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ASUS UX21 is the more affordable MacBook Air

During Computex 2011, ASUS also unveiled their own version of the MacBook Air, the UX21. If MacOS is not your cup of tea, and if the black MacBook Air from Samsung just won’t fit your budget no matter how you compute it, then the next best thing is this ASUS UX21. The ASUS UX21 is an ultra-thin 11-inch laptop that is...

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Lenovo’s Back-to-School Mall Tours gives you discounts and freebies

It’s the start of the classes once again and Lenovo is having a Back-to-School Mall Tour on selected SM malls nationwide. Get exclusive discounts on Lenovo notebooks and desktop PCs as well as a chance to win a Lenovo IdeaCentre A600 or Transformers 3 movie tickets with every purchase. Select Lenovo PCs available at...

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What’s the difference between Sleep and Hibernate?

This is really old but I still get questions regarding these two Windows state especially from first-time laptop owners. Do you know what’s the difference between Sleep and Hibernate mode? When to use Sleep, Hibernate or plain old Shutdown? Sleep is a power-saving state which stores your current work state into memory and...

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LG Optimus 7 is only the third Windows Phone 7 in the country

Jun 04, 11 LG Optimus 7 is only the third Windows Phone 7 in the country

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With the way things are going, it’s no wonder why a lot of Filipinos are still hesitant into trying out a Windows Phone. We only have three Windows 7 phones available in the country. One is the HTC Mozart launched last December, the HTC HD7 afterwards, and then LG’s Optimus 7 which was made available to Smart...

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The HTC Flyer in the flesh

Jun 03, 11 The HTC Flyer in the flesh

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Anybody curious about HTC’s own 7-inch tablet? I saw the HTC Flyer yesterday at an event courtesy of our good friend, MB tech editor, Mr. Art Samaniego. You got to love being Art having all those latest toys before we see it here. But I digress, we’re talking about the HTC Flyer here. HTC is a bit late when they released their...

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AOC intros ultra-slim Razor LED monitors

Yesterday, AOC launched their new line of slim and stylish Razor LED monitors. We all know AOC right? You see their monitors in schools or cafes for the past two decades or so. Anyway, here are their new LED monitors in case you’re in the market for one. Razor LED 51-series The revolutionary 51-Series monitors have a...

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Microsoft shows off Windows 8, looks like Windows Phone on steroids

Jun 02, 11 Microsoft shows off Windows 8, looks like Windows Phone on steroids

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Microsoft showed a bit of their latest operating system at Computex 2011 in Taipei. Windows 8, which is just a codename and not really what the final version will be called, will remind of you the Zune UI which later became the Metro UI on Windows Phone 7 translated on a bigger screen. Icons are now replaced by Live Tiles which...

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Smart Gold offers Unlimited Data Plans

With smartphones and tablets becoming the craze today, Smart Gold is offering its new Unlimited Data Plans. These are different from their previous unlimited mobile data plans which goes on top of the monthly service fee. With the Smart Gold Unlimited Data Plans, you no longer need to enter promo codes or re-register after the...

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What the Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 means to you

If you’ve been shopping around looking at laptops or PC’s recently, you may have come across the Enhanced Experience 2.0 logo on Lenovo machines. Do you know what this EE 2.0 is all about? Should it concern you or is it just another sticker badge that you shouldn’t care about? The Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 is...

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The new Lumix DMC-TS3 is Panasonic’s most rugged camera yet

I’m a huge fan of Panasonic’s previous underwater camera which was the Lumix DMC-TS10 but it’s 10 feet maximum depth just won’t cut it for me even though if it takes good photos aboveground and underwater. Well we just saw their Lumix DMC-TS3 (FT3 in Europe) which was announced earlier this year. It’s...

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What’s new with Windows Phone 7 Mango

Microsoft recently announced the first major upgrade on their Windows Phone 7 mobile OS which they call “Mango”. It was a major release and they’re claiming that they added 500 new features into it. Of course, some or if not, most of those features are the small things that you probably won’t care about when...

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ASUS unveils the Padfone, a smartphone and tablet combo

May 31, 11 ASUS unveils the Padfone, a smartphone and tablet combo

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Can’t decide whether to get an Android smartphone or an Android tablet? Then wait for Padfone which ASUS recently unveiled at Computex 2011. The ASUS Padfone is a combination of a smartphone and a tablet device… well actually, just a smartphone. The tablet part does not function on its own and requires the smartphone to...

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