Toshiba strengthens presence in the country with new headquarters

Not known to a lot of people, for the longest time, there was no Toshiba Philippines until this year. We see their products — TVs, PCs, laptops, refrigerators, but Toshiba doesn’t really have a strong presence in the country aside from its distributors and channel partners. Toshiba addressed that by having a local headquarters in Makati as well as announcing new business strategy for the local market. Knowing that the Philippines is one emerging market in the ASEAN, Toshiba learned that extending reach and finding growth in the country is pivotal to further reinforce their strong presence in the region. The laptop market will enjoy a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26%, and TVs the figures are even more impressive: a CAGR of 49%. This trend also holds true in tablets, which will see a CAGR of 43% from FY2011 to FY2013. The Toshiba Philippines headquarters will provide nationwide market coverage with its unified sales and marketing operation. It has a Philippine-centric business structure that promotes the development and delivery of products customized to meet the needs of Filipinos. Tomoyasu Yamamoto, President of Toshiba (Philippines) Inc. said, “For the past years, we have been reinforcing our marketing activities in ASEAN market to deliver products that address local needs and enhance brand awareness. We are very excited to have an opportunity to expand our business in the Philippines with the launch of a very strong line-up of TVs and PCs. We continue to make efforts to understand the market and look forward to meeting the needs of consumers throughout the Philippines.” In line with this announcement, Toshiba Philippines also announced upcoming digital products such as their 55-inch glasses-free 3DTV, the world’s lightest and thinnest ultrabook, and their REGZA tablets, both the 10-inch and 7-inch version. We’ll take a look at some of these new products in upcoming posts so stay tuned. Related posts: No related...

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Toshiba announced the Tecra R840 high-performance notebook

Last week, Toshiba showcased their latest high-performance notebook to the media, the TECRA R840 which is designed to handle demanding business tasks within a thin and light body. Featuring a14-inch diagonal HD LED-Backlit widescreen display, the TECRA R840 is the ideal all-around mobile business laptop. At about 25 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than its predecessor, the TECRA M11, the TECRA R840 is the thinnest 14-inch TECRA laptop ever made. The performance packed laptop is also equipped with the 2nd generation Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors and high-speed 7200 RPM hard drives, delivering the maximum performance when you need it the most. Visual experience is further enhanced with the AMD Radeon discrete graphics with 1GB of dedicated graphics which is powerful enough to let you display up to four screens at once. Toshiba is known for making very resilient notebooks and the TECRA R840 is no different. The TECRA R840 notebooks are built using a unique High Stiffness Resin reinforced casing together with chassis pillars embedded into the laptop’s interior, making the system highly robust against flexing and thereby considerably prolonging the products’ lifetimes. Equipped with Toshiba’s EasyGuard Technology to help protect against accidental spills and bumps, the laptops are also designed with a suite of security features, including multiple level passwords and a fingerprint reader, and an optional Trusted Platform Module to offer high-level data encryption. As for connectivity, the TECRA R840 comes with a broad range of standard ports including high-speed USB 3.0 port, eSATA/USB Combo with Toshiba’s USB Sleep & Charge technology, DisplayPort or HDMI, Bluetooth 3.0+EDR, ExpressCard and Gigabit Ethernet. All Toshiba Notebook PCs are backed by Toshiba’s extensive service and support. Depending on configurations, the new TECRA R840 series come standard with a 1-year or 3-years carry-in International Limited Warranty (parts & labor), 1-year battery (carry-in). If you’re interested with the Toshiba TECRA R840, its pricing and configuration, it’s best to contact Tricom Dynamics at 890-6525. Toshiba TECRA R840 Specs: Intel® 2nd Generation Core CPU RAM:...

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Toshiba NB520 Netbook Review

May 17, 11 Toshiba NB520 Netbook Review

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It’s quite a challenge having to pick a good netbook these days as all seem relatively similar when it comes to function, performance and not to mention the size. It then all comes down to the design and brand preference that ultimately pits you to decide on which one to have. However, Toshiba wants to make a difference with their new NB520 netbook, the first of its kind to feature Harman/Kardon speakers that is geared for good audio entertainment. Topped it off with an affordable price tag of Php23,990 is the NB520 really worth the attention? Let’s find out. Design What’s apparent in the NB520’s design is the rubberized coating of the lid that feels really nice on the surface. This could mean that the lid would be less prone to scratches than the glossy ones and also fingerprint-friendly. The netbook comes in five different colors namely brown, green, blue, turquoise and orange which we currently have for review. The NB520 likes to boast on its Harman/Kardon speakers which is the first and only netbook to have them. It is nicely situated on both sides of the palm rest and will not only make the netbook louder but also enhance the sound experience which would make you set aside the earphones. The LCD display is of standard quality at 1,024×600 resolution which is pretty standard for most netbooks. Below the LCD is where you’ll find the power button which is also accessible even if the lid is closed. We find the keyboard to be a bit cramped with some keys being relatively smaller than other netbook keyboards. There’s the ever useful dedicated PgUp and PgDwn buttons that’s oddly situated beside the Shift Key but we’ll take it. Despite the semi-cramped keys, this won’t be much of a challenge as users will get used to the layout easily. The touchpad was neatly placed so as to avoid being accidentally brushed off by the palms while typing and we find it to be very responsive and...

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Toshiba plays the slim laptop game with Portege R830

Like models, most people want their laptops thin… bordering anorexic. Seems like each manufacturer has its own slim and sexy offspring with Apple and Samsung leading the pack. Not to be outdone is Toshiba with their 13-inch Portege R830 notebook. Although not as slim or as light as the MacBook Air or the Samsung Series 9, the Toshiba Portege R830 makes up in power and specs. It is 1.05 inches thin which is slightly thicker than MacBook Air’s 0.68 inch frame and at 3.2lbs., it’s also slightly heavier than the Air’s 2.9 lbs. However, on its own it is still a thin and light notebook. The inclusion of an optical drive is what hinders the Portege R830 to be as slim as you want it to be. But some people wants an optical drive so it’s not all bad. Instead of the usual SSD drive, the Portege R830 opted for the traditional 500GB SATA HDD. More capacity but slower than an SSD drive. Powering the Portege R830 is the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor and 4GB DDR3 RAM which is expandable up to 8GB. Sadly, no discrete graphics on this one but it does have a USB 3.0 port though. Battery life is also rated at 9 hours which is already impressive. Perhaps the most interesting part of the Portege R830 is its magnesium alloy construction making it highly durable. It features a honeycomb structure in some of its vital parts that also makes it highly robust against flexing. It has an “Airflow Cooling” system that allows it to have a powerful processor while optimizing heat removal and at the same time keeping the fan noise to a minimum which is very important on a thin notebook. The Toshiba Portege R830 retails for Php72,990 which is in-between the MacBook Air and the Samsung Series 9. I’m not sure yet if the price is for the i7 variant but I would like to think so. For a premium notebook with a slim design, the price...

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Toshiba intros Satellite E300, combines style and functionality

Toshiba  recently introduced their latest offerings in the notebook scene and one of which is the ultra-stylish Satellite E300, a thin and light notebook featuring the latest technologies on a distinct-looking body. The Satellite E300 has a not-quite silver color which they call Champagne and has a lightweight aluminum cover, a sturdy chassis all in a 2.24kg package. Not bad for a 14-inch notebook. It features the LED-backlit raised tile keyboard which is uncommon for Toshiba laptops and a new touchpad design with seamless right and left mouse buttons. Underneath the hood is the latest Intel Core i5-2410M processor which has a feature called Intel Wireless Display or WiDi that allows you to view digital content from your laptop to your big-screen TV using an adapter at a click of a button. It also has what Toshiba calls Resolution+ that instantly upscales your movies for sharper and more vibrant colours. With Dolby Advanced Audio, you would definitely enjoy watching movies or listening to music with the Satellite E300. You also have heard of Sleep and Charge which allows you to charge your devices via the laptop’s USB even if it’s switched off. But the E300 also has a Sleep and Music feature that allows you to use its stereo speakers even if it’s switched off when you connect your music player. This Toshiba Satellite E300 will be available next month and will fetch for Php54,990. It also comes with a 1-year carry-in International Limited Warranty (parts & labor), and 1-year battery warranty. Toshiba Satellite E300 Specs: Intel Core i5-2410M 2.30 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.90 GHz Windows 7 Home Premium 4GB DDR3 1333MHz 13.0″ WXGA HD Clear SuperView LED backlit display (1366 x 768) Intel HD Graphics 640GB SATA with shock absorbers DVD SuperMulti Drive Bluetooth 3.0 Intel Advanced-N 6230AGN (802.11 agn) Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) Technology Built-in Web Camera with Toshiba SmartFace Technology 16-bit Stereo with Intel High Definition Audio & Dolby Advanced Audio 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 Sleep...

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Toshiba intros NB520 series netbooks featuring Harman Kardon speakers

If you think there’s nothing exciting left to expect in the world of netbooks, think again. Toshiba came up with the first netbook to ever feature Harman Kardon speakers, audio that is usually reserved for high-end entertainment laptops and luxury cars. The new Toshiba N520 series netbooks has the latest Intel Atom processor, the dual-core N550 clocking at 1.5GHz along with 1GB or 2GB DDR3 RAM. Aside from that, specs are pretty much vanilla for a netbook but the highlight of the N520 is the Harman/Kardon Stereo Speakers located on both ends of the palm rest. The Harman/Kardon speakers are nice alright but it’s only rated at 2W so don’t expect you’ll get the same experience when watching a movie in your home theater. Upon trying it out, it sounds like the small but powerful x-Mini speakers. Audio is not clangy like normal laptop speakers but it’s not as smooth and clear as compared to using a nice pair of high-performance earphones. What it does is replace your external speakers that you’ve been connecting to your laptop every time you listen to some tunes. It also has the Sleep and Charge feature that makes it a portable USB charger for your other gadgets when needed. No need to turn it on, just connect your device via USB and it will charge it if there’s juice left on your netbooks battery. The Toshiba N520 series comes in 5 colors (Striking Lime Green, Warm Brown, Daring Sunlight Copper, Joyful Blue, Sophisticated Turqoise) with engraved dot patterns and a rubber textured feeling. Don’t ask me how they came up with those names but the netbooks look awfully nice and would really appeal to the hip youngsters out there. Toshiba N520 Specs and Price: Intel Atom Processor N550 (1M Cache, 1.5GHz) Genuine Windows 7 Starter 1GB or 2GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM 10.1 WSVGA SuperView TFT Display, 1024 x 600 Intel GMA 3150 Express Chipset 250GB or 320GB SATA HDD Harman/Kardon Stereo Speakers, Dolby Advanced Audio WiFi 802.11 b/g/n,...

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Toshiba Satellite E200 SE Review

I was given the opportunity to review Toshiba’s SE (Special Edition) Satellite E200 laptop. Briefly, this laptop is armed with a Core-i5 processor, 4GB memory, discrete graphics and loaded with 64-bit Windows 7 and Toshiba’s built in utility system that makes life easier for you, i.e. there’s a prompt that lets you turn your optical drive on and off to conserve your battery. Look and Feel Allow me to share with you what’s inside this full 14″ laptop. First up, it weighs 2.24kg with battery included; it comes with a standard webcam, a full keyboard with dedicated touch buttons on the right side. The touch buttons on the right consist of the Power button and six others below it –  a configurable one, the keyboard backlight switch, multimedia and the volume controls. This laptop is curvy and shiny all over, you can almost use it as mirror. The touchpad is finished with a matte overlay while the left and right-click buttons below it are quite huge than what I normally want. This machine only has 2 USB ports, one located on the right side and the other on the left. The right side is loaded with other ports: eSata, HDMI port, the 5-in-1 multimedia card, a slot-in DVD SuperMulti (+/-R double layer) drive with Labelflash; which looks neat. There is a dedicated Wi-fi button on the right side below the touchpad. The laptop has a shiny, glossy finish and OC people will definitely want a micro-fibre cloth to clean your fingerprints once in a while. The keyboard is equipped with a LED backlight which automatically turns off when the system becomes idle. The VGA , LAN port and the A/C ports are located at the back portion of the laptop. I am not sure if this a standard for Toshiba but placing it there is pretty convenient, less wires and cables on the side. Do note that the A/C adopter that comes with it is not the standard that we have in the Philippines....

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Tried a 3D Laptop, the Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV

During Toshiba’s 25th anniversary at the Republiq in Resort World where they introduced a variety of laptops, I was able to try out their Satellite A665-3DV 3D laptop. The Satellite A665-3DV is a very powerful laptop built for multimedia and gaming. It is powered by harman/kardon® stereo speakers and comes with and NVIDIA® 3D VISION™ Kit (glasses and IR emitter) to view 3D content. I’m a fan of watching 3D movies after seeing Avatar in 3D but playing a game (Resident Evil) in 3D doesn’t quite match the experience when watching a 3D movie. Objects in the foreground looked like paper cutouts especially my character and the bullets ejecting from my gun. I think this has more to do with the game instead of the laptop itself. 3D laptops are very new to us Filipinos and it’s not going to be a common purchase for the average techie any time soon. However, there’s still a place for it for those who want to adapt early to the world of 3D in a smaller scale. The technology is already there so let’s just hope that games can adapt quickly. Would you actually go for a 3D-capable laptop or spend the money on a more high-end system? Specs: Intel® Core™ i7-740QM processor 15.6″ widescreen (Supports 720p content) HD TruBrite® LED Backlit display (3D Ready) Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 350M, 1GB GDDR3 discrete memory + up to 1757MB shared memory w/NVIDIA® TurboCache™ technology 4GB DDR3 memory 640GB HDD NVIDIA® 3D VISION™ Kit (glasses, USB controller/IR emitter, USB 2.0 cable, recharge cable) harman/kardon® stereo speakers High Capacity Li-Ion (98Wh, 12-cell) Blu-ray Disc™ Rewriteable (RE) and DVD SuperMulti drive with Labelflash® No word yet about the price on this one but if we’re going to use the SRP abroad, it will translate to around Php74,000 (USD1,599). Related posts: PlayStation made Portable Astone UMPC to compete with Asus Eee...

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Toshiba brings you the NBA All-Star Game

Toshiba partners with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to bring you the upcoming All Star Game.  From February 11 to 14, everyone is invited to experience the NBA All Star Game with Toshiba at the ground floor of SM Mall of Asia (near skating rink). There’s a lot in store for you and your friends. Come play the Toshiba Shoot Out with a friend and win Toshiba – NBA branded items. Answer trivia questions correctly and get a cool prize. Or simply answer a survey to get a Toshiba – NBA giveaway. The Toshiba All Star Mall event will also showcase products like the Regza LCD TVs, Toshiba laptops and netbooks as well as the Glass Door Collection of Toshiba refrigerators. Remember, if you happen to be at the SM Mall of Asia any day from February 11 to 14, do drop by at the Toshiba All Star booth at the ground floor near the ice skating rink for some fun and games. Related posts: No related...

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