TDK IE-500 In-Ear Headphones Review

Previously we reviewed the TDK WR700 wireless headphones powered by Kleer technology. It was a bit on the premium end with its Php5000 price tag but here we have the more affordable, entry-level IE-500 earphones for review.

TDK IE-500

From the packaging you would learn that the TDK IE-500 has an elbow-shaped body with a ceramic housing that can give you rich, full sound. It also has a braided cable making it tangle-free and at the same time stand out against other ordinary earphones.

Aside from that, the box is pretty bare. Only other thing you will find inside are two more silicon tips with different sizes. A carrying pouch would sure come in handy.

TDK IE-500 TDK IE-500

For some reason, I’m finding it hard to get a comfortable fit with the IE-500. I tried all the tips and nothing would fit snugly in my ear unlike the previous Philips SHE8000 we reviewed. I’m going to attribute it to the shape of the phone because the body is not heavy at all.


Onto the sound quality. I have to say that the IE-500’s ceramic housing works as advertised. I’m getting full, rich and clear sounds listening to my music. No clanks or hiss, everything is crystal clear. You would appreciate Michael Buble and James Blunt more on this one. Their tunes just sound rich and crispy.

I have to mention though that the TDK IE-500 is not made for bassy beats. Bass on it is a bit lethargic that you will have to turn the sound volume high to get some light thumping. No heart-pounding bass on Wiz Khalifa’s Black & Yellow at all. Same thing with Jeremih’s Down on Me.

If you’re looking for noise cancellation on your earphone, you won’t find it on the TDK IE-500. Even at high volume you will still hear background noise. It can’t completely drown out office chatter but I guess for some people, this is a good thing. What I’m saying is that if you want to tune out and enjoy your music in your own private world, you need to be on a quiet spot. The braided cable also induce a little bit of microphonics, the echo sound you hear as the cable rubs on your body or your shirt. It’s not that bad unlike other earphones we’ve tried though.


TDK IE-500

The TDK IE-500 is made for classic, pop, rock or acoustic listening. If your tunes are mostly hip-hop or rap you might want to look elsewhere but they’re coming up with more earphones for specific types of music. It is really an entry-level earphone that can replace poor stock earphones that comes with your device for only Php830. Yes, it’s better than your generic iPod earphone.

TDK IE-500 Specs:

  • Plug Type: 3.5mm
  • Driver Diameter: 10mm
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 94dB
  • Input Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Cord length: 1.2m (3.9 ft.)
  • SRP: Php830


  1. Griswold /

    P830 lang? not bad na replacement for my stock earphones. thanks ptb!

  2. supertoblerone /

    Good Deal! Where I could Buy This? This is a perfect gift for Xmas..

  3. jerjer /

    How’s the sound quality compared to Philips she8000?

  4. Thanks for the review! Bought it yesterday and yes! Sound quality is very rich and clear! Perfect for Alternative and Rock which is my kind of music.. Definitely not for Hip-hop and RnB though..

  5. Thanks for the review! Bought it yesterday and yes! The sound quality is very rich and clear! Perfect for Alternative and Rock which is my kind of music.. Definitely not for Hip-hop and RnB though.. Bought it at Western Festival Mall for P999.00..

  6. itlog cruise /

    oo nga bat P999.00 price niya nung nakita ko sa mga mall?

  7. itlog cruise /

    saan ho yung P830 lang? sayang din yun oh… :) thanks

  8. bakit ganun? i bought mine for P999.. wala naman kasamang pouch.. :(

  9. balak ko pa lang bumili hehe pero mga nakikita ko 999 sa astrovision Robinsons Ermita. . . pati astroplus MoA. . . san ba may mura :D

  10. kjlink /

    bought mine awhile ago sa Astrovision Shangrila Php800 only.with 1yr replacement warranty. superlike!!! i’m loving the cable as well.
    di nga masyado maemphasize ung bass. but ung clarity ng lyrics panalo! downside lang sguro, ung fitting. mjo may ear fatigue nako. pro sanayan nlng cguro. all-in-all sulit ang price/performance ratio.

  11. I am using these with Comply tips (T-400), and the bass is *very* high (much more than Philips SHE3590, with the stock TDK black tips; stock SHE3590 don’t seal well). Also, there are no highs (or seem much less than SHE3590)

  12. Unsatisfied Customer /

    Punyeta tong TDK na to! Naloko lang ako matibay daw at hndi madaling masira pero naka 3 balik na ko nito sa AstroVision! Madaling masira yung connector niya palaging grounded!

    • Bong mendoza /

      Hi bro..pano ka claim ng warranty?..I have same problem with my ie500 bought from games and gadget last aug29..thanks bro

  13. saw this website

    699 lang? me nakaorder na ba dito? sayang din hehehe

  14. Mas ok pa Philips SHE3590 dito.

  15. donnald /

    Ok nmn cia..kaso nung tumagal humina yung akin at bgla nlng pumangit tunog dko alam kung bakit..kaya ittry ko ipapalit kung ok din ang warranty service nila…

  16. touji666 /

    I just did a side by side comparison between this and the philips she3590. Both share the same warm and full bodied sound with a small touch of sparkly highs but the TDK sounded a tad more dark and rescessed on the mids and highs which hides the fine sound elements from the music although I would recommend this earphones over the she3590 only if you’re aiming for style

  17. Simon /

    got them delivered yesterday….the sound is truly amazing….surprisingly I am getting comfortable with these and they fit me beautifully (might depend on ears)….the noise cancelling somehow comes with the fit i think…I have to thank you for this review…I made my choice based on this

  18. I just bought these yesterday and I have the same problem with the fit, more specifically on the right ear. The left one fits very well. Sound is great overall, but I was wondering if you had issues with the volumes because of the issues on fitting? I noticed that the right earbud was softer than the left one.


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