PTB’s Norton 360 v6 Giveaway

May 11, 12 PTB’s Norton 360 v6 Giveaway

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UPDATE: Contest is over. Thanks for joining everyone, please click this link for our list of winners. Alright guys, here’s your chance to score a Norton 360 v6 to replace that free or trial version anti-virus you are using. We are giving away 4 Norton 360 v6 that’s good for 3 PCs each, so that’s for your desktop,...

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Around 140,000 Mac OS still infected with Flashback

The number of Mac OS infected by the Flashback malware is slowly dwindling down as Symantec reported that from 600k infections from April 9, it’s now down to 140,000. The OSX.Flashback.K is a trojan that works as social-engineering scam trying to pass off as a fake Flash update using digital certificates purporting to come...

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Norton 360 v6 Review, an all-in-one computer security suite

Mar 19, 12 Norton 360 v6 Review, an all-in-one computer security suite

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Every year more cyber-threats and attacks are popping up and every year, Symantec is making sure that they’re on top of it with the latest technology to counter them. Norton 360 v6 is their latest and most complete PC protection package in the market today. Building up from previous 360s, Norton 360 v6 not only offers an anti-virus...

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Norton Safety Minder Android app lets parents monitor child’s mobile activities

With Android phones now becoming more accessible even to students and “tweeners”, Symantec released their Norton Safety Minder: Mobile Edition, a free app that allows parents to keep an eye on their kids’ smartphone activities. The application is part of Norton Online Family, the online family safety service for PCs and...

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AV-Test declares BitDefender ISS 2011 as top security software

Well what do you know? According to a test made by AV-Test which is an independent IT-security institute, BitDefender’s Internet Security Suite 2011 provides the best performance for a security software in the areas of protection, repair and usability. The test results indicates performance for the 1st quarter of 2011 only...

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We’re giving away 10 copies of Norton 360 version 5.0

Ok guys, if you think it’s time to ditch that free antivirus of yours and want to opt for a more secure and all-around antivirus, you may want to join this simple contest. Norton from Symantec has given us 10 copies of their latest Norton 360 version 5.0 (SRP: P2,700). This is Norton’s most complete version of security...

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Microsoft warns Internet Explorer users of vulnerability

Using Internet Explorer? Better hold off for a while as Microsoft tries to release a patch for a vulnerability in their Internet Explorer that could allow remote code execution. A new zero-day vulnerability affecting Internet Explorer 6 and 7 is being used in target attacks. In these attacks, people receive emails with a link...

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Try the Norton 360 Version 5.0 Beta for free

The beta version of Norton 360 Version 5.0 is now available for testing. Norton claims that this is their fastest and most effective all-in-one solution and you can download and test it for yourself. So what’s new with the latest version of Norton 360? Norton Insight 2.0. Instantly checks when and where programs originated to...

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Norton released AntiVirus and Internet Security 2011

Sep 21, 10 Norton released AntiVirus and Internet Security 2011

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Norton from Symantec just released the 2011 version of their Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. These 2011 products have been carefully engineered to exceed already industry-leading performance and protection benchmarks. Actually, they are the only suite that was able to achieve a 100 percent protection score in a new...

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What are “Poisoned” Search Results and How Can We Fight Them?

Jul 20, 10 What are “Poisoned” Search Results and How Can We Fight Them?

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Sometimes, when looking for something on the internet, the search engine would return search results that, when clicked, redirects you to malicious websites. Although the search result or link may seem to be valid, opening it will redirect you to illegitimate/fake websites. Next thing you’ll know is that you’re PC’s already...

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