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Samsung Galaxy Pro Review, is it the BlackBerry Android?

Apr 04, 11 Samsung Galaxy Pro Review, is it the BlackBerry Android?

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Samsung is really covering all possible solutions for an Android mobile phone. From touchscreen phones in different shapes and sizes, to slideout keyboards, and now this Android phone with a front QWERTY keyboard popularized by BlackBerry. Maybe this Froyo-toting Samsung Galaxy Pro is Sammy’s way of encouraging BB users to switch to Android? Let’s find out how this smartphone fares. Design The Samsung Galaxy Pro looks like a serious phone. I suppose all phones with a QWERTY keyboard and the right materials would look really classy. It has a slim 10.7 mm profile and is also light at 103.4 g. Really pocketable despite its width. It also has a 2.8-inch screen capacitive touchscreen display and below it are three elongated buttons for your Menu, Home, Back and Search. These buttons does not illuminate by the way so better memorize the layout and there’s no optical trackpad which you probably won’t need anyway. UPDATE: The Android buttons do light up, I’m guessing it was just our review unit. I do wish, however, that there are LED indicators for notifications so you don’t have to turn the device on just to check for new messages. Below the Android buttons is the QWERTY keyboard that has probably appealed to you. It has the grooves and indentations that would make it easy for your fingers to slide towards the right keys to compose your message provided you’re already familiar with the layout. On the left side is just the volume rocker which also serves as zoom control when in camera mode. On the top side you will see the micro-USB port with a sliding cover and the 3.5mm earphone jack beside it. The right side only has the power/sleep button. At the back is the lens for its 3.15 megapixel autofocus camera beside a speaker. The textured back panel provides a bit of traction when handling this slim phone. Performance and Display The Samsung Galaxy Pro sports a Qualcomm 800 MHz processor which is quite powerful for such...

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RAN Online’s Gunner class unleashed at Domination V

In the 5th annual Domination V event held yesterday at the SMX Convention Center, IP e-Games unveiled the newest and much-awaited class for its campus-based MMORPG RAN game RAN Online. The Gunner class was actually made available last March 29 and is the fifth character class available to RAN online players and its arrival marks the game’s fifth year anniversary. This versatile class is seen as a multi-role unit that has three builds. POW for long-range sniping, DEX for dual-wield and INT for enchantments and mob summoning. Very interesting game strategies will surely develop from this new class when grouped with current character classes – Brawler, Swordsman, Archer, and Shaman. New and old players can build a Gunner character right away with no requirements needed unlike the Extreme class released last year. The new gameplay that this new character class offers will intrigue veteran and former players to come back and once again don the uniforms of the rival Mystic Peak, Phoenix and Sacred Gate schools. Any RAN players here? What can you say about this new class? Power One IP e-Games also let us into this exciting piece of news during the media briefing that would surely entice old players the come back. Some time this May (no specific date yet), there will be one-hour of excitement that’s never heard of in the history of RAN Online. In a span of one hour, there will be an 11x exp bonus across all eight RAN Online servers. That’s not a typo folks, it’s 11exp. Not only that, they will giving away exciting prizes such as SkullCandy headsets, Razer gaming mice, etc. to random players online at that time. We’ll keep you posted once we get the specifics from them in the coming weeks. Related posts: Online game Superstar teams up with Coca Cola to search for the next singing...

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Kaspersky Lab launches Ferrari Edition of Kaspersky Internet Security

Nope this is not one of those straggler April fool’s article. Kaspersky Lab teamed up with Scuderia Ferrari to release the Special Ferrari Edition of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 in time for the Formula One 2011 racing season. In fact, the cooperation between Kaspersky Lab and Ferrari started in 2010 when Kaspersky Lab entered into a commercial sponsorship agreement with the Ferrari AF Corse team at the Le Mans racing series in France.  After this successful debut, Kaspersky Lab decided to expand its partnership to include the Formula 1 championship. Then in November 2010, Kaspersky Lab announced that it would be an official sponsor of the world-renowned Formula 1 racing team for the next two years and their logo will appear in the team’s racing cars. So what can you expect from the KIS 2011 Ferrari Edition? Well it will have the same functionality as the original one but it will include a modified graphical user interface (GUI) that intersperses the green color of Kaspersky Lab with the blazing red hue of Ferrari. Yep, just colors mainly. It will have the same low resource footprint, which lessens the consumption of a PC’s processing power. Other added features are for the racing fans out there. It will be bundled with a PC game called “Ferrari Virtual Academy,” a realistic racing simulation video game that features the Ferrari F10, the current car being used by the Ferrari Scuderia F1 racing team. For more information about the capabilities of Kaspersky Internet Security, you can visit:   Related posts: More on the Sony Rootkit Fiasco Snow Leopard downgrades your Flash Player Symantec launches Norton 360 version 4.0, much lighter, faster and better What are “Poisoned” Search Results and How Can We Fight Them? Kaspersky Lab eyes market share growth in the local business sector Mobile threats doubled in 2010 according to Kaspersky...

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Blizzard brings us motion control for Starcraft

If you think there’s no more innovation left for Real-Time Strategy (RTS) gaming then think again. Blizzard Entertainment is bringing us back to console with the Starcraft: Motion Overdrive. This piece of Kinect-like hardware seats on top of your screen to detect the gestures that you will be using to control your army of zerglings or what have you. Check out the teaser video below: From Blizzard Entertainment on the Starcraft: Motion Overdrive: Combining advanced body tracking hardware of modern consoles with the exciting strategy gameplay of StarCraft II, StarCraft: Motion Overdrive will allow you to experience StarCraft like never before. Use gesture-based controls to direct your forces and out-move your enemies. Challenge your friends in intense multi-actor matches either locally via split screen or online. Wave your arms in the air like you do, in fact, care. Of course, this teaser was launched on April 1 so you know what that means. Funny stuff though. Related posts: IAHGames appoints Level Up! as distributor of Starcraft II prepaid...

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Samsung Galaxy devices goes on Super Sale

Samsung is having this super sale on all of their Galaxy devices from April 1 to 17. See poster below if there’s anything that might pique your interest. You can click for a bigger photo. One of last year’s top smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S, is now P24,990. If you want a cheaper version of it, the Galaxy S with SLCD display instead of Super AMOLED only costs Php19,990. Wow! The Super AMOLED display itself costs Php5,000. If you’re itching for the Galaxy Tab, it’s still Php21,990 but it will come with a month’s supply of mobile data plan from SMART. If you don’t want 3G with your Tab, the WiFi version will only net you Php16,990. Cheaper than the iPad WiFi. Here are the rest of the Android devices and its prices Galaxy 5 – Php9,190 Php7,990 Galaxy Mini – Php10,190 Php8,990 Galaxy 551 – Php12,900 Php11,900 Galaxy Fit – Php12,900 Galaxy Ace – Php15,500 Php13,990 Galaxy S (SLCD display) – Php19,990 Galaxy S (Super AMOLED display) – Php24,990 Galaxy Tab WiFi – Php16,990 Galaxy Tab 3G – Php21,990 (with free 1-month data plan from Smart) If you’re planning to buy any of these, head to select dealers at: SM MOA, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Pampanga, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Cebu, SM Davao, SM Bacolod, SM Iloilo, SM Baguio, Gaisano Davao and Samsung mobile concept stores. You can’t miss these dealers because they have posters and flyers on their store. Remember, it’s from April 1 – 17 only! Related posts: Samsung Galaxy Tab will go for Php35k starting next week Samsung Galaxy Tab Review Samsung Galaxy S already sold over 5 million units worldwide Samsung Galaxy 5 vs. Cherry Mobile Nova vs. Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Samsung expands Galaxy line with three more Android phones Samsung Galaxy 551...

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Nokia E7 is now available for Php32,000

Mar 31, 11 Nokia E7 is now available for Php32,000

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Today, March 31, marks the availability of Nokia’s highly anticipated business smartphone, the Nokia E7. If you think that the Nokia N8 is too casual for you, the E7 might just fit the bill. Also running the latest Symbian OS, the Nokia E7 looks like the N8 but it is slightly bigger with a 4-inch ClearBlack display (or what you would know as AMOLED) and a wee bit thicker with its slideout keyboard. It’s not Nokia Communicator-thick by any means and still looks sleek. The Nokia E7 also has a higher megapixel count at 8mp with dual LED flash. It also has the same HDMI connectivity to project files, videos and images onto large screens. It is no slouch when it comes to your business needs as well. Aside from the typical mail synching through Microsoft Exchange Server, you can also easily create, edit and share office documents. It also has a built-in VPN along with a fast and secure intranet access. You also get to enjoy free drive-by navigation via the Nokia Ovi maps with this phone. With its combination of multimedia and business features, the Nokia E7 can be your one and only phone to use at home and at the office. The Nokia E7, retailing for Php32,000 comes with the USB adapter which you can use to connect your USB sticks as well as an HDMI adapter (HDMI cable not included). Initially it comes in Dark Grey and Silver White colors. We’ll see the red orange and aqua blue by May. Any of you guys waiting for this E7? Or are you waiting for the next generation of Android phones instead? Related posts: Nokia updates Symbian OS on N8, C7 and C6-01 A glimpse of the Nokia N8 at the Nokia Connections 2010 Nokia E7 merges business with entertainment Symbian not in the future plans of Nokia Nokia answers burning questions on Microsoft partnership Nokia E7 up for pre-ordering for...

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RIM introduces new BlackBerry offerings for your business

Living up to its image as the executive’s smartphone of choice, Research In Motion announced new solutions for businesses who wish to seamlessly integrate BlackBerry smartphones to their system. Platform Evangelish for RIM, Arun Verna, revealed that their premium BlackBerry enterprise solution which is the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BES has already been installed in 250,000 businesses worldwide. To capitalize on that, they announced something for the small businesses who wants a BlackBerry solution on top of their current setup without worrying about the complexities of implementing one. BlackBerry Express Server Express (BES Express) The BES Express is a trimmed down version of BES which is designed to cater to the needs of a small company. What’s good about it is that it’s free and easy to setup. If you already have a mail exchange server, BES Express will work on top of it, seamlessly integrating your e-mails, contacts, calendars, etc. to your BlackBerry without worrying about security issues with over 75 IT controls and policies you can configure. RIM just announced that the BES Express can now be connected to IBM Lotus Domino where aside from handling your typical mail tasks, you can also schedule meetings and appointments and access files stored on the company network straight from your BlackBerry. MDaemon Messaging Server, BlackBerry Edition If you’re really just starting up and don’t have an infrastructure in place but still want to integrated you and your employee’s BlackBerry, there’s the MDaemon Messaging Server, BlackBerry Edition which is developed by Alt-N working closely with RIM. Designed for the small-to-medium (SMB) market, it is an alternative to Microsoft Exchange which will not only act as your mail server but also includes collaboration tools and a messaging server. It is very simple out-of-the-box solution that an IT personnel can easily set up although flexible configurations required by seasoned IT administrators are also possible. It’s a perfect complement to businesses that want the strength of BlackBerry smartphones, service, and reliability in an easy-to-manage server environment. Related posts:...

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The red security box donates Php4M to selected schools in the country

Mar 30, 11 The red security box donates Php4M to selected schools in the country

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If it is red it must be Watchguard! And this red security box gave away millions yesterday. Watchguard is a leading US Network Security solutions company that has strong presence in the Philippines.  It is primarily distributed via Lamco International and other local distribution companies. Yesterday, Watchguard in partnership with Lamco International and iPlus Intelligent Network, Inc. donated PhP4 Million worth of network security products to selected schools in the Philippines. In an exclusive media briefing held in Makati City, Philippines, Watchguard VP for International Sales Terry Haas personally turned over Firebox X55e-w firewall to the recipients. The Firebox X55e-W is an entry level firewall that can handle 10 – 15 users; and it is the wireless version. The box retails at about PhP50,000.00 according the representative of iPlus. The schools in Metro Manila get the first batch of the donations which includes De Lasalle Univeristy, San Beda College, Technological University Of The Philippines, University of the East and University of Makati among others. Other schools throughout the Philippines will also benefit from this donation, the next batch will be done in Cebu and Davao City. Here’s the quick specs of Watchguard X55e-W: WatchGuard Model FireboxEdge X55e-W     Ideal For Branch offices and single-location businesses with up to 50 users requiring an affordable, reliable appliance capable of fully integrated unified threat management.     Hardware Model Upgradeable N/A     Interfaces 6: 10/100 1: DB-9 Serial802.11b/g Wireless     DMZs 1     Security Application Proxies HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP, POP3, SIP, H.323, TFTP     Intrusion Prevention (DOS, DDOS, PAD, port scanning, spoofing attacks, address space probes, and more)       Wireless Guest Services 802.11b/g, WPA, WPA2, WEP     User Authentication with transparent Windows authentication       Performance Firewall Throughput 100 Mbps     VPN Throughput 35 Mbps     Concurrent Sessions 10,000     VPN Tunnels Branch Office VPN Tunnels (Max.) 25     Mobile VPN with SSL Incl/Max 55/55     Mobile VPN with IPSec Client Licenses (Bundled)...

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Sony Ericsson Xperia arc and neo coming this summer

To those who’s been waiting for the sexiness that is the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc, it’s coming as soon as next week with a sub-Php30k retail price. Sony Ericsson announced today that their Xperia arc will be available by April 5 or 8 with a suggested retail price of Php29,990. Cheaper than the Php32k that was originally advised to us earlier this month. The neo on the other hand will arrive on May with a very tempting price of Php22,750. These phones boasts of jaw-dropping specs and technology along with the latest Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS. Bravia technology display and Sony Exmor R lens for its camera makes this one of the highly anticipated phones. Feel free to check out our first impressions on the Xperia arc and the Xperia neo including their detailed specs. Sony Ericsson said that specially marked kits of the Xperia arc phones will come with the AN-400 Sony Ericsson car charger until the end of the month. And both new Xperia phones will be released with an HD game promotion where customers can choose three out of ten HD game titles to download until June 30, 2011.   Some of the exciting HD game choices include Asphalt 5, Tom Clancy’s HAWX, Assasin’s Creed and Real Football 2011. We also asked about the Xperia pro and play and Sony Ericsson said that due to limited production, there’s no word yet on when or if they will ever arrive here. Related posts: Sony Ericsson Xperia arc looks like a winner First Impressions: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc First Impressions: Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo Good deals at the Sony Ericsson Expo 2010 Sony Ericsson Launches Xperia X8 with McAfee WaveSecure Sony-Ericsson Xperia arc pre-order priced at...

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Mobile threats doubled in 2010 according to Kaspersky Labs

How familiar are you with the existence of mobile threats? Have you encountered one? The only one I know of is that of the iPhone which requires to be jailbroken. I know trojans infecting mobile phones are feasible but I really haven’t heard any reports of threats locally. Until Kaspersky Labs released an alarming news about mobile threats. According to software security firm, Kaspersky Labs, over 1,000 variants of 153 “families” of mobile device threats were found between August 2009 and December 2010, accounting for 65 percent increase during this period. This is mainly due to the emergence of phones running on Android platform where 15 malicious programs were already detected since August 2010. However, most mobile threats continue to target the Java 2 micro edition (J2ME) platform, which is supported by a huge number of mobile devices. That means it is not only smartphones that are at risk of infection, but basic mobile phones as well. The second most-targeted platform is Symbian, with Python in third place. At the end of 2010, the mobile malware situation was as follows: Before 2010, SMS-based trojans were used by virus writers as their sole money-making scheme. Since then, they developed threats targeting different platforms. Other unlawful schemes such as redirecting mobile internet banking users to phishing sites and stealing passwords sent by banks to mobile phones were also used. Mobile threats have become more complex than ever and include the emergence of mobile bots and other remotely-controlled software. Kaspersky Lab predicts an increase in the number of vulnerabilities found on mobile platforms, as well as an increase in the number of threats for android and the continued use of short numbers by cybercriminals. So is there a mobile antivirus yet? Well there is but it’s not needed yet. Common sense is still the best protection against these threats. Don’t install apps just because you can. Run a check on the app developer or read app reviews before installing dubious ones. [Securelist] Related posts: Kaspersky Lab eyes...

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IBM still the leader in Overall Server Market in the Philippines for 2010

IBM is the top server vendor in the Philippines in overall server market revenue side in 2010, capturing 47 percent market share according to IDC Asia/Pacific Quarterly Enterprise Server Tracker, Q4 2010, March 2011. IBM held on the market leader position in the non-x86 Unix server market in 2010 in the Philippines. It gained 78.5% Y/Y growth in non-x86 Unix server market revenue side, which captured 63.6 percent market share. IBM was also number #1 in the Philippines for the non-x86 Unix server market/ high-end enterprise server class in revenue side, capturing 71.6 percent market share in 2010. “These results reflect IBM’s focus on innovation and integration at every level of the systems stack — from semiconductor technology through application optimization. IBM’s strong understanding of the local market and our ‘smarter systems’ approach — putting emphasis on analytics, virtualization and greater data center efficiency have helped us meet the highly specialized needs and demands of our clients,” said Erwin Chuaunsu, Country Manager for Systems and Technology Group, IBM Philippines. Related posts: No related...

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Intel’s Sandy Bridge officially released, brings new features

Well it’s finally here. After dealing with some minor setback with Intel’s next generation Core processor, Sandy Bridge has finally been released in the market and Intel is confident to lets you guys know that it’s their best chip so far. In fact, they’re boasting that it’s up to 42 percent faster when it comes to content creation and up to 50% faster for gaming as compared to the previous generation. They also added some exciting features to complement the already impressive Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technology found in the first generation. There’s the Intel WiDi 2.0 to beam content such as movies and videos to their big-screen HDTVs. Additional improvements include support for 1080pHD as well as protected content either streaming from the Internet or played locally from a Blu-ray or DVD player. Then it also features Intel QuickSync Video which is a built-in hardware acceleration that takes the wait out of editing and sharing videos with astonishing performance that completes in minutes what used to take hours. Now faster than ever, consumers can edit, convert and share videos with friends and family. Intel estimated that a 4-minute HD video that used to take 4 minutes to convert to play on an iPod would now take just 16 seconds. Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) increases performance for such demanding visual applications as audio processing and professional video image editing such as stitching together multiple photographs. Intel Clear Video Technology HD improves the visual quality and color fidelity during video playback for a spectacular screen experience. Intel InTru 3-D enables immersive stereoscopic 3-D to 3-D-capable HDTVs or monitors via HDMI 1.4, making movie excitement almost come out of the screen. Based on Intel’s 32 nanometer (nm) process technology, the new chips are the first “visibly smart” microarchitecture to combine visual and 3D graphics technology with performance-leading microprocessors on a single chip. For consumers, this means a dramatically improved PC experience, with overall better power management, greater efficiency and increased battery life. Related posts: The...

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