30Gigs.com: Your 30GB Inbox

If your 2.6GB (and increasing) of Gmail account is not enough, try 30Gigs.com:

30Gigs.com started off with the idea of creating a “All in one” site for the webmaster and avid computer users. Combining personal file storage, GD2 signatures and anonymous email all in one service, which would be free. Our main goal is to increase our space even further, to 50 gigs, or maybe 100 as time goes on.

30Gigs.com is still in a very heavy beta, and if you are a member, please help us to make it the best mail server there is. We will be offering a section for personal file storage (up to 30 gigs) and a GD2 signature maker to keep your email safe from spam robots. We also offer a unique feature, which allows you to send a email from any address you want…

Registrations are per invitation only, just like what Google Mail did when it was still on beta.

If you need an invite visit Digg here and see if you can grab one from their invite spooler.

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  • gee thats a lot of space, wonder f they will allow sending f those big files to users

  • there’s also a 1000Gig inbox offered by MailNation.net, it’s completely free and ad-free. it also has POP3 and IMAP capabilities. well i don’t know how reliable they are but you can check it out and try it yourself. 🙂

  • did you guys read comments elsewhere about these sites? i highly suggest to do that. it’ll spark more interest in the subject.

  • how do they make money?

    because if they don’t make money, it won’t last long, and it would be hell to take out and transfer ( if they will inform you beforehand!) all your files!!!!

    better understand their business model first.

  • jayeez

    ok so u see mailnation suckz i mean itz just for 60dayz then it expires any one has 30gigs invite send it to [email protected]

  • sup3rba

    please invite me on 30gigs.com

    [email protected]

  • madman_haha

    I want to have one invite of 30gig inbox.
    For me one it ! Now !!!!

    Please anyone for me and 50 invite gmail to
    1 invite 30gig.