Up to 50% off on Skullcandy products this November

If you’ve been eyeing that Skullcandy headphones for the longest time, maybe it’s time for you to buy it as Skullcandy is having a nationwide sale of up to 50% off on select models of headphones and earphones.

With more than 200 designs to choose from available in over 100 partner retail stores, Skullcandy is giving its fans a month-long shopping mania from November 1 until November 30, or while supplies last.

The selection of headphones covers the fans’ best picks, ranging from the Skullcrushers, Icon 2, TI, SK Pro, Agent, Hesh, and the Lowriders. Get the best earphones deals for the Ink’d, Riot, FMJ, Chop buds, JIB, and the Smokin’ Buds.

The nationwide All-store sale is also available online at Zalora.com and Lazada.com, while list of partner retail stores can be found on Skullcandy Philippines’ Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/SkullcandyPH.



  1. Michael /

    Fake… less than 10 stores have sale items…

  2. If the company that made zinken would do this now THAT would be news :D

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