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First Impressions: Sony Ericsson Xperia ray

If you’ve been to the PLDT – Smart Jump Center at the Cyberzone in SM Megamall, you would see some phones that they will be carrying in the future. One of which is the Sony Ericsson Xperia ray which we was officially announced last July. The Xperia ray in a sense is just like the Xperia arc in a smaller body. If a 4.2-inch screen phone is too large for you then the Xperia ray’s 3.3-inch might be more suitable. I find it to be a phone ladies would love considering it comes in a variety of colors. It’s not too big to handle and still sexy to show off. I’m not kidding when I say it’s similar to the Xperia arc. It has the same Bravia mobile engine powering its display. The Xperia ray has the same 480 x 854 resolution as the Xperia arc which gives it a higher pixel density (more sharper images) since it has a smaller screen. I tried watching the Final Fantasy HD trailer on it and it looks really sharp. The phone is also powered by the same 1GHz processor and Adreno 205 GPU. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it also has the same 8-megapixel camera with Exmor R lens as that of the Xperia arc. We don’t know when the Xperia ray is coming or how much it will sell for. The Xperia arc now goes for P25,000 so if I’m to guess maybe this one would be in the Desire S range of about P20,000. Sony Ericsson Xperia ray Specs: Qualcomm MSM8250 Snapdragon 1 GHz CPU; Adreno 205 GPU 3.3″ capacitive display @ 480×854 pixels Sony Mobile Bravia Engine 1 GB (300 MB user available), 512 MB RAM HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.8 Mbps Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot Bluetooth 2.1 w/ A2DP 8MP autofocus camera w/ LED flash; Exmor R sensor VGA front-facing camera 720p@30fps HD video recording HDMI output GPS w/ aGPS support Li-Po 1500mAh battery Android 2.3 Gingerbread 100...

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Cherry Mobile Magnum HD Review

Aug 13, 11 Cherry Mobile Magnum HD Review

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Launched late last year, the 4-inch Magnum HD Android phone is having a resurgence when Cherry Mobile started offering it at an incredibly low price. How does P14k sound? Not bad I would say considering this phone already has the latest Android update (Gingerbread). It’s closest competition would be the Samsung Galaxy SL which is still P3000 more expensive. Been playing with a Cherry Mobile Magnum HD unit for a couple of weeks and overall impression is quite good. Read on for a review of the Magnum HD to see whether it’s a phone worthy of your consideration. Design The CM Magnum HD is a big phone that doesn’t try to be stylish. It looks like a huge chunk of metal but it’s not that heavy at all. Not light as the Samsung phones so look elsewhere if you’re after featherweight phones. It does look sturdy though with its metallic encasing. The design doesn’t look sleek but the multi-tone metallic look gives it an industrial appeal. It can be a bit more compact had they lessen the frame and bezel surrounding the huge 4.1-inch WVGA display. There are no physical buttons adorning the front but instead, dedicated touch panels for the Android buttons are located below the screen. There’s also a front-facing VGA camera on top of the display and a useful LED indicator for unread notifications.    Top side you’ll only see the 3.5mm audio jack. At the bottom edge you will find the microUSB port and a micro-HDMI port which can prove useful to some. On the right side you will see the volume control, no dedicated camera button here. And finally on the left side is the small Power/Sleep button. I would like to point out that the Sleep/Wake button is a bit hard to press because it’s small and placed flat on the side. Whenever I press it with my thumb, my forefinger will accidentally press the volume button on the other side. Just a little annoyance that’s all. At...

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HTC tries to be different, partners with Beats Electronics

Taiwan’s mobile phone manufacturer giant HTC just recently inked a strategic partnership with Beats Electronics to further differentiate itself from other smartphones in the market. Beats Electronics has already found itself in partnership with laptop manufacturer HP bringing the brand’s quality sound experience to some of their products. And now, they’re bringing their brand to HTC smartphones. Known for their beautiful HTC Sense UI and premium craftsmanship, HTC will also soon be branding their phones with the all-too familiar beats logo. Good move on the part of HTC as this is clearly a step up from the SRS sound on their phones. However, I think they can do better than Beats. Tech savvy people out their knows that Beats headphones are purely hype. I would like to think that their products are good, but not that worthy of their price tag. They’re like the premium version of SkullCandy. Even with Beats onboard, I would still say Samsung phones with the Wolfson audio chip would trump HTC when it comes to sound quality. But that’s just me. Nevertheless, HTC is expecting that this partnership will boost their sales and I think it would. Don’t underestimate the power of that red “b” logo because it will be a deciding factor when choosing between phones for the average consumer in the future. Related posts: No related...

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ASUS K Series notebook gets a price cut

When we showed you the ASUS K Series notebook last May, it received quite a number of approvals due to its decent specs and beautiful designs on a competitive price. Actually, it’s more because of the price. Well ASUS just told us that they brought the price down of their K Series from Php29,995 down to Php27,995 (2k is still a lot of savings), for the Core i3 version at least. No word yet if it will also affect the Core i5. The ASUS K Series is available in 5 funky colors: urban green, seduction pink, party gold, chill blue, and passion red and you can get one at your nearest ASUS dealer now. If you want to know more about the ASUS K Series, here’s the link to our post last May. Related posts: No related...

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Dell Streak 5 is no more, in the US market at least

Ahhh the Dell Streak 5. The 5-inch pocket tablet that is not quite a phone and not quite a tablet has now been shelved by Dell in the US. If you go the Dell Streak 5’s website, it says that the tablet’s no longer available. Reports are saying that it’s partly due to sales not meeting the company’s expectation for that region. However in the Asian market, the Streak 5 is still alive and kicking. Dell Hong Kong still has the Streak 5 site up and running. We saw this Android pocket tablet last April when it was launched but it’s just recently that units are making the rounds to tech editors. You can read a nice and detailed review over at Yugatech. But the big question is, will it suffer the same fate as its US brethren? One thing it has going for itself is its unique size but the Php25k price tag associated with it can be a downer for the savvy buyer. And I’m sure this EOL news of the Streak 5 will have a ripple effect in other markets including ours. So do you still think that the Dell Streak 5 is a good investment for a portable tablet device? [Streak Smart] Related posts: Dell Streak Launched and...

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TDK IE-500 In-Ear Headphones Review

Aug 12, 11 TDK IE-500 In-Ear Headphones Review

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Previously we reviewed the TDK WR700 wireless headphones powered by Kleer technology. It was a bit on the premium end with its Php5000 price tag but here we have the more affordable, entry-level IE-500 earphones for review. From the packaging you would learn that the TDK IE-500 has an elbow-shaped body with a ceramic housing that can give you rich, full sound. It also has a braided cable making it tangle-free and at the same time stand out against other ordinary earphones. Aside from that, the box is pretty bare. Only other thing you will find inside are two more silicon tips with different sizes. A carrying pouch would sure come in handy. For some reason, I’m finding it hard to get a comfortable fit with the IE-500. I tried all the tips and nothing would fit snugly in my ear unlike the previous Philips SHE8000 we reviewed. I’m going to attribute it to the shape of the phone because the body is not heavy at all. Performance Onto the sound quality. I have to say that the IE-500’s ceramic housing works as advertised. I’m getting full, rich and clear sounds listening to my music. No clanks or hiss, everything is crystal clear. You would appreciate Michael Buble and James Blunt more on this one. Their tunes just sound rich and crispy. I have to mention though that the TDK IE-500 is not made for bassy beats. Bass on it is a bit lethargic that you will have to turn the sound volume high to get some light thumping. No heart-pounding bass on Wiz Khalifa’s Black & Yellow at all. Same thing with Jeremih’s Down on Me. If you’re looking for noise cancellation on your earphone, you won’t find it on the TDK IE-500. Even at high volume you will still hear background noise. It can’t completely drown out office chatter but I guess for some people, this is a good thing. What I’m saying is that if you want to tune out and...

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Introducing the Mede8er MED500X2 media player

In the world of digital media players, we have the well known brands available in the market such as Western Digital, ASUS, Iomega, Popcorn Hour. Then there are also the less marketed brands which we only hear from word of mouth and in tech forums. Brands like Xtreamer, Brite-view, AC Ryan and this one we came across recently called the Mede8er (read it as mediator). Mede8er is a relatively unknown brand to me. It is developed by Sanji Electronics who makes digital media players based on the Realtek chip which is also being used by the other less-known brands. It is a South African outfit which has been in the industry for 2 years with a strong band of loyal followers that makes a good support group. And I just learned that there’s already a local distributor here if you’re interested in what they have to offer. The Mede8er MED500X2 is their latest digital media player box that can house a 3.5″ internal hard drive (up to 3TB). It’s not really a portable player like the Xtreamer SideWinder but it has a carrying bag included should you wish to bring it with you. Like the AC Ryan PlayOn!HD we previously talked about, the MED500X2 is a media player that you can connect to your network via LAN cable or an optional wireless adapter which is something I would definitely want on my media player. Imagine using it as a NAS, a file/media server where every PC connected to your network can access to store files or read music or video from it. You can also use it as a torrent downloader or YouTube player when connected to your network so you don’t have to turn on your PC. For faster file transfer, better connect it directly to your PC and take advantage of the USB 3.0 (USB 3.0 cable included) support if your machine has it. It also has an SD card slot for quick viewing of photos or home videos taken with your...

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Sony VAIO E, Sony’s most powerful and affordable at 14-inch

The Sony VAIO E was released last summer along with the other new Sony VAIOs. There’s an ongoing (but almost over) ad-creation contest by Sony and we’re getting a number of searches on this 14-inch laptop which will be given as the price. The Vaio E 2011 is Sony’s most powerful at the most affordable price positioning yet. This 14-inch laptop comes with either the 2nd generation Intel Core i3 or Core i5 is priced at P36,999 and P49,999 respectively. Not bad at all considering it’s a VAIO and most mainstream VAIOs previously are priced much higher. “With the new VAIO E series, Sony is giving better features at a lower price range so we can reach out to more Filipinos,” said Mr. Yung Yap, Director for IT Channel Sales, Sony Philippines, “The VAIO E is great for students and first time owners of laptops as not only is it more affordable than before, but it also has powerful specs that can be a great help in their everyday tasks in school or work. Design-wise, you may also match your personality with the four great colors offered." The Core i5 version comes with an NVIDIA GeForce 410M switchable graphics while the Core i3 has the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000. The Core i5 model also has 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD as opposed to 2GB RAM and 320GB HDD of the Core i3. What sets thid Sony VAIO E apart from other 14-inch notebooks out there is its gorgeous looks. It has a 3D truss pattern covering the exterior and the palm rest making it a fashion statement and at the same time conceals those ugly smudges and fingerprints. Let’s also not forget the beautiful chiclet keyboard Sony is known for. So whoever will win Sony’s VAIO E ad contest will definitely enjoy this notebook. For those who weren’t able to join, there’s still the option of getting one from stores. Related posts: Sony VAIO E...

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Experience tomorrow’s technology at the Jump Center by PLDT and Smart

Aug 10, 11 Experience tomorrow’s technology at the Jump Center by PLDT and Smart

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Jump is the first-ever Experience Center conceptualized by PLDT and Smart to bring you up to date with today’s and tomorrow’s technology. We were able to attend the launching of the first Jump Center located at the 4th Floor Cyberzone, SM Megamall (beside the Globe center, Hehehe) today.   At first look into the area you would see the they took a page out of Apple’s interior design book with the spacious area, comfy chairs and sofa, fun and energetic wallpapers, stands littered all over the place where you can freely try the gadgets. This Jump Center is created by PLDT and Smart for people to learn and experience the latest technology and services they had to offer. From the current and upcoming mobile phones  and tablets to the latest in broadband services. Yes you can try out and see for yourself the speed of Smart’s HSPA+ Rocket dongle as well as their future LTE dongle here. It’s not only for you to try and figure things out by yourself but there are Jump Squad personnel manning the place to answer your queries, teach you the ropes on how to use a particular gadget, or advise you as to which service/plan would be applicable for your needs. Think of them as Apple’s Genius in the Genius Bar, but only for pre-sales. The Jump Center is not a retail store. If you saw a gadget that you like, you can’t buy it there but the Jump Squad will assist you in looking for a retail store where you can get one. It’s also not a support center where you can complain about not getting the right speeds or have them fix a faulty phone. You have to go to a Smart Wireless Center for that. It’s a place for you to experience and learn, a digital playground if you will. In fact, they will also be holding what they call Springboard Sessions to educate consumers on things to consider when getting a smartphone, tips and...

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Cherry Mobile W1, an affordable WiFi touchscreen dual-sim phone

Cherry Mobile phones has been with us for quite a while already but did you know that it’s just recently they released a full touchscreen phone that has built-in WiFi? The Cherry Mobile W1 is their first WiFi-ready multimedia touchscreen phone and it only costs Php3,499. If you’re not much into smartphones then you may find the Cherry Mobile W1 suiting your needs. This dual-sim phone has a 3.2″ full touchscreen that is large enough for browsing the web using its built-in Opera Mobile 10 browser. It also has integrated Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter apps to take advantage when you’re on a WiFi-enabled area. With the 3.2″ screen, you can also enjoy playing the included games or any of your of Java games that you can install. It supports up to 8GB microSD for your games, mp3s and videos making this an affordable but feature-packed multimedia phone. Oh it also has Cherry Music which allows you to download Universal Music Group’s hits straight to your Cherry Mobile phone. Cherry Mobile W1 Specs: 3.2″ Full Touch LCD Dual Band GSM Dual SIM / Dual Standby 3.0 megapixel camera built-in WiFi MMS / WAP / GPRS Opera Mobile 10 mobile browser FM Radio with recording Facebook / Twitter / Yahoo services Java / built-in games Bluetooth Calculator / Calendar / Alarm expandable microSD up to 8GB Colors: black, white, aqua blue, pink SRP: Php3,499 Related posts: No related...

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Are you taking advantage of Smart’s free Facebook access?

We just posted Globe’s Facebook for Every Phone app and their free access to Facebook earlier but it seems that Smart beat them to it. The question is for Smart subscribers, are you taking advantage of this limited trial period of free Facebook access? Facebook for Every Phone is an application Facebook has in partnership with telcos around the world to bring Facebook to those using feature phones that can install Java applications. This app uses less data than other similar applications or mobile sites, enabling it to be much cheaper for people to use. For a limited time, Smart is offering free access to Facebook when you have this app installed on your phone. This means you can update status, check news feeds, send FB messages and use other Facebook specific features without getting charged for mobile data consumption. Smart is only offering this free trial until Oct. 14 (already started mid-July). To receive the download link, people need only to text the keyword FB to 211. This SMS is free of charge. They will then receive a text message containing the download link for the application, which is installed with a single click on the link. Related posts: Globe offers free Facebook access to Java-enabled...

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Globe offers free Facebook access to Java-enabled phones

Good news to those who don’t have those snazzy high-end smartphones that’s been the talk these days. Even if you have a cheap mobile phone like those from Alcatel or MyPhone or Cherry Mobile, or those entry-level Nokia’s, then get a load of this promo from Globe. Globe is offering those who are on Java-powered phones free access to their Facebook account. All you need to do is download the free Facebook Java app from Globe and access it via Globe’s APN. No need to use the mobile browser to update your Facebook status and you won’t incur any data charges while you’re at it. With the launch the Facebook for Every Phone application by Globe, they are offering the app for free as well as free access for three months. This application brings most popular Facebook features and user experience to a wide range of Java handsets, and is optimized for speed and performance on the Globe network. The application is available for Globe subscribers for free from August 3 to October 31, 2011. To install the application on your Java-enabled mobile phone, text FB and send to 2910. Use the myGlobe Connect as the access point (APN setting) for free access, otherwise, standard charges apply. The Facebook for Every Phone app is also available to Smart subscribers by the way. Related posts: No related...

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