immediately share it via Twitter. Something like that. Accessible Camera You can now access the camera straight from your lockscreen. Once inside the camera app, you can use the Volume Up as your shutter button. Nice. There are also more built-in editing options available for your camera probably killing some useful camera apps you’ve grown to like over the years. Wireless Syncing This one I like! No need to tether your iDevice to your PC to sync your apps and music, update firmware or what have you. Everything can be done over-the-air. Woohoo. Better yet, iOS updates will only make you download the data that’s been changed. No more 200MB+ downloads for every upgrade. iMessage BBM… meet iMessage. Well iMessage won’t let you communicate with BBM users (that would be awesome) but it does the same thing. If Facetime is for video chatting between iPads, iPod Touch, iPhones and MacBooks, iMessage is for text messaging between these devices. You can send messages, photos, videos, contacts and even do group messaging with iMessage. How cool is that? Now we’ll just have to wait for iCalls. Sync with iCloud Want some file space on the cloud to go with...

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Google’s Android poised to surpass Apple’s iOS in terms of mobile apps

If the rate of app submission today is going to be the trend in the near future, Google’s Android market will become the biggest mobile content platform by August 2011 according to mobile research specialist, research2guidance. In the month of April, 28,000 new apps were submitted to the Android market as opposed to the 11,000 new apps submitted to Apple’s App Store. This brought the Android app count to 295,000 where 68% are free. iOS is still ahead though at 381,000 but at the current growth rate, expect the tide to turn come August when Android is predicted to overtake Apple at 425,000. It’s still a prediction however. Considering that Google has a fragmented platform with phones and tablets in different shapes and sizes, it will be a challenge for developers to create a complex app that would work in all Android devices. Compare that to iOS developers only having to deal with Apple’s iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad lineup and you’ll find it hard to believe that this trend will continue. Still, being fragmented is not that bad as it allowed Android to gain a huge chunk of the smartphone market surpassing Apple. And with that, it doesn’t matter if it’s the best platform out there but it’s now a question of which platform everyone else uses and that’s where developers would eventually flock. [research2guidance] Related posts: Android phones are getting cheaper with the Samsung Galaxy 5 Google Phone Gallery Launched Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb appears at CES 2011 Android 2.2 upgrade on the Xperia pushed back to late October Cherry Mobile set to reveal its Android phone next weekW Acer Iconia Smart S300 will make your hand look...

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Apple is world’s no. 2 smartphone seller

May 07, 11 Apple is world’s no. 2 smartphone seller

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Apple continues to grow their business on the smartphone department. In a recent study conducted by IDC which was released this week; it revealed that Apple, currently the second worldwide seller of smartphones is now getting close to overtaking the current number one seller, Nokia. The figures states that Apple shipped a total of 18.7M of smartphones in the first quarter of 2011. IDC reports that the worldwide smartphone market grew to almost 80%  year over year in the first quarter of 2011, driven by a mixture of vendors releasing attractive & anticipated models, availability of older entry level smartphones at a very competitive prices, and sustained end-user demand. Top vendors like Apple, HTC, Samsung and Nokia shipped a total of 99.6M of smartphones in 1Q11. The top five worldwide vendors Nokia – Surprisingly, they managed to stay on top as market share for  Symbian-powered smartphones remained strong within its traditionally strongest markets of EMEA and Asia/Pacific. The company continues to announce more devices running on Symbian, including the E6 and the X7. Apple reached a new record shipment volume in a single quarter closing in to market leader Nokia. Moreover, Apple expanded its market in Korea & in the Middle East by enlisting South Korean Telecom and Saudi Telecom as carrier providers of the iPhone. Locally, Apple’s iPhone is exclusively available from Globe Telecom. Research In Motion (RIM) the maker of Blackberry phones remains solid in third place from the previous quarter, as the company grew its presence outside of its home territory of North America. RIM has launched several 3G devices in the market with 4G phones coming soon. Samsung which I call the new Nokia in the Philippines. (In the 90s’ you will see 90% of mobile phone users has Nokia) posted the largest gain of any other vendor on the list. Their strategy – manufacture  multiple models in different price points from low-end ones to high-end premium phones. And finally, HTC (who has been so aggressive in the market recently) posted yet another record shipment...

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Power Mac Center’s iPad 2 Deals

You probably know by now that tomorrow, the iPad 2 will be available in select Apple reseller stores nationwide. To help you decide on where to get your iPad 2, Power Mac Center is offering these deals for the new iPad. As an exclusive offer from Power Mac Center, an iPad 2 purchase in any of the aforementioned stores entitles customers to a free 30-day coverage for accidental damage under the Save Mac program. This conveniently allows for a replacement of the iPad 2 in cases of sudden and unforeseen physical damage during the period of insurance. What’s more, PMC celebrates this launch with a three-day 10 percent off sale on all iPad 2 accessories, including the iPad 2 Smart Cover although I would suggest to go with the traditional iPad cases. Oh and don’t forget the screen protector (Php1k). Here are the prices again for reference: iPad 16 GB WiFi – Php 23,990 iPad 32 GB WiFi – Php 28,990 iPad 64 GB WiFi – Php 33,990 iPad 16 GB WiFi 3G – Php 30,990 iPad 32 GB WiFi 3G – Php 35,990 iPad 64 GB WiFi 3G – Php 40,990 Smart cover (polyurethane) – Php 2,290 Smart cover (leather) – Php 3,990 Digital av adapter – Php 1,890 The iPad 2 will available at Power Mac Center Apple Premium Reseller (APR) stores in Greenbelt 3, SM Mall of Asia (MOA), SM Megamall, The Annex at SM City North EDSA and TriNoma. All stores will open at 10 a.m. on the launch date. Related posts: iPad 2 won’t land on February, SD slot confirmed iPad 2 set to be revealed on March 2 Apple Store PH cuts original iPad’s price by...

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Where to get your iPad 2 on April 29

It’s now official, the iPad 2 will arrive in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore & eight other countries this week. Philippines is included in the eight other countries and it will arrive on April 29. Pricing is exactly the same as when the original iPad arrived last year and they’re as follows: iPad 16 GB WiFi – Php 23,990 iPad 32 GB WiFi – Php 28,990 iPad 64 GB WiFi – Php 33,990 iPad 16 GB WiFi 3G – Php 30,990 iPad 32 GB WiFi 3G – Php 35,990 iPad 64 GB WiFi 3G – Php 40,990 Smart cover (polyurethane) – Php 2,290 Smart cover (leather) – Php 3,990 Digital av adapter – Php 1,890 Expect the first batch to be in limited stock so you might want to go to the selected Apple resellers as soon or even before they open. Technoodling has the list of stores that will be carrying the iPad 2 on Friday, April 29. Metro Manila Apple Authorized Premium Resellers: Digital Hub Robinsons Galleria Digital Hub Robinsons Place Manila Digital Hub Market Market Power Mac Center Greenbelt 3 Power Mac Center Trinoma Power Mac Center Megamall Power Mac Center SM North Edsa Power Mac Center Mall of Asia A Shop Podium A Shop Eastwood Mall iStudio Shangrila Mall iStudio Bonifacio High Street iStudio ADMU Campus Store Switch Alabang Town Center Switch Marquee Mall Switch Ayala TechnoHub Provincial Apple Resellers: PowerHub Chimes Mall Davao iStore Ayala Cebu iStore SM Cebu iStore SM Bacolod iStore SM Dumaguete iStore SM Bacolod General Electronics Retail Outlets: Accent Micro Festival Mall Accent Micro Alabang Town Center Electroworld Park Square Silicon Valley SM Megamall Silicon Valley SM North Edsa So who’s rushing to get one? Related posts: iPad 2 set to be revealed on March 2 Apple refreshes the MacBook Air, adds 11.6-inch model Apple iOS 4.2 is out, includes Find My iPhone for free iPad 2 won’t land on February, SD slot confirmed iPad 2 is now official, what changed? Apple Store PH cuts...

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