iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina now available on Globe’s Plan 499 and Plan 999

Dec 17, 13 iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina now available on Globe’s Plan 499 and Plan 999

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If you’re looking to get the iPad mini w/ Retina Display or the iPad Air on Globe, they’re offering the WiFi + Cellular versions of Apple’s latest tablets under their Plan 499. With Globe’s Plan 499 for the new iPads, you can get 85 hours of internet in LTE speeds (in areas where applicable), that’s 20 more hours than what Smart is offering with their new iPad plans. Or you can also get them at Plan 999 if you want unlimited LTE with it. Unlike Smart’s one-time cash-out, Globe offers these tablets with a monthly amortization fee essentially bringing the monthly cost to the same level as their competitor. The iPad Air 16GB is available for as low as P1,624 monthly at Plan 499 with P1,125 monthly cashout over a 24-month contract period. Meanwhile, the 32GB variant is available for as low as P1,790 monthly at Plan 499 with P1,291 monthly cashout over a 24-month contract period. On the other hand, the iPad mini with Retina display 16GB is offered at P1,499 monthly at Plan 499 with P1,000 monthly cashout over a 24-month contract period, while the 32GB variant is available at P1,665 monthly at Plan 499 with P1,166 monthly cashout over a 24-month contract period. If you don’t want any contract period to go with your tablet, Globe is also offering them for as low as P24,990 for the iPad mini and P28,990 for the iPad Air. For complete details on pricing, please visit www.globe.com.ph/ipadair or www.globe.com.ph/ipadmini. Related posts: Globe announces WiFi + Cellular iPad Mini and iPad 4 plans SMART Reveals iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display Plans Globe introduces Tablet Plan, no different from Tattoo BlackBerry PlayBook lands at Globe, comes with Curve or Torch Globe launches Tattoo + New iPad Postpaid Plans Smart iPad mini and iPad 4 with LTE now...

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Globe Telecom reverses charges on the P3 million phone bill

Globe didn’t waste any time fixing the anomalous phone bill charged to Mr. Elmer de Guzman who went home from a trip abroad to find his bill from Globe amounting to over P3 million. On an official statement from Globe, it was a system glitch on their part that caused the insane charges on the billing. Although, the roaming data breakdown and its charges (P2.51 per 10kb of data) are correct, the system did not apply the zero rate from the Bridge DataRoam Unlimited promo that Mr. de Guzman subscribed to. Globe has already reversed the charges to reflect the correct amount in the billing statement and will investigate if there are similar instances with other BDU or BDUP promo subscribers. Here’s Globe Telecom’s official statement. We wish to clarify the issue concerning the mobile phone charges of Mr. Elmer de Guzman, a postpaid subscriber of Globe Telecom. We acknowledge that Mr. De Guzman did enroll in the Bridge DataRoam Unlimited promo last November 10, 2013. By enrolling in the promo, the subscriber would not have to pay the regular rate of P2.51 per 10 kilobyte of data.   Based on our record, the subscriber data usage was at 11,139,210KB which would amount to more than P3million inclusive of surcharges and VAT. Unfortunately, based on our initial findings, the system did not apply the correct zero rate for promos on the data usage which inadvertently caused the bill shock.  While this is an isolated case, we are taking a proactive step to investigate if there are similar instances in areas other than the UAE where the BDU Roaming promo is being offered. Globe has reversed the charges to reflect the correct amount in the subscriber’s billing statement.  We assure our subscribers that queries on their billing statements are welcome and clarifications will continue to be given priority by our customer service personnel. We deeply value the trust of our customers and we look forward to strengthening relations with our customers further. Related posts: Globe tightens...

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The P3 million Globe bill statement, this time it’s not fake

Dec 10, 13 The P3 million Globe bill statement, this time it’s not fake

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What would you do if after you got home from your trip abroad, you found your mobile phone bill amounting to more than 3 million pesos? Anyway, this is what happened to a certain Elmer de Guzman when he received his Globe billing statement amounting to a staggering Php3,272,623.38 after coming back from a long trip abroad. Here’s what he posted on his Facebook page. Now before you say that it’s photoshopped, here’s the breakdown page. Click to zoom in. According to the breakdown page, majority of the amount was due to the high volume of bandwidth consumed charged by DU Telcom of UAE. The highest two being over P500k for almost 2GB worth of data with each session that ran for almost 24 hours. I guess it’s being used as a WiFi hotspot shared to other devices. Well I guess now we know how expensive data is in Dubai. But here’s the kicker, Elmer subscribed to Globe’s BDUP or Bridge DataRoam Unlimited Plus which for just $55, you can enjoy 5 days unlimited mobile surfing in select partner telcos of countries, DU Telcom of UAE included. Before you say maybe his subscription didn’t activate, well he was charged for it by Globe. I’m not sure if Globe’s Fair Usage Policy is at work here but if Globe, according to their site, says you can “Go unlimited on Facebook, Twitter, email, and web browsing while travelling abroad. No surprises, no bill shock!”, you just have to take their word for it right? I’m sure Globe will do the right thing here and reverse the charges by DU Telcom as far as mobile internet is concerned. There’s still the P400k Roaming Call charges Elmer has to worry about though. Related posts: No related...

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Globe launches new iPhone’s along with own Yolanda relief efforts

Downplaying their iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch unlike in the previous years, Globe instead use its launch event to also extend assistance to the victim of Typhoon Yolanda on top of their existing relief efforts. During the launch, Globe has set up a booth where subscribers can register to GCASH to send monetary donations to the Philippine Red Cross. Additionally, Globe matched the total GCASH donations made by its customers. In-kind donations are also being collected in special areas during the launch event. “As part of our commitment to help in nation-building efforts after the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda that affected millions of lives, we are doing away with the usual grand launch event for the iPhone and instead use this platform to augment what we’re doing for our kababayans using our GCASH facility,” said Peter Bithos, Chief Operating Advisor for Consumer Business at Globe. “This year’s launch will also focus on providing a delightful customer experience for subscribers who have trusted our expertise in iPhone and leadership in postpaid.” Globe recently launched the iPhone 5s and 5c under its suite of first-ever fully-customizable iPhone postpaid plans, including an exclusive upgrade program dubbed as Globe iPhone Forever that allows new and existing subscribers to swap their current devices with an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, allowing them to get a new iPhone every year for free or with minimal cashout. For as low as Plan 1599 under the iPhone Forever suite of plans, subscribers can get the iPhone 5c 16GB for free over a 24-month contract period. Globe subscribers also get one-month free subscription to Globe Gadget Care. Subscribers who will avail of the newest iPhone devices on launch day are also eligible to avail of a free 1-year subscription to GCASH Virtual Pay and get up to 50% off on iPhone accessories. Related: Globe iPhone Forever Plans Related posts: Globe bares new iPhone Forever Plans, lets you upgrade your old phone Smart to offer the iPhone 5S and 5C beginning November 15...

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Globe bares new iPhone Forever Plans, lets you upgrade your old phone

Globe Telecom officially launched their postpaid plans for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C which includes a gadget upgrade program that will allow you to trade in your current phone for the new iPhone for free or with a one-time cashout. What’s interesting with the iPhone Forever Plan is that as long as you maintain your plan for at least 12 months, you can upgrade to the next new iPhone once it comes out the following year by trading-in the iPhone you got from this plan. After 24 months, you can get a new iPhone just by re-contracting. Sounds good? Now to avail of the promo, you must first choose which iPhone Forever Plan you wish to subscribe to. iPhone Forever Plans IPF Plan 1599 IPF Plan 1999 IPF Plan 2999 IPF Plan 5599 IPF Plan 6999 Free gadget iPhone 5C (16GB) iPhone 5S (16GB) iPhone 5S (16GB) iPhone 5C or 5S (32GB) iPhone 5S 64GB Membership N/A N/A N/A Platinum BLUE Platinum BLUE Contract Period 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months Consumable Amount P601 P601 P101 N/A P1,000 (International & Roaming) Freebies 1GB PowerSurf LTE 1GB PowerSurf LTE Unli LTE Surf Unli Calls & Texts to Globe/TM numbers Unli LTE Surf Unli ALL NET Calls & Texts Unli LTE Surf Unli ALL NET Calls & Texts Consumable Roaming If you’re wondering about the Platinum BLUE membership, it entitles postpaid subscribers exclusive access to a dedicated Platinum hotline, priority handling in Globe Stores, discounts and privileges in handpicked partner establishments and nationwide concierge assistance. Next, pay a one-time cashout depending on the tier of your current device. Trade-In Gadget Trade-In Cashout Tier 1: iPhone 5, iPhone 4S FREE Tier 2: iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, BlackBerry Q10, HTC One P4,999 Tier 3: iPhone 3GS, Samsung Galaxy S3, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Curve/Bold/Torch, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Nokia Lumia P9,999 Tier 4: All other gadgets P11,999 Tier 5: No trade-in P12,999 Regular Postpaid Plans for new iPhone Now...

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Globe brings you the real free mobile Facebook experience

Free Facebook access on mobile phones has been around before but usually it has limitations. You can only access the mobile version through your web browser and features are limited to mainly just reading and posting status. Facebook’s VP of partnerships, Chris Daniels along with Globe Telecom CEO, Ernest Cu and host Robbie Domingo during Globe’s Free FB launch at the Globe Tower Now Globe has partnered with Facebook to bring you the real free mobile Facebook experience whether you’re using a mobile browser or a Facebook app on your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, or even Facebook app for the feature phone. For some reason, Globe is saying Facebook for BlackBerry does not work with this promo. Anyway, not only can you post status or read your news feed, you can also chat with people, add friends, post photos and videos, view any Facebook content including videos, and whatever your Facebook app is capable of doing. You can even sign up for a Facebook account without incurring any data charges with this promo. All of these are for free whether you’re on Globe postpaid or prepaid, or even a TM subscriber. Once you click on an outside link, say a Youtube or a 9gag link, a prompt will say that regular charges will start and if you want to continue accessing that link. Still, this service will save a lot of bandwidth if you’re subscribing to MB-based data buckets. Globe is targeting Filipinos who can only access Facebook when there’s free WiFi, usually those who own feature phones or semi-smartphones. With this free service, these Facebook users can access their account even without any load. Along with this Free FB promo, Globe is now allowing prepaid users to get a 10MB data plan loan when they don’t have any load. They will be charged P10 on their next top-up. “Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected,” said Chris Daniels, VP of partnerships...

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Globe offers free one-month Gadget Care for new and re-contracting subscribers

I heard a lot of stories from friends who damaged their iPhone 5’s but thanks to Globe’s Gadget Care, they were able to have them replaced. Globe Gadget Care is an insurance for mobile devices that started with the iPhone 5 and now is being offered to all postpaid subscribers. The insurance is provided by Ace Insurance and offers comprehensive coverage for mobile phone theft and accidental damage. For a limited time, Globe Postpaid is offering this service to its new and re-contracting subscribers free of charge for 1 month. Afterwards, it’s up to you to decide if you want to continue the service for as low as P89 per month depending on the value of your handset. The mobile protection program also guarantees hassle-free handset replacement, easy claims processing, and worldwide protection coverage for all subscribers. Something you should consider if you’re getting a high-end device from Globe. To know more about Globe Gadget Care, call the Globe Gadget Care Hotline (02)7565400 or toll-free 1-800-8-7565400, or visit www.globe.com.ph/gadgetcare or any Globe Store nationwide. Related posts: No related...

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Globe offers Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear for free at Plan 5000

Globe finally unveiled their plans for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and its companion accessory, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear bundle comes free starting at Plan 5000 over a 24-month period contract. Now if Plan 5000 is too much for you, and you don’t want the Galaxy Gear, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can solely be availed under Globe’s Plan 999 with a monthly cashout of Php800 over a 24-month period contract. Under Plan 999, you’ll get unlimited data and a monthly consumable amount for calls and text. New and re-contracting postpaid subscribers are entitled to a free one-month subscription of Globe Gadget Care which offers comprehensive coverage for mobile phone theft and accidental damage, guarantees hassle-free handset replacement, easy claims processing, and worldwide protection coverage. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a 5.7-inch handset with a Full HD Super AMOLED display, a 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, 13-megapixel rear auto-focus camera with flash and zero shutter lag and a 2-megapixel front camera, 32GB user memory and is a 4G LTE-capable device. Additional features include the Air Command, Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write, S Finder, Pen Window, Direct Pen Input, New Easy Clip, New S Note, Samsung WatchON and ChatON, and S Voice. The Samsung Galaxy Gear on the other hand is a smart watch that communicates with the Note 3. It is equipped with an 800 MHz single core processor, has a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display, and 1.9 megapixel auto-focus camera. Additional features include the S Voice, Memographer, Smart Relay, and Voice Memo. It also has a 4GB user memory plus a 512MB RAM. Related posts: Globe brings Super Surf for BlackBerry Max down to Php599 for 30 days Globe and RIM brings you close to the hottest music events Samsung Galaxy Note 2 FREE on Smart’s Plan 2000 or Globe’s Plan 2499 BlackBerry Curve 9220 is now free on Globe My Super Plan 299 HTC One exclusive on Globe’s Plan 999 and Plan...

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Globe Tattoo unveils new postpaid LTE pocket WiFi, facelift by Kenneth Cobonpue

Globe recently unveiled their latest Tattoo LTE pocket WiFi with a design by world-renowned industrial atelier Kenneth Cobonpue. The new Tattoo pocket WiFi boasts of speeds of up to 12Mbps for regular 3G plans and 42 Mbps on customizable plans for LTE. Subscribers can choose from consumable packages such as Plan 299 from 30 hours to 50 hours, Plan 499 from 50 hours to 85 hours and LTE Plan 1299.  That LTE Plan 1299 gives you 5GB bandwidth per month although you can add P500 for additional 5GB or P1200 for additional 10GB. As per their previous LTE stick, this one also allows for up to 10 WiFi devices connected at the same time. Dong Ronquillo, Head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband, declared that “With the Internet becoming an essential part of daily life, it is important that one stays upgraded with the highest connection speeds. Tattoo mobile broadband now boasts of higher base speeds with our postpaid portfolio. A synergy of form and function, our devices pack speed in an exciting way as depicted in the artistic renditions of world-renowned industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue. Indeed, the new Tattoo Broadband will let Filipino netizens live life at the speed of now.” Related posts: Globe releases official statement regarding their use of Tonino Lamborghini brand Globe launches its...

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Globe’s GoUnli30 gives you unli chat with Viber, Line, WeChat, and other chat apps

Globe just announced their latest prepaid service that will surely appeal to those who use chat apps more than traditional call and text methods. With Globe’s GOUNLI30, prepaid users can enjoy unlimited calls to Globe/TM numbers, unlimited text to all networks, and unlimited use of Viber, FB Messenger, Kakao, WeChat, WhatsApp, and LINE for Php30 per day. That’s almost all the popular social messaging apps being used worldwide. To register, simply text GOUNLI30 to 8888. You can also use *143# and look for it under GoSAKTO. GOUNLI30 is an exclusive offer for Globe Prepaid subscribers only. This is way better than Globe’s GOUNLI25 which only gives you unlimited access to Viber and unlimited calls and text to Globe and TM numbers.   If you use a lot of mobile chat apps to communicate with friends all over the world, the GOUNLI30 is a nice promo to avail. All of the apps under this promo allow text, sending of photos, group chats, while some can also send voice messages, make calls, and do video chats. [Globe] Related posts: WeChat mobile messaging app is officially here KakaoTalk lands in the Philippines, taps Sarah Geronimo as ambassadress Globe and RIM brings you close to the hottest music events Samsung Galaxy Note 2 FREE on Smart’s Plan 2000 or Globe’s Plan 2499 BlackBerry Curve 9220 is now free on Globe My Super Plan 299 HTC One exclusive on Globe’s Plan 999 and Plan...

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