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20th Century Fox launches “Be the Wolverine” Kinect technology

Before the screening of one of the much-anticipated movies this year – The Wolverine, 20the Century Fox launched a new interactive experience for fans – Be the Wolverine in X-Box Kinect.


Based on a scene in the upcoming movie, the game simulates Wolverine’s (a.k.a. James “˜Logan’ Howlett) moves as it slices through obstacles and defends himself from ninjas on top of a bullet train traveling through Tokyo, Japan, thus allowing fans to become one of Marvel comic’s most iconic X-Men characters.

Aside from the Philippines, countries including Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil, Singapore, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain are also participating in the Be the Wolverine experience. This interactive game will be available to the Philippine public in all Robinson’s malls on the following dates:

  • July 19-21 (Metro East)
  • July 22-24 (Forum)
  • July 25-27 (Galleria)
  • July 28-30 (Magnolia)
  • July 31-Aug 2 (Manila)

The Wolverine 3D will be shown in all theatres nationwide on July 25.

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