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Facebook Timeline gives you a better way to view your profile

One of the most-talked about announcement by Zuck during the Facebook f8 event a couple of days ago is the new profile display called Timeline. It may not be for some people but for those who use Facebook to somewhat tell the story of their life, Timeline is a pretty nifty feature. Looking at your current (or old depending on when you are reading this) profile, you would realize how hard it is to backtrack on what happened the previous week, or months… or year. Not that you want to view old news but it’s somehow nice to remember when you’ve bought your first car, or when you got engaged or just what did you do a year ago. Facebook Timeline allows you to backtrack to the things that happened in your life and view it in a beautiful way. It’s like a scrapbook but you don’t have to do anything at all. Facebook takes care of everything, it pulls all events that you’ve attended, places you’ve checked in, wall photos, things you’ve forgotten you posted on Facebook and you can view it by month or year. Everything from when you joined Facebook. Then Facebook also added what they call Life Events as part of status update. These are special status updates that correspond to important events in your life, like when you took a trip, transferred to a new job, had surgery, and more. What Facebook does is display this prominently in your timeline so you or those viewing your profile won’t miss it. It’s not just status updates though. Once developers begin to incorporate Open Graph to their apps, you can now track your things you’ve done or accomplished via the Timeline. Like the runs you have via Nike+ or videos you watched in Hulu or Netflix, or music you’ve listen to in Spotify or books you’ve read in Kobo. It may not mean much for Filipino users with most services not available locally but in time, we’ll be seeing more apps...

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Help a Filipino be Lenovo’s 10-Second Hero

Remember the Lenovo’s EExtraordinary 10-Second hero video contest we posted a few weeks back? Well we got a winner and her video will represent the Philippines against 23 other countries for Lenovo’s 10-Second Hero title. Zyra Bambico of San Pedro, Laguna already won a Lenovo IdeaPad but she now needs our help to win the $50,000 cash prize that is going to be awarded to the charity organization of her choice. In her case it’s going to be Rotaract Club of San Pedro East who can surely use the money to clean, improve and develop the environment in their area in Laguna which is often experiencing flooding when it rains. So if you want to help out a fellow Filipino, and improve the lives of the residents of San Pedro, why not take a few minutes voting for Zyra in Lenovo’s 10-Second Hero contest. Watch Zyra’s video and vote for her! Her entry is entitled “GreEnvironment”. Just sign in with your e-mail and let your vote be counted. Oh you can vote everyday so let’s help her out mmm’kay? Related posts: No related...

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Globe subscribers get your free AI songs from m.Globe

If you missed the American Idol Manila concert a few days ago or can’t get enough of their tunes, then you might want to download them for free straight to your phone if you’re a Globe subscriber. Even if the Idols have left the country, you don’t have to worry about getting your AI fix because you can now download your favorite American Idol song for free from m.globe, the all-in-one mobile portal from Globe that allows users to enjoy the best of mobile web in a single platform without the need for an expensive internet-capable phone. Aside from free AI songs, users get instant access to Facebook and Twitter, send and receive e-mails via Yahoo, Gmail or Windows Live, search via Google, monitor account balance, and get the latest news and entertainment updates in a snap. On top of free songs, you can also watch UAAP games live or relive past games on your mobile phone for free via m.globe to keep that school spirit burning anytime, anywhere. Users of Android phones can also download the Android widget for free from m.globe. Get high on AI and download free American Idol songs from m.globe now. Text M.GLOBE to 2910 or visit on your mobile phone to enjoy the wonderful world of mobile web. Related posts: Globe introduces new Unlimited...

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Review: Razer Gaming Mats – Goliathus, Scarab and Ironclad

Sep 24, 11 Review: Razer Gaming Mats – Goliathus, Scarab and Ironclad

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Razer sent us three of their gaming mats to try and compare how each performs under different circumstances. We got the Goliathus Extended Edition, Scarab and the Ironclad. These are from the Elite, Expert and Essential lines respectively. These gaming mats are engineered to deliver pinpoint accuracy and of course comfort for the long hours of gaming. We have three different flavors of gaming mats from Razer and I’m sure there’s one that’ll suit your gaming needs. Razer Goliathus Extended Edition Textured weave Desktop Length: 920mm x 294mm x 3mm (It covers my whole desk) Rubber base for a secure grip on smooth surfaces Php1,620 I can attest that expensive does not necessarily mean it’s better. This one is the most affordable of the three, and yet this is the one I like with its awesome looking graffiti of the Razer Logo. Since it’s a soft mat, I can just roll it up and bring it anywhere I want. The textured weave is just right for my gaming use, it’s not too smooth for my mouse to be sliding around much, and not too rough for my palm. The rubberized base is also great as the pad won’t slide around all over my smooth table. This is definitely a bang-for-the-buck gaming mat. The control edition lives up to its name whether I’m playing low-sensitivity sniper camping or high-sensitivity rifle rampage, I find the control over my mouse very accurate. Pros: Cons: Just the right texture Portable Affordable Might be too big for some desks (but hey, Razer offers the Goliathus in 4 different sizes) Razer Scarab Razer Fractal 2.0 surface coating Hard Mouse Mat 350mm x 250mm x 3mm (Almost the same size as my 14" laptop) Php1,850 The Razer Scarab is from the Expert line of gaming accessories, which means it has a good balance of price and performance. This one is a hard mat which you can use if you have an uneven surface especially when you like gaming in bed. It...

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Get a chance to win an LG Optimus 3D phone from Gameloft

Sorry for this late post but there’s still chance for you to win an LG Optimus 3D phone from Gameloft. Actually since September 7, Gameloft has been giving away one these phones every week and will continue to do so until September 28 so there’s still some hope for you. To join the contest, customers have to visit the Gameloft Facebook Page, watch the LG Optimus 3D Trailer, and answer the question “In the LG Optimus 3D Trailer, what’s the name of the third Gameloft game showcased?” Three Optimus 3D phones will be given away. One winner will be selected per week. Hurry! Take this opportunity to join the Gameloft Facebook Page Contest and win the world’s first glasses-free, 3D Smartphone that offers a full 3D experience — recording, viewing, and sharing — in a smartphone form factor. This contest is applicable to Philippine residents only ok? The LG Optimus 3D features a second generation dual core technology and an advanced “Tri-Dual” architecture that pushes the LG Optimus 3D’s performance well beyond simple clock speed improvements. It is ideal for the high processing power required for gaming and viewing videos. The Optimus 3D’s 4.3-inch WVGA display offers bright and flicker-free images in HD, up to 1080p in 2D and up to 720p in 3D. The screen is also aptly lighted to provide dramatic 3D images that have low crosstalk. The Optimus 3D is the only 3D phone that is equipped with special software that allows for real-time conversion of 2D photo and video content into 3D. Related posts: No related...

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Archos 70 Android tablet can fit all your TV series videos… probably

Sep 23, 11 Archos 70 Android tablet can fit all your TV series videos… probably

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I’ve known the Archos brand way before they were still making portable media players. Well, they’re already in the Android tablet business but I wasn’t aware of one particular model from their line up that really stood out (shame on me). The Archos 70 looks just like your ordinary 7-inch Android tablet but there’s one specific model of this tablet that you couldn’t see elsewhere. The Archos 70 comes in either an 8GB version or a 250GB version. That’s not a typo, this tablet has a hard disk inside. It’s a bit chunkier and a slightly heavier than your typical 7-inch tablets but still that’s a whole lot of space for all the videos you need for a very long trip. It even has a built-in stand so you don’t have to hold the device all the time. Dual speakers on both sides make this a very handy portable video player, just what Archos is known for. Oh and you can also plug this on the big screen to watch your HD videos. Of course, it’s also a WiFi Android tablet so you get all the goodies of an Android 2.2 device. Google integration, E-mail, internet browsing, social network, games… and anything you can get your hands from the Android Market. This is not a new tablet by any means but I still think there are lots out there who don’t know that such a device exists, an Android tablet with 250GB internal storage. Oh yeah. The price on this Archos 70 with 250GB storage is now at Php14,999 from P17k early this year. If you want the 8GB version, it’s priced at Php12,999. Android 70 250GB Specs: 7″ display @ 800×480 pixel capacitive screen 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU Android 2.2 720p HD video playback VGA camera miniHDMI port, microUSB port 250GB HDD model WiFi 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth 2.1 SRP: Php14,999 Related posts: No related...

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Samsung launches affordable AMD-powered Series 3 laptops

Sep 22, 11 Samsung launches affordable AMD-powered Series 3 laptops

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We first saw the AMD E-350 processor on the Sony VAIO Y a few months ago and we’re wondering where the rest of the brands are with these sort of laptops. Yesterday at Chocolate Fire, Samsung launched their Series 3 305U1A AMD-powered laptops that will surely give the VAIO Y a run for its money. So what can you expect from the Samsung Series 3 305U1A? Well first of all, just like other Samsung Series laptops, the Series 3 exudes class and style with its brushed metallic duo-tone finish on its lid. This one comes in 5 colors for you to choose from: black, silver, pink, blue and purple. The inside is plain aluminum finish with a decent-sized touchpad and island style keyboard that’s comfortable to type on. It also sports a slim bezel so you’ll get an 11-inch display on a netbook-sized body. With a thickness of just 27.5mm and a weight of 1.21kg., you would find this easy to bring along with you wherever you go. On the inside the Samsung Series 3 is powered by an AMD E-450 APU. To make things simpler, the E-450 is more powerful than the Atom and feels like an ultra-low voltage first generation Intel Core i3. What’s nice about this APU is the AMD Radeon integrated graphics that blows Intel’s current integrated graphics out of the water. You will have no problem playing Full HD videos with this laptop whether it’s online streaming or offline viewing. Samsung is claiming that the battery here can do up to 8 hours so it’s safe to say that in reality, it translates to 6 hours. Still an improvement over the VAIO Y’s measly 3.5-hour computing on a single charge. All colors are available right now with a suggested retail price of P23,900 which is a few thousand lower than Sony’s. Samsung Series 3 305U1A Specs: AMD Dual Core Processor E-450 (1.65 GHz) 11.6” HD LED (1366 x 768), Anti-reflective Genuine Windows® 7 Home Basic (64-bit) 2GB DDR3 RAM at...

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Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras finally unveiled

It’s about time that Nikon joins the world of compact interchangeable lens cameras and they came up with the Nikon 1 system for their own mirrorless cameras. A mirrorless camera gives you close to DSLR quality shots on a small body which can also interchange lens. A cross between a DSLR and your point and shoot for the sake of simplicity. Anyway, early adopters of this type of digital camera are Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony so it’s nice that Nikon finally got into the game. The Nikon 1 comes in two forms: V1 and J1 but there’s not much difference between the two but they are the smallest ILCs we have today. Surprisingly, the Nikon 1 cameras is not for those tech-savvy shooters out there. You are limited to 10.1 megapixel stills with an ISO ceiling of 3200. The CX-sensor is smaller compared to others like Sony’s APS-C sensor and this one has a 2.7x crop factor. Simply put, if you’re a professional photographer and want a secondary compact camera, the Nikon 1 might be lacking considering what’s already available at the market today. But this doesn’t automatically mean that the Nikon 1 takes crappy photos. Nikon is bringing this to those who don’t want to jump into DSLR but still want to take good enough photos that they can’t do with their point and shoot. Those who want to have the flexibility of using different lens on a portable body. With a price starting from $649.95 and a wide range of colors (black, white, pink, red and silver), photo hobbyists out there might just find these Nikon 1s a spot in their gadget arsenal. The Nikon 1 is slated to be released in the US on 20th of October. No local release info yet but we’ll let you know once Nikon Philippines finalize things up. Meanwhile, here’s the promotional video showing you what the Nikon 1 can do. Related posts: No related...

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Sony Cybershot J10 packs a USB plug of its own

Sep 21, 11 Sony Cybershot J10 packs a USB plug of its own

Posted by in Imaging & Photography

Saw this fun-looking digital camera over at the recently opened Sony VAIO store in SM Mall of Asia. The Sony Cybershot DSC-J10 looks just like your ordinary mid-range point-and-shoot camera but it has its own secret. At first glance, the Cybershot J10 doesn’t look as sleek and stylish as the Sony T-series cameras with its curvy look. Sony is banking that it will appeal to the teens out there looking for a funky camera. Even the specs are not that spectacular to rave about. So what’s so different about this camera? It’s the pop-out USB plug! You see, the Cybershot J10 has a built-in 4GB of storage, foregoing the need for an SD card or a memory stick. Besides, 4GB is more than enough for a point-and-shoot. What’s good about this setup is that you won’t need a card reader nor a cable anymore just to transfer your photos. Just plug the camera into your PC and voila, it’s like a big flash drive that also double as a camera. Hehe. Then there’s also the built-in battery. No need to remove the battery and use a separate charger for this camera. Really convenient especially when travelling since you don’t have to make room for a charger . All you need is the power cord for that USB or a USB adapter which you can also use with other USB-powered devices that you have. Well that’s it. Oh wait, you’re also interested with its photo-capturing capabilities. Well the Sony Cybershot J10 is a 16.1 megapixel camera with a 4x zoom. No Exmor R lens here so don’t expect very good low-light photos especially with its lowest f/3.5 aperture setting. Although it can go up to ISO 3200, I doubt if the image would be usable at that setting. It can only do VGA video-recording but you’ll get Sony’s awesome Sweep Panorama feature. This one is selling for Php13,999 which is a bit on the expensive side for a P&S of that specs but if you...

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Pinoys conquer The Games Xpo 2011 in Singapore

Sep 20, 11 Pinoys conquer The Games Xpo 2011 in Singapore

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At the recently concluded TGX or The Games Xpo 2011 held at Singapore, our Pinoy gamers captured three championship titles. Yes that’s three titles folks. Team Mineski Infinity PowerColor , Team Duskbin.HoN and Caviar  “eXo.Mski.Enderr” Acampado took home the crown for Defense of the Ancients (DotA), WCG Heroes of Newerth (HoN) and Starcraft II (SC2) respectively. They may not be early crowd favorites but went home as champions, heroes and bearers of good news for the Philippines. Garena Philippines Inc., the local Philippine arm of Garena Online Pte. Ltd., congratulates the team and with this, the stage has been set to boost the local E-sports scene. Watch out for more leagues and tournaments coming your way soon for all their top games including LoL, HoN and DotA. Congratulations again guys! Related posts: World Cyber Games 2008 Philippine Champions WGT Philippines 2008...

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HTC Wildfire S Review

Sep 20, 11 HTC Wildfire S Review

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Considering jumping to Android but don’t want to break your budget? Check out a first-time Android user’s review of the sexy HTC Wildfire S. Released last June, the HTC Wildfire S was introduced to the market as the much-needed upgrade over the first Wildfire. Being new to Android phones, I was excited and hesitant at the same time to do a review for the HTC Wildfire S. Firstly, I am more oriented with Blackberries and iPhones and have minimal knowledge with Android features. Second, I have nothing to compare it with since I haven’t really tried using an HTC phone before. Lastly, this is the first time I will have to review a phone, and note, a pretty-in-pink HTC phone! So why the hell not?! I would have otherwise wrote about another digital camera or what have you but with the privilege granted upon, let me share with you my thoughts on the phone. Design At first sight, I was completely sold with HTC Wildfire S’ sleek and stylish design. Comes in pink, black and white, this playful yet premium looking phone is well-suited for a personality that’s quietly brilliant so to speak. The HTC Wildfire S is a featherweight mid-range phone, weighing 105g, that’s perfect for an on-the-go persona. It’s definitely lighter than your tall Starbucks coffee. Stylish as any woman would prefer, the HTC Wildfire S has soft, contoured edges, a two-tone finish and a slight chin at the bottom. Maximizing the front panel with its 3.2 inch display, the only physical keys are the Power button on the top alongside the 3.5 mm audio jack and volume control found along with the microUSB port on the left side of the phone. You will find the Android touch panels at the bottom part of the screen, giving it a very minimalist look (no front-facing camera here). The metallic satin finish of the body on the front panel justifies its sophistication. The back panel constructs a unibody plastic with matte finish for that...

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MSI-ECS Warehouse Sale 2011 extended, new items added

Sep 19, 11 MSI-ECS Warehouse Sale 2011 extended, new items added

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If you still haven’t got your fill of discounted gadgets, MSI-ECS has extended their 2011 Warehouse Sale until this Wednesday, September 21. On top of that, they also added some new items in. Go take a look at their updated pricelist. Some items worth mentioning are: Buffalo 1TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Storage – P3,000 Buffalo 500GB USB 3.0 portable storage with shock proof and hardware encryption – P2,800 Buffalo Otokoro micro portable speaker for iPod – P180 Genius Traveler 900 Mouse – P395 HP G42-372TX Notebook (Core i5-460M, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 512MB RAM discrete graphics, Windows 7 Premium) – P25,000 Imation 32GB flash drive – P1,565 Microsoft Arc Mouse (would make a nice gift) – P1,269 Sony VAIO Y (AMD E-350) – P20,700 That Sony VAIO Y sure looks attractive at that price. Related posts: No related...

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