Dec 10, 2013

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The P3 million Globe bill statement, this time it’s not fake

What would you do if after you got home from your trip abroad, you found your mobile phone bill amounting to more than 3 million pesos? Anyway, this is what happened to a certain Elmer de Guzman when he received his Globe billing statement amounting to a staggering Php3,272,623.38 after coming back from a long trip abroad. Here’s what he posted on his Facebook page.


Now before you say that it’s photoshopped, here’s the breakdown page. Click to zoom in.


According to the breakdown page, majority of the amount was due to the high volume of bandwidth consumed charged by DU Telcom of UAE. The highest two being over P500k for almost 2GB worth of data with each session that ran for almost 24 hours. I guess it’s being used as a WiFi hotspot shared to other devices.

Well I guess now we know how expensive data is in Dubai. But here’s the kicker, Elmer subscribed to Globe’s BDUP or Bridge DataRoam Unlimited Plus which for just $55, you can enjoy 5 days unlimited mobile surfing in select partner telcos of countries, DU Telcom of UAE included. Before you say maybe his subscription didn’t activate, well he was charged for it by Globe.


I’m not sure if Globe’s Fair Usage Policy is at work here but if Globe, according to their site, says you can “Go unlimited on Facebook, Twitter, email, and web browsing while travelling abroad. No surprises, no bill shock!”, you just have to take their word for it right?

I’m sure Globe will do the right thing here and reverse the charges by DU Telcom as far as mobile internet is concerned. There’s still the P400k Roaming Call charges Elmer has to worry about though.

  1. I went to HK last July and I stayed there for 2 days. While I am still at the NAIA before flying I called globe to subscribe for the 3 day unli data. Bridging Data Promo only for 30 Dollars. I received the confirmation right away. I am not familiar with the sim cards in HK if they have data included like in Kuala Lumpur. So I have no choice but to use Globe promo. After few weeks I received my bill charging me of 20K for using internet in HK. I showed the text conformation and they have double check their system, I was subscribed. They said they will fix and delete the charges but until now 4 months it is still on my account. Buti nalang hindi ako nag Automatic Charge para sa monthly bill ko sa Credit Card ko.. kung hindi na thank you din ako ng Globe.

  2. Globe are capitalists that’s why. Also happens to my dad when we’re using tattoo.


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