Samsung’s brand ambassadors for Galaxy Tab “Life 2.0″ campaign

The 7-inch Galaxy Tab is the first Android tablet from Samsung released on September 2010 and consumer feedback was overwhelming since then. The Samsung Galaxy Tab was able to change the way the consumers lived their everyday lives. It was able to enhance their ordinary, everyday experiences, from the little things to the most...

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First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

May 11, 11 First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Earlier at a Samsung event, we were able to briefly play with an actual unit of Samsung Galaxy Tab’s big brother, the Tab 10.1. This is not the first 10-inch Honeycomb tablet we laid our dirty hands on, the Acer Tab A500 was the first but we love the slimmer and more polished look of the Tab 10.1. First thing we noticed was the...

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Apples sues Samsung over copied design

The folks at Cupertino filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co., claiming Sammy copied the design and user interface of their iPad and iPhone for the Galaxy line smartphones and tablets. From Apple: “Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer...

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Samsung Galaxy devices goes on Super Sale

Samsung is having this super sale on all of their Galaxy devices from April 1 to 17. See poster below if there’s anything that might pique your interest. You can click for a bigger photo. One of last year’s top smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S, is now P24,990. If you want a cheaper version of it, the Galaxy S with SLCD...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Mar 28, 11 Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

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Samsung has quite an impressive line-up of Android devices that has fitted to a lot of consumer pockets around the world. And with the dawn of tablet PCs as sparked by Apple’s iPad, Samsung has dived in to have a piece of the limelight with their smaller Galaxy Tab. With prices of first-generation tablets going down, will the...

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How crazy will you go for a Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Want a Galaxy Tab? Here’s a video contest from Samsung that will reward 3 people a Samsung Galaxy Tab each for showing the craziest stunt they’ll do for a Tab. Facebook users residing in the Philippines 18 and up can join this contest. Read the mechanics below: Promo Duration is from February 16, 2011 to March 17, 2011. Promo is...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab will go for Php35k starting next week

Oct 20, 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab will go for Php35k starting next week

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab will arrive in the local market next week with a starting price of Php34,990 for the 16GB version. For those who are still not yet familiar with the Galaxy Tab, it’s a mid-sized tablet with a 7” display running on Android that’s supposed to rival Apple’s iPad. This one has more use than iPad because aside...

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Cherry Mobile Superion vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

Oct 12, 10 Cherry Mobile Superion vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Cherry Mobile recently introduced the Superion which is their own tablet/phone running on Android. The Superion rivals Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab making it the first of its kind here in our country. Both devices are almost similar on the inside and the feature set would be also considering both runs on Android OS. Here is a...

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