The No-Install IE7 Public Beta Setup

Digg posted the news, but I’ll add in a really helpful tip for it:

How would you run IE7 Beta without uninstalling your current IE?

Get IE7 Beta Public here.

Once the IE7 installer file is downloaded, extract the files via WinRAR, or any other archiving software that can extract an exe file.

  1. Open the folder where you extracted the IE7 files, and delete the file SHLWAPI.DLL and the folder Update.
  2. Open a text editor, like Notepad, and save a blank file as ‘IEXPLORE.exe.local’ to the IE7 folder.
  3. Click iexplore.exe from the IE7 folder (via)

However, it looks like you can’t run the browser as a limited user on a PC, even if its not under a protected folder.

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  1. hahaha it’s a freakin weak clone of maxthon with some security enhancements!

    Maxthon programmers got invited in their conference by microsoft… and apparently this is what happened…. seriously im not impressed =)

    still looking for customizable mouse gestures (which will work best if tied with vista), plugin-based utilities, custom shortcut keys, built-in popup, and flash-ad or active x, content filter, float ad blocker, c/o maxthon, as well as Profile ala netscape/mozilla.

    Let’s see the final release.

  2. Maxthon makes use of the IE engine, therefore Maxthon is simply IE with lots of added functionalities and features.

  3. johnjang /

    This site has a lot of useful information on installing IE7, especially if you don’t have a legal copy of XP.

  4. Why bother with IE? It offers nothing new versus Firefox or Opera.

    Also, does it still have activex? if so, then it still presents the same security risks.

    Personally don’t waste time trying to download it. Since people all over this blog are complaining of faltering broadband connections, there are better uses for bandwidth.

  5. Added info.. you don’t need Winrar or any other program to extract the contents you just run the command line and enter the name of the program then add a “/x” to extract the file. ex. “c:\\IE7B2P-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe /x” without the quotes :)

  6. baluga01 /

    try ko nga! thanks!
    p.s. as of now (march 15, 2006) ie7beta 2 was released.

  7. If anyone is still tracking this, this info might be of use:

    I’ve installed IE 7 Beta (the real beta, they say) which replaced my IE 6 one. One problem is it crashes on multiple instances (more than one browser window or tab)! I don’t know the issue here but I never encountered such a thing in firefox.

    I disabled tabs for the meanwhile. It’s a great feed reader, though, which was why I downloaded it in the first place. Never really used IE to surf, too vulnerable.


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