Globe brings you the real free mobile Facebook experience

Free Facebook access on mobile phones has been around before but usually it has limitations. You can only access the mobile version through your web browser and features are limited to mainly just reading and posting status. Facebook’s VP of partnerships, Chris Daniels along with Globe Telecom CEO, Ernest Cu and host Robbie Domingo...

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Qualcomm works with Facebook for better Facebook Home experience

Qualcomm recently announced that they are working with Facebook to optimize the new Facebook Home and the Facebook app for Android across all Snapdragon processors. This would entail better overall performance, lower power consumption and improved data efficiency for consumers using Facebook’s Android offerings. The technical...

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Facebook Home, the social-centric Android UI layer

Instead of producing their own smartphone to compete with established players in the market, Facebook created their own Android UI that can hijack other phones to give that Facebook phone experience. Yesterday, Facebook announced their own Android UI layer, the Facebook Home, along with the first device that gets it out of the box,...

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Send files directly over Facebook with Pipe

What do you do when you have to send a file to someone, say your colleagues at work? E-mail an attachment? Go to file-hosting sites and upload your file? Use services such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, etc.? Or how about just sending it directly via Facebook? A start-up from Germany created a Facebook app called Pipe which is...

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Smart offers FREE Unli Facebook starting today

Good news to Facebook Smart subscribers out there, you can now enjoy FREE Facebook on your phone starting today, whether it’s a Java feature phone or a smartphone. You can check and send FB messages, update your status, view profiles and albums, straight from your phone without getting charged. For feature phone users, simply text...

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Facebook chose Trend Micro to protect its users

You hate it when you or your friends gets duped into clicking on a malicious link in Facebook. Scandalous links you don’t want to see posted on your wall for everyone to see. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of users who are oblivious to these types of malware distribution. To protect its users from against malicious sites and...

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Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion

Apr 10, 12 Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion

Posted by in Tech News

Social Networking giant Facebook just announced its acquisition of the hottest iOS photo-sharing app Instagram for a cool billion dollars in cash and stocks. Recently, Instagram became available to the Android users making the acquisition more lucrative for Facebook. Here’s a screen capture of Facebook’s CEO Mark...

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Filipinos win at Facebook Mobile “hackathon” in Singapore

A team of Filipinos from Chikka Philippines, Inc. bested developers from Thailand, Indonesia, and India during the annual Facebook Mobile “hackathon” event last Monday in Singapore where they won the Best Mobile Open Graph Award. This hackathon is not really a place where participants are asked to break or hack into programs or...

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Globe offers unlimited Facebook for P10 per day with SUPERFB10

Alright Facebook addicts who are on Globe, you might want to take advantage of this SUPERFB10 unlimited Facebook for just P10 per day. With Globe’s SUPERFB10, you can use any mobile device with a browser to access and do your Facebook duties to your heart’s content. This is just like the app version but...

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Death of Steve Jobs brings out new Facebook scam

Oct 07, 11 Death of Steve Jobs brings out new Facebook scam

Posted by in Security

In an inevitable turn of events, cybercriminals were found leveraging the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs through Facebook scams within hours after it was announced. The particular scam involves a website which claims that Apple has decided to give away 1000 iPads, in memory of Steve Jobs. The said site displays the following:...

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