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3 things that might sway you into getting an Electrolux air conditioner

I had the privilege of spending a Swedish Christmas at the Electrolux headquarter in Makati yesterday where they had a soft launch of their first split-type air conditioner.


During their presentation, three things stuck in my mind about their air conditioner which they claim is their biggest advantage among other brands.

Highest energy efficiency rating

Compared to other leading brands in air conditioners, Electrolux has the highest energy efficiency rating at 11.6. This means they cost less to operate so you can save more with Electrolux in the long run.

Follow Me Technology

followmeNow this is one neat technology. The way it works is that the cooling from the air conditioner follows the remote control which acts as a thermostat. Pretty useful if you’re in a large room.

Vitamin C Technology

Yes this is a first in air conditioning technology. Electrolux split-type air conditioners has a Vitamin C filter which releases nano particles of pure Vitamin C into the air. They showed studies that this technology improves skin quality and reduces stress.

The split-type air conditioner from Electrolux are now available at leading appliance store.

If you’re worried about after sales support, Electrolux has one of the best in the market. They offer 1 year product warranty and 5 year compressor warranty. They also offer twice a year cleaning for free and will even call you when you air conditioner is due for cleaning.

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  • Good thing that the technology continuous to discover new gadgets that the people would benefit a lot.

  • In the days of summer use of air conditioner is increasing.But we have to keep in mind that it should also economical.Conditioner should not use more electricity.We have to buy quality ac.Electrolux is one of the best company who makes the ac.