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a-JAYS Three Review

Feb 19, 11 a-JAYS Three Review

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Ok, so again I get to try out another JAYS headphones for review, this time the a-JAYS Three. Last time it was the high-end JAYS model, the q-JAYS, which really impressed me so I’m going to see if the JAYS sound quality will also be present in this entry level a-JAYS Three. There are three types of a-JAYS available and the a-JAYS Three offers the right listening balance for all sorts of music including really good bass thanks to its 8.6mm TCD neodymium speaker. Actually, there’s an a-JAYS Four (not available locally) which is the same as Three but with an in-line remote for your iPhone/iPod. Anyway, on to the review of this a-JAYS Three. Let’s see if it has the right to be the q-JAYS’ baby brother. As I clumsily try to open the rock-solid casing this baby came in, one can sense a behemoth of an audio wonderland (despite its minuscule size). The vessel came with the JAYS usual extra adapters, including an in-flight adapter and additional rubber earbuds as option for the right ear fit and the main meat. THAT meat being this nice matte black, flat noodle like piece de resistance that is the a-JAYS Three earphones, half-stored in it’s UFO casing. I already give it two thumbs up for the rugged exterior, tangle-free flat cable and assorted complementing accessories but will the sound quality live up to my expectations? I chose a rather suave track from Lake Heartbeat and pushed play on my iPhone and it was night and day. Compared to other small earphones I’ve tried, if those were like listening with the volume set to 5, then the a-JAYS Three is like hearing it with the volume set to 10! Now I don’t mean just it being loud but more on the clarity and sharpness of the mids and highs.  As much as i hate to sound cliche, it really is crystal clear and the sound jumps at you and let’s you hear everything that goes on...

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PLDT SME Nation re-introduces Negosyo Boost

The PLDT SME Nation is part of the PLDT family to enable and address the goals and needs of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs one of which is through their Negosyo Boost packages, a suite of tailor-fit communications solutions to help SMEs stay competitive in this digital age. Negosyo Boost was already launched before but they re-introduced it along with two new packages. If you’re starting a business or looking for the perfect communication solution for your business, check our these four Negosyo Boost packages. The Negosyo Boost Connect offers a DSL connection of up to 2 mbps and a PLDT business landline. This package is suitable for small offices, retail shops and even auto shops that need affordable high speed internet for their expanding businesses at just Php2,600 a month. The Negosyo Boost Launch bundles a DSL connection of up to 1 mbps, a PLDT business landline, an xPad netbook, and a 3-in-1 printer for Php3,000 a month. This bundle is great for small offices and start-up businesses that need all the basic equipment and a dependable internet connection to run their businesses. The Negosyo Boost Branch bundles a DSL connection of up to 1 mbps and one static IP address that enables inter-branch connectivity for those with multiple offices like restaurants, bakeshops, coffee shops and retail chain stores. This package is for businesses with five branch sites or more and SMEs pay only Php1,300 a month. The Negosyo Boost Internet Anywhere enables SMEs with remote branches like restaurants, tourist bus companies, or resorts with high-speed wireless internet connectivity. This package offers internet connectivity of up to 3.6 mbps and a wireless 3G router at only Php1,800 a month. This is what JAC liner uses for some of their buses with internet connectivity. The Negosyo Boost communication solutions are ideal for start up and expanding SMEs as it provides them with a fast and reliable internet connectivity and necessary business tools. “The packages are priced conveniently to give SMEs cost-effective solutions to help them...

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Toshiba intros NB520 series netbooks featuring Harman Kardon speakers

If you think there’s nothing exciting left to expect in the world of netbooks, think again. Toshiba came up with the first netbook to ever feature Harman Kardon speakers, audio that is usually reserved for high-end entertainment laptops and luxury cars. The new Toshiba N520 series netbooks has the latest Intel Atom processor, the dual-core N550 clocking at 1.5GHz along with 1GB or 2GB DDR3 RAM. Aside from that, specs are pretty much vanilla for a netbook but the highlight of the N520 is the Harman/Kardon Stereo Speakers located on both ends of the palm rest. The Harman/Kardon speakers are nice alright but it’s only rated at 2W so don’t expect you’ll get the same experience when watching a movie in your home theater. Upon trying it out, it sounds like the small but powerful x-Mini speakers. Audio is not clangy like normal laptop speakers but it’s not as smooth and clear as compared to using a nice pair of high-performance earphones. What it does is replace your external speakers that you’ve been connecting to your laptop every time you listen to some tunes. It also has the Sleep and Charge feature that makes it a portable USB charger for your other gadgets when needed. No need to turn it on, just connect your device via USB and it will charge it if there’s juice left on your netbooks battery. The Toshiba N520 series comes in 5 colors (Striking Lime Green, Warm Brown, Daring Sunlight Copper, Joyful Blue, Sophisticated Turqoise) with engraved dot patterns and a rubber textured feeling. Don’t ask me how they came up with those names but the netbooks look awfully nice and would really appeal to the hip youngsters out there. Toshiba N520 Specs and Price: Intel Atom Processor N550 (1M Cache, 1.5GHz) Genuine Windows 7 Starter 1GB or 2GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM 10.1 WSVGA SuperView TFT Display, 1024 x 600 Intel GMA 3150 Express Chipset 250GB or 320GB SATA HDD Harman/Kardon Stereo Speakers, Dolby Advanced Audio WiFi 802.11 b/g/n,...

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Local GPS navigation device, Vector, officially launched today

GPS navigation is still not that popular in our country maybe because there’s not enough local presence here. A couple of names come into mind, AVT and carNAVI and this third one, Vector, is from the makers of Accu-maps and the CitiAtlas most cars have in their glove compartment. We introduced the Vector V100 personal navigation device last November during their soft launch. Today, the device gets launched officially and I was able to play with it some more. I reviewed the carNAVI so I kind of have the idea on what to look out for. Vector boasts of 38,000 Points Of Interests so I tried looking for Burgos Circle in Taguig and Metrowalk in Pasig which were not available with the carNAVI unit I tried. With Vector? They had those two locations but it took a bit of time for the results to appear. Maybe it’s because of the number of POIs they have. Vector reps told me to drill down to city or municipality if I can before searching for the POI to speed things up. I also tried simulating a route in Buendia that will pass South Superhighway. In carNAVI, the navigation wants me to take a left turn at South Superhighway which is clearly not allowed. Vector showed the right direction by turning right at the highway before taking a U-turn. With these simple tests, Vector showed that they really know their maps and are serious in updating it and their navigation system. Vector reps says they will release updates every quarter and that’s a good thing for your GPS device keep up with the one-ways and no u-turns that occasionally pop up in our roads. Updates are free for the first year but after that it will cost you a minimal fee of Php500 annually. The Vector V100 is powered by the NDrive navigation software which is a leading navigation service provider in Europe. Their customers include HTC and Samsung and you can find the NDrive in some Android...

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Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate now available

This is it folks. The final preview version of Internet Explorer 9 before the official one goes live before the end of March is now available for download. For those who are already using IE 9 Beta, this update will be included in Windows Update’s automatic delivery service. If you’re on Windows XP, don’t bother looking for or installing IE 9. It’s only made for Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you’re wonder what’s new with IE 9 or what to expect from it, here’s a rundown: Minimal and compact user interface. Just like Chrome rarely used buttons such as Print and Zoom are now under the Tools button. The tabs are now placed along side the address field to save screen real estate. You can manage Pinned Sites which allows you to access frequently visited sites straight from your Taskbar. Download Manager is now included You can tear off tabs ala-Chrome to open it in a new window or snap it for side-by-side viewing New Tab page gives you access to sites you frequent, similar to what you get from Chrome You can now also search using the address bar instead of typing in or using the Bing field. Again, just like Chrome. Performance advisor for add-ons. Really helpful if you dabble with a lot of plugins for your browser. Finally for security, there’s the Tracking Protection. IE 9 will alert you if a site is tracking your session and you can add it to the Tracking Protection List to help keep your information private. On using your PC’s GPU: IE9 is the first browser with full hardware acceleration of HTML5, harnessing the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU), reallocating much of the graphic processing to the GPU instead of the CPU. Through the GPU, IE9 unlocks 90 percent of the PC’s power that went previously untapped by Web browsers. Its hardware-acceleration capability enables developers to build graphically rich and immersive Web experiences that are as fast and responsive as...

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HTC Desire and HTC Wildfire gets a hardware refresh

At the Mobile World Congress 2011, HTC announced a hardware update on their popular high-end HTC Desire and low-end HTC Wildfire. The two handsets get an “S” added to their name. Feel free to hazard a guess on what “S” means because HTC didn’t say anything about it. HTC Desire S The HTC Desire S is still the same 3.7-inch screen size and Super LCD display as that of the original Desire. Probably the major difference is its aluminum unibody shell like what the HTC Legend used. Gone are the physical buttons and the optical trackpoint, and they added a front-facing camera for video calls. The processor also gets a tiny bit of an upgrade having the same Snapdragon MSM8255 as that of the Desire HD. The RAM too gets a small boost from 576MB to 768MB and the battery from being a 1400mAh to 1450 mAh. Aside from these, everything’s pretty much the same. We expected a dual-core processor or more RAM and bigger storage for this upgrade. It’s unclear if it will be recognized by HTC like the Desire HD and Desire Z but I hope that it would. HTC Wildfire S The HTC Wildfire S also got the buttonless treatment on its front panel. It also received the much-needed resolution upgrade from QVGA to HVGA. The processor also got an upgrade from 528MHz to 600MHz and RAM jumped from 384MB to 512MB. It’s odd though that the battery got jacked down to 1230mAh from 1300mAh. The HTC WildFire S will come with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) but everything else stays basically the same. At least they came up with the purple color. So what do you think? Pretty underwhelming right? When others are releasing dual-core mobile devices and 3D, HTC stuck with last year’s devices with some slight design revisions. I don’t mind these updates at all but I wished they unveiled their “superphone” for the year if they have one. I guess the hottest phones that we’ll anticipate this year...

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HTC Unveils HTC Flyer, their very own tablet

Unveiled at Mobile World Congress today, the HTC Flyer is HTC’s entry to the world of tablet. The 7-inch HCT Flyer doesn’t have the usual dual-core processors that’s been making the rounds in today’s tablets but instead, it sports a single-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm chip. Other specs are fairly standard, 1GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 5-megapixel camera and a 1.3 megapixel front facing one, WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, microSD slot, HDMI and get this, Android 2.4! Yes, not 2.3 but 2.4 codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich. Upgrade to Android 3.0 Honeycomb will follow but they still need to integrate their HTC Sense for that. Speaking of HTC Sense, what sets this tablet apart from others is the cool UI skin that every HTC user loves. That and the excellent craftsmanship HTC products are known for. Check out how the menu button placement changes when in landscape and portrait mode. Here’s the portion of their press release talking about the HTC Sense for Tablet, their HTC Scribe Technology, the HTC Watch and OnLive cloud gaming. HTC Sense for Tablet HTC Sense revolutionized smartphones by placing the person at the center of the experience. HTC Flyer’s tablet-focused HTC Sense experience focuses on surprising and delighting people with its gorgeous 3D home screen. A unique carousel of widgets puts a user’s most important content and information at the visual center of the experience. The HTC Flyer tablet also offers uncompromised Web browsing with Flash 10 and HTML 5. HTC Scribe Technology Touch interaction lights up the HTC Flyer tablet experience, but it also offers a groundbreaking pen experience. With the new HTC Scribe Technology on the HTC Flyer tablet, people can rediscover the natural act of writing. HTC Scribe Technology introduces a wave of integrated digital ink innovations that make it easy and natural to take notes, sign contracts, draw pictures, or even write on a web page or photo. HTC Scribe Technology on the HTC Flyer tablet transforms traditional note-taking into smart note-taking by integrating natural onscreen writing with...

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A sneak peek at the Samsung Galaxy S II

Feb 15, 11 A sneak peek at the Samsung Galaxy S II

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When the Samsung Galaxy S was revealed, it’s hard to find things in which it can improve on aside from a built-in flash and probably better materials. It’s one of the most capable Android phones in its time and even until today. However, Samsung outdone themselves and the Galaxy S with the announcement of its successor, the Galaxy S II. If you think the Samsung can’t get their Android phones thinner and lighter than the Galaxy S, well they did. The Galaxy S II is just 8.49mm thin and only 116 grams, 3 grams lighter than the original Galaxy S. It’s thinner than Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc. And they did improve on the aesthetics foregoing the glossy plastic finish in favor of a matte one with a nice, rubberlike texture on its back for a good grip. Not wanting to be left behind the dual-processor mobile phone game, the Galaxy S II has a 1GHz dual core processor on Samsung’s own Exynos chipset. The previous Galaxy has a 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor and the Exynos 4210 is its successor which is based on two 1 GHz Cortex A9 cores. RAM is doubled at 1GB. How about the built-in flash? Yes, the Galaxy S II will have it along with an 8 megapixel camera that can do 1080p. The Galaxy S is one of the handful of smartphones with good imaging and the inclusion of a flash on the Galaxy S II will make it a handy shooter and phone all in one. The screen size of the Galaxy S II is bigger at 4.3-inch and it features a Super AMOLED Plus display. If you’re impressed with Super AMOLED, I don’t know how much you’d be more impressed with the Plus version. Samsung says it’s a significant update from plain old Super AMOLED and it accounted for the additional shaving off its already anorexic build and would help prolong the battery life. The 480 x 800 resolution is a bit unimpressive when the 4-inch...

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Heart Warming Deals on laptops from ASUS

Apologies if this is a bit late but if you’re still planning to buy a Valentine’s gift for your girl and you’re the generous type, why not take advantage of these laptop deals from ASUS? Actually, these are just the same price slash from early this year save for the EeePC 1015PEM and the K42F-VX336 which have gotten more affordable. You can get these deals from ASUS concept stores or from PC Gilmore or Asianic stores. Related posts: No related...

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Acer’s Search for the oldest school equipment

Feb 14, 11 Acer’s Search for the oldest school equipment

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Just want to share this program by Acer to you dear readers. This will definitely help your school if they win. ACER Philippines is giving away Php 120,000.00 worth of Digital Learning Equipment in this search for the oldest school equipment! So its time to get those camera and search for your school’s oldest equipment. Be it your oldest chair, blackboard, typewriter or chalkboard, whatever you can find in your school. Take a picture of video of your entry, write a little essay about how that equipment helped your school community acquire valuable learning and improved the general academic development! That easy! Because Old school is Cool! Go to Acer’s Facebook page for more details of this program. [Acer Philippines] Related posts: No related...

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IBM’s Watson faces Jeopardy champs today

For IBM, Valentine’s Day is not about flowers and chocolates. It’s about categories and questions as supercomputer Watson tries to beat the two greatest Jeopardy champions, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, at their game. Ken Jennings holds the most consecutive number of wins in Jeopardy at 74 weeks while Brad Rutter is the all-time biggest money winner in the show. Watson well… is just a question-answer supercomputer developed by IBM that has access to more than 200 million pages worth of information contained within its databanks stored in a different floor. Check out this teaser. It’s amazing how far IBM went from chess-playing supercomputer Deep Blue that defeated chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov back in 1997. The game of chess has a finite set of moves and endings but Jeopardy? The computer requires an advanced natural language processing, reasoning, knowledge reasoning, information retrieval and machine learning technologies to the field of open domain question answering. Jeopardy is not your basic question and answer game. There is wordplay on the categories that Watson must capture in order to give the correct questions when answering. There are already trial matches between Watson and other Jeopardy contestants including a practice round with Ken and Brad. Watson won a portion of the round but you can see some traps that it can fall into. The actual Jeopardy game will be a three-day event that will be aired live from Feb. 14 to 16. I’ll keep you guys posted if I can get a local schedule (if there’s one) of the show. After Jeopardy, IBM plans to deploy Watson-type of computers in real-life applications in the finance, healthcare and customer service industry to reach the goal of a smarter planet. Related posts: IBM a century later, looking back at 100...

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Things to do with your BlackBerry this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, woo your Romeo or Juliet with a little help from BlackBerry apps. Get your BlackBerry in the mood and set the scene with this Love theme app. Or, if you’re not feeling the love this Valentine’s Day perhaps the Love Stinks animation app is more your style . Think you may have found the one? Save the heartbreak and see what the love calculator app has to say before you take the plunge. Send sweet messages to your loved one on the day via BlackBerry Messenger. BBM is a great way to connect with anyone who uses a BlackBerry at no extra cost to your data plan. Have a romantic weekend away in mind? Book and manage your flights with the Air Asia Mobile App. If romance and remembering important dates isn’t your thing, draft a loving text and schedule it to go out as the clock ticks over to Valentine’s Day using TXTLater. Download these apps from BlackBerry App World today! Download BlackBerry App World directly to your BlackBerry smartphone by visiting or Related posts: 5 Free BlackBerry Apps for Mother’s...

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