Dec 17, 2007

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Watching YouTube in Yahoo Messenger Beta 9.0

Watch YouTube in Yahoo Messenger Beta 9.0

I haven’t watched the video preview yet of the Yahoo Messenger Beta 9.0 but it only impressed me when my friend posted a video from YouTube which I find really cool because I do not have to click a link to launch a browser window just to watch it. Download it here. :)

  1. Here comes Youtube spam on YM…

  2. I also upgraded my ym into Yahoo Messenger Beta 9.0 and amazed when my internet buddy post a video of YouTube in my chat window. I asked him if it’s Yahoo new feature and he said he didn’t know. So, I thought that it’s featured only on that version.

  3. nice… spam for Youtube or for Ym wahahaha

  4. YouTube is owned by Google…
    Have you tried posting links of a flickr photo? :D you will see a preview of the picture right on your window :)

  5. i hope they could add megavideo as well..

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