No iPhone 5? No problem. iPhone 4S saves the day.

Oct 05, 11 No iPhone 5? No problem. iPhone 4S saves the day.

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Everybody who’s not working for Apple were expecting for the iPhone 5 announcement in today’s Apple keynote but all we got is the iPhone 4S. Yep, the highlight of the keynote is the iPhone 4S after recapping what was announced in WWDC last June, a bunch of so-so updates on the iPod nano and iPod Touch. No iPhone 5. No iPhone 5 news...

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Adobe Flash Video will soon be available to iPhones and iPads

One of the things why Android has an advantage over Apple’s iOS is that they can play with Adobe Flash. Apple shuns Flash mainly because it strains their devices making it slow and consume a lot of battery. This is forcing companies to ditch Flash in favor of HTML5 and Adobe wants none of it. Adobe gave up talking to Apple...

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Steve Jobs steps down, Tim Cook replaces him as CEO

The inevitable has finally happened. Most of us know that Steve Jobs’ health is a concern for him to play a major role as Apple’s CEO and his resignation is bound to happen soon. Well it finally did as Jobs stepped down from his post today and recommended Apple’s chief operating officer, Tim Cook, to replace him as CEO. Back...

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New MacBook Air now available at Power MAC Center

When we saw last year’s MacBook Airs (MBAs), we were really impressed not just with the looks but also with the performance. Looking at the latest refresh of the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air though makes the old one seem like something you would hand over to your grandparents. We’re not talking about the design here....

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Power Mac Center becomes first Apple Authorized Training Center in the country

Most of us already know that the Power Mac Center in Greenbelt and Trinoma offers training sessions and seminars (both free and paid) to the general public. Well, the Greenbelt 3 branch is now the first local Apple Reseller to receive the internationally recognized certification to offer IT Track courses in the country. The PMC...

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What’s new with the Apple iOS5?

Over at Apple’s WWDC 2011, the iOS5 is finally revealed with a lot of exciting features. Here are the hottest among the bunch which will make you screw waiting for a jailbreak and go with the iOS5 instead. Notification Center There’s now a Notification Center that will aggregate all your apps’ notifications. By swiping from...

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Google’s Android poised to surpass Apple’s iOS in terms of mobile apps

If the rate of app submission today is going to be the trend in the near future, Google’s Android market will become the biggest mobile content platform by August 2011 according to mobile research specialist, research2guidance. In the month of April, 28,000 new apps were submitted to the Android market as opposed to the...

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Apple is world’s no. 2 smartphone seller

May 07, 11 Apple is world’s no. 2 smartphone seller

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Apple continues to grow their business on the smartphone department. In a recent study conducted by IDC which was released this week; it revealed that Apple, currently the second worldwide seller of smartphones is now getting close to overtaking the current number one seller, Nokia. The figures states that Apple shipped a total of...

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Power Mac Center’s iPad 2 Deals

You probably know by now that tomorrow, the iPad 2 will be available in select Apple reseller stores nationwide. To help you decide on where to get your iPad 2, Power Mac Center is offering these deals for the new iPad. As an exclusive offer from Power Mac Center, an iPad 2 purchase in any of the aforementioned stores entitles...

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Where to get your iPad 2 on April 29

It’s now official, the iPad 2 will arrive in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore & eight other countries this week. Philippines is included in the eight other countries and it will arrive on April 29. Pricing is exactly the same as when the original iPad arrived last year and they’re as follows: iPad 16 GB WiFi...

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