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Popcorn Time Online now Supports in-browser Streaming

Following The Pirate Bay’s announcement that they are now supporting a plugin that lets you stream directly from the browser, another popular (and possibly illegal) platform is back after a few months of hibernation, and is now also supporting in-browser streaming – Popcorn Time Online.

popcorn time online streaming

The original Popcorn Time would initially require you to install a program that torrents the movies, but with their announcement that they have incorporated Torrents Time (the same torrent streaming plugin used by The Pirate Bay), users can now stream movies without having to open a new program or leave your browser.

Popcorn Time Online would require you to install the Torrents Time plugin to work. However, bear in mind that in essence, Popcorm Time Online is piracy, and there have already been several attempts to shut down the original platform.

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