VoIP in the Philippines

Like a typical Filipino abroad, one of the first in my list when I moved away was to look for options on how to keep in close contact with my family and friends… minus the burned holes in my pockets. To call direct from Germany using T-Online would have been affordable. That is, if I only called once a week, a few minutes at a time. And with T-Online’s rates, we would have only lasted until “O Kamusta ka na?”

Yahoo chat was an option that I used for some time. However, more often than not, we always ended up using the chat board due to our frustrations with all the crackling sounds and disconnections.

Thank God VoiP entered the picture.

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol has made it possible to make a free (or low-cost, depending on the options you choose) phone call using the internet. Indeed, a manna from technology heaven.

As defined by Wikipedia, “VoIP (also called IP Telephony, and Internet telephony) is the routing of voice conversations over the Internet or any other IP network. The voice data flows over a general-purpose packet-switched network, instead of the traditional dedicated, circuit-switched voice transmission lines.”

There are several companies offering softphones or VoIP technology, targetting millions of Filipinos abroad and their families back home.

Join me as I (along with the other authors here) review the different VoIP providers available to Pinoys all over the world.

Heck, last I heard, even PLDT wants to join the fray.

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  • noeh

    icall.com lang

    • owensniper

      thanks !!! ganda nga ng icall.com

      • grace

        bakit po hindi ako mkatawag to a mobile phone in the phils? I’m in the Phils and want to make local mobile phones. canada and US lng po ba yung pc to mobile sa icall?

  • CREPhils

    Please recommend a VOIP Service provider in the Philippines that would give me a cheap rate calling anywhere in the world. This will be used in a small scale call center business.

    Please need it quotation. thanks


    • http://www.bipstore.net Duston

      BC Net and Bip Networks provide a lot of VoIP solutions for consumers and businesses.

      Check out the website at http://www.bipstore.net

      Rates are as low as P1 per minute for countries like USA, Canada, China and HK.

      Contact for more details.

  • nico


    • http://mariangmakisig.me clarissa

      Try Magic Jack! Free call to anywhere in US and Canada for $20 a YEAR (not per year. notice I said YEAR).

      But please check their site. That was their rate a year ago!

  • http://www.yeheycall.com Steve Cork

    The cheapest of them all http://www.YeheyCall.com
    $0.01 (1c) per minute.

    • http://www.iptelebabad.net april

      Hey, i tried checking the linked website you posted because I haven’t heard of it yet but the page is missing. Has it closed?

  • JACS

    i would suggest MagicJack XD been using it for 1 year. Im on the phone with my bf 24/7 and he’s living in U.S. (im in Philippines). You only have to pay 1 time (no monthly bill or anything) for only 2,000 pesos or $40-50, you can talk with your love ones for 1 whole year.

    • haydz

      do i need to purchase two magic jack ? one in phil and one for me? or i can make unlimted calls to landline or mobile phones in philippines

      • http://calvinshub.com Calvin

        magic jack can only make calls to US numbers and not to Philippines.

      • http://www.iptelebabad.net april

        Yup we had tried that as well. But as I had mentioned with conversation w/ CLarissa they easily breaks down. My aunt had lasted for a year and a half with 3 magic jacks. SO we tried Etelepono. http://wwww.iptelebabad.net
        As far as I know they offer unlimited calls to US, Canada, Singapore. And in the phil they can call to other mobile phones — but I am not sure of the mobile thing if its free.

  • http://www.nothingbutrandom.com ZXT

    It’s been 5 years already and guess what? VoIP in the Phils is still quite unheard of. Why? Because we can always send text message instead and calling long distance to another region is cheap so VoIP within Philippines will not get off.

    And for those Filipinos with relatives and friends in other countries like US and Europe would want a VoIP service based on those countries so they can call them for a fraction of a cost and vice versa.

    I’ve been using a US based prepaid VoIP service – Onesuite.com – so a US phone number in our house helps a lot to lower down the cost as friends and relatives in the US can call us for free and we can call them for only 1 peso per minute and usually we tell them to call us back.

    • Marie Atienza

      Sir, Gud day…maybe you would like to try our services regarding Voip…

      Avail our UNLIMITED Calls INTERNATIONALLY to 30,40,60 countries and more….Have a USA, CANADA, HONGKONG, SINGAPORE, CHINA and OTHER COUNTRIES telephone numbers of your choice here in the Philippines…..

      Calling Abroad is like calling your neighbors or friends across the street…. Have fun and enjoy!!! Getting in touch with your love ones and business that saves you a lot of cost compared to traditionally calling here or abroad. pls. call 0921 3083172

  • laura
  • sat06

    Hi ya’ll:
    I just want to ask about yeheycall.com if it is really legitimate. It says on their website that the cost is 0.010 cents a minute or $1 an hour. Anyone tried their service? Please let me know as I really want to call my relatives in Philippines and one more thing does my relative in Philippines need an internet connection to receive call? Can I dial through my home phone to call in the Phils. using yeheycall?

    Any suggestions on how/where/what providers can I use to call in the Phils. for a very cheap amoount?

    Thanks ya’ll

  • http://stromjunky.blog.de/ Elektronikartikel

    WOW ein super Artikel! Es macht immer wieder Spaß deine Beiträge zu lesen! Danke

    • http://www.iptelebabad.net april

      Etelepono. I love it so much!

  • mekaniko

    im here at K.S.A. riyadh….how can i call to the philippines using VOIP or low rate….i always in over expense monthly just to call the philippines….help pls…..

  • Rolly Davo

    We are putting up a call center here in ortigas. Our company is currently looking for a VOIP Services that will cater our clients in Australia. Can you send me proposal with regards to your rates.

    Thank you. Hoping for a quick response.

    • Marilou

      Hi, did you manage to get a proposal from a VOIP service here in the philippines? Im also planning to put up a call centre. Please give me the number of the VOIP company you used. Thanks.

      • Ruth Hashel Medina

        Hi Marilou.

        I'm Ruth of Localphone and we cater to companies who need business VoIP and consumer VoIP. You need us for your call center. You can reach me at 02-7795510 or 09178601557 or you can invite me at skype: ruthhazelmedina.

        I'm really excited for you to know our services and to give you a tour in our Manila based call center.

  • hannya

    I hate articles like this. SEO optimized at nauuna sa google pero walang kwenta at walang info. I went here to look for VOIP companies in the Philippines pero ano nakita ko? Blabbing about useless information na matagal nang alam ng lahat. Seriously, basahin mo ulit post mo kung may relevant information ba. Dinefine mo lang ang VOIP using wikipedia. How pointless. Shame on you.

  • http://www.oopacommunication.com TipidCalls

    TipidCalls is the best! $45/mo. Like $1.50/day. Visit our site for more.

  • Marie Atienza

    international unlimited call

  • Peter Clark

    I use SKYPE from the Philippines to UK at 1.4 pence a minute. You need to put 10 pounds on your account with them and then decide to automatically top up if goes lower than 2 pounds. Other currencies are available. Seems good so far, my old lap top microphone and speaker system works very well but i can use headphones if i neeed to.

  • http://www.voipinoy.org VoiPINOY

    cheap calls to the Philippines and to any part of the world!

    unlimited Philippine calling plans starts @ $25.00/month

    • http://www.iptelebabad.net april

      Just like Etelepono. Where is this? I’m really interested

  • http://www.voipinoy.org VoiPINOY

    w w w (dot) v o i p i n o y (dot) o r g

  • http://www.virtualrealitygrid.com/CharleneM virtualrealitygrid.com

    The sixty day complimentary trial deliver is a wonderful selection, in
    the case of the flex waistband.

  • christian

    do anyone here know of cheap voip/sip service for local calls in the philippines

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