Unlimited voice, sim swaps, and ABS-CBN

Globe and Smart have cut down on unlimited voice offerings (25/8 and All You Want). They cited network load and abuse from bypass operators or ISR (international simple resale). This works by hooking up the local SIM to a modem connected to voice networks in the US or elsewhere via VoIP.

They also see a lower growth in subscribers. Perhaps everyone who needs a phone has got one already? Part of the previous growth was artificial, due to SIM swapping promos which have been stopped. Manuel Pangilinan of PLDT notes that their growth in mobile services will come from mobile content.

Globe has reportedly sent feelers to invest in ABS-CBN. They want to expand beyond the traditional telecom business, and have an international reach.


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    hello people out there…………..
    first tym q ‘to…and xempre enjoy aq dito!
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    walang kwenta ang smart.. hindi ako lagi makaunli..!


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