128GB iPad 4 shows up at the Apple Store, starts at P38,990

Find yourself wanting more space on your iPad to fit all those high-def TV shows you’ll be bringing on your next trip? If a 64GB iPad is still inadequate for your needs, why not go for the 128GB?

128GB iPad

The iPad with Retina Display (iPad 4) now comes in 128GB for both the WiFi and WiFi + cellular versions, and they’re already available at the online Apple Store. The 128GB WiFi version will cost you Php38,990 while the 128GB WiFi + cellular version goes for a whopping Php44,990. It’s Php5,000 more than the 64GB versions.

All I can say is that if you’re going to get such device at that price, you better well use your iPad a lot (sales people and photographers). The price of the cellular version is creeping into the MacBook Air range already. So who’s biting on this one?

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  • Griswold

    wow… good luck sa sales nyan dito sa Pinas. pwede na isang laptop at google nexus 7 sa price nya.

  • Emily

    128 GB sure is a winner. Price, pwede na rin, I’d still go with my 32G since pwede ilagay ung sobrang files na di naman kelangan sa PC/MAC 🙂

  • PT

    this might give me second thoughts on that android tablet search i was having since my music is all in lossless format