Farmville is our Facebook Game of the Year for 2010

Any FarmVille (ex or otherwise) players out there? This popular farming game from giant game developer Zynga gets the number one spot as the mostly played Facebook game for 2010. I’ve been tracking top Facebook games every month based on monthly/daily active players worldwide (via developerAnalytics) since August of last year. Farmville made its presence felt on September 2009 where it debuted on the number 1 spot ousting then-popular game, Mafia Wars. Ever since, it stayed in its spot for the whole year of 2010 with daily active users averaging 50% more than the always-changing game at number 2. FarmVille is not the first popular farming game in Facebook. I think that credit goes to the now defunct Farm Town by SlashKey but despite its huge number of followers, it was full of bugs and had a lot of room for improvement. Zynga capitalized on that and when they released a more polished farming game in FarmVille a few months later, it was as an instant hit. Who knew that tending to virtual crops, creating funky looking farms and buying decorations and helping friends get rid of crows would appeal to the mass? Pet owners, restaurateurs, poker players and even mafia bosses got hooked with farming. I did. I set aside my mafia for a while to live the life of a virtual farmer. So we have to give it to Zynga for coming up with the most popular Facebook game of the year. I also have to mention that at this point in time, FarmVille is not the top game anymore. It was overtaken by another Zynga game called CityVille which was launched very recently but while we’re still in 2010, FarmVille remains the number one FB game in our books. Related posts: No related...

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Facebook overtakes Yahoo at number 3

It’s bound to happen. Facebook is now the third’s largest website worldwide in terms of traffic overtaking Yahoo!, according to comScore. The November 2010 results are in and Facebook got an estimated 648 million unique visitors from all over the world as compared to Yahoo’s 630 million. Number 1 is still Google at 970 million followed by Microsoft at 869 million but that’s due to the number of sites both companies own. Google owns sites such as YouTube, Blogger and Orkut while Microsoft has MSN, Bing and Windows Live. As for video sites, Facebook is now number two taking the spot again from Yahoo! It is also the second largest source of traffic to other video sites on the Web. Number 1 is still Google’s video site, YouTube. Now what if Facebook starts buying sites like Google? Think it can surpass Microsoft in terms of web traffic? You can easily check out our best quality testking 350-018 dumps prepare you well for the real 000-977 exam. You can also get success in real exam of testking 640-802 with the quality ccda questions and pass4sure 70-673 answers. [via TechCrunch] Related posts: Microsoft to Yahoo: This is your final...

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World map created solely from Facebook friend connections

This is really interesting. Paul Butler, an engineering intern at Facebook created a visualization of friendship connections via geo-location of 10 million Facebook users. For example, if a person in Australia has a friend in Spain, it will draw a line connecting the two via their geo-location. And what was the result? Check out the resulting image: You should click the image for a bigger version. Yep, looks like the world map huh? It’s important to note that the pairings are not graphed onto a map. Each point is a geo-location of a friend and the map was formed through the sheer number of connections of 10 million users. “After a few minutes of rendering, the new plot appeared, and I was a bit taken aback by what I saw,” said Butler. “The blob had turned into a surprisingly detailed map of the world. Not only were continents visible, certain international borders were apparent as well. What really struck me, though, was knowing that the lines didn’t represent coasts or rivers or political borders, but real human relationships. Each line might represent a friendship made while travelling, a family member abroad, or an old college friend pulled away by the various forces of life…When I shared the image with others within Facebook, it resonated with many people. It’s not just a pretty picture, it’s a reaffirmation of the impact we have in connecting people, even across oceans and borders.” Along with US and Europe, Philippines is well represented (heavily lighted) as you can see from the detailed rendering. And where’s China? Well Facebook is banned in that country. Russia and Central Africa are also dark mainly because Facebook has little presence in those parts. Cool huh? [Facebook | Visualizing Friendships] Related posts: No related...

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Beware of Facebook hijackers when using public WiFi networks

Here in Metro Manila you can access a lot of free and open wireless networks in heavily populated areas such as malls, cafes, restaurants and hotels. There are drawbacks in using these handy services and one of them is what you call http session hijacking or “sidejacking”. In sidejacking, sniffers can ride into your unsecured http sessions like Facebook and Twitter and gain access to your account. These sites require login over unsecured protocol and those credentials are stored in cookies which are then made available over the network. People can’t know your password but they can hijack your Facebook session and do all sorts of nasty things like put “I suck” as your status. Eric Butler, a US web application developer, created this plugin called FireSheep that allows anyone using Firefox over a public wireless network to sniff http sessions and trick the website into giving access to the session without asking for passwords. He created this plugin to force popular networking sites out there like Facebook to use secure HTTP (https) when logging in, similar to what email and payment services are using. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a secured network or not as along as it’s public and you don’t know who else are on the same network, avoid using Facebook and other unsecured sensitive sites. If you just need to tweet on Twitter, practice logging out afterwards. Or use your own 3G connection if you can. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc… please upgrade your security. [] Related posts: No related...

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Facebook now supports high-definition photos

Oct 02, 10 Facebook now supports high-definition photos

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Here’s what every Facebook user is waiting for, better photos. Facebook announced a couple of days ago through their blog that they we will be rolling out support for print-quality, high-resolution photos. And most of all, you don’t have to pay to use it. Previously, the maximum size of photos in Facebook is 720 pixel on the largest edge. If you upload a photo with a higher resolution, it will resize it down making your gorgeous DSLR photo look like it’s been taken with a camphone. Anyhow, Facebook now supports up to 2048 pixels on the largest edge which is 8 times larger than the previous limitation. Of course, you can still allow Facebook to scale down your big photos if you want. Facebook also utilizes a light box sort (dark frame around the picture) of viewer so you don’t have to go to a different page when viewing a photo. Lots of exciting improvement in Photos for Facebook. Read the Facebook blog to know more. Related posts: No related...

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Facebook does a Foursquare with Facebook Places

Aug 22, 10 Facebook does a Foursquare with Facebook Places

Posted by in The Internet

Facebook has recently incorporated a location-tagging feature similar to the popular site Foursquare. With Facebook Places, you can broadcast your current location to your news feed and tag other people as well who are with you. Not a fan of it actually. Right now, the Places feature is only accessible via the updated Facebook iPhone app. I tried it on my iPod Touch but it’s currently not available in my region. Whew! Of course, if you can tag your friends in Places, they can tag you as well and this might pose a problem if you just called in sick only to go out with your buddies and your boss can see your feed. Better adjust your privacy settings pronto if you don’t want your friends broadcasting your current location. Check out Lifehacker’s article on how to disable Facebook Places if you can’t figure it out yourself. The feature sounds cute in theory but would you actually use Places once it becomes available to you? Related posts: No related...

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Nokia C6: The Home Screen Advantage

Aug 19, 10 Nokia C6: The Home Screen Advantage

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Editors note: Thinking of getting the Nokia C6? Here’s a tale of a girl who fell in love with it. C’mon, admit it. You’re on Facebook right now. You log in every… single… day, read up on what everyone else is up to, and occasionally watch a video of that hilarious piano playing cat. If you’re like me and gazillion other social network junkies, then I think I might have the phone for you. I initially set my eyes on an older phone model: the E71, which was specifically marketed for business users. I scoured the malls for a good price and promised my beloved Mr. B I will be patient and wait a month before buying (to make sure I really, really want it). Lo and behold! Two weeks later, Nokia released a new set of phones specifically targeted for a much different market: Social Networking addicts like me! And one of them was the Nokia C6. The new phones will feature what most of us really need: Facebook and Twitter feeds, even Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, pushed right to your phone and displayed prominently on the screen. I mean think about it, in terms of practical applications, at least 80% of our online presence are spread across these apps! What makes the Nokia C6 more attractive is of course, its price. At 14-16K a pop, it almost costs two thirds of its more expensive older brother, the metallic encased N97 mini (P23K). Screw the E71 phone; I’m getting a Nokia C6! First Impressions The biggest selling point of the C6 is its home screen (also available in other models like the C3, N97 mini). This makes it the ultimate social networking phone with email, facebook, and twitter feeds, pushed right to your phone’s home screen. This means that if you’re on wifi, or using your mobile’s data plan (Smart’s Nokia Messaging service for P20/day, more on this later), emails can be “pushed” to your phone as they arrive. I triggered mine to...

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Don’t get duped into clicking “13 Worst Marriage Proposal Fails” on Facebook

Aug 07, 10 Don’t get duped into clicking “13 Worst Marriage Proposal Fails” on Facebook

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There’s this new Facebook app/link that’s been duping people all over Facebook. Who wouldn’t want to see 13 Worst Marriage Proposal Videos on a slow day anyway? Clicking the link will direct you to which is not really a site but just a page with this content. Based on the instructions, you need to click Like to see the video but right there it already looks dubious you should just close the window and look for failed proposals on YouTube. Unfortunately, close to 900,000 people are already being duped into clicking the Like button and some of them may be your friends. So for those of you who clicked the Like button, what else happened aside from letting your FB friends know that you’ve been suckered? If you like to see 6 Awesome Marriage Proposal videos though, do check out Calvin’s Hub. It’s not a scam link don’t worry. Related posts: No related...

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Globe brings GCASH to Facebook games

Globe announced earlier today their partnership with BOKU Inc., a global leader in mobile payments, that will give Facebook users the option to purchase game credits using G-Cash. Starting On March 24, you can now buy those exclusive items in Farmville, Restaurant City, etc. using your GCASH money. The online payment via GCASH works with BOKU’s Paymo system which supports a lot of online games including those from leading Facebook game publishers like Zynga and Playfish. If you wish to purchase game coins, look for the Paymo payment option and from there you can use your Globe number and GCASH mobile PIN to complete the transaction. The amount will automatically be converted to peso. It’s a pretty easy way to purchase game credits without having to deal with Paypal or credit cards. With this strategic partnership with BOKU, Globe is bringing game transaction features closer to millions of users with no means of purchasing game credits. Nice move from Globe. Related posts: No related...

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