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3.5GB for GMail users

Like the universe, it seems Gmail is slowly expanding. The last time I checked I had a 2.5GB allotment for my mailbox. Today, I found I had roughly 2.8GB – 2829MB to be more precise.

You may be wondering now – what happened to the other 0.7GB I mentioned? Well, like I said, Gmail is slowly expanding – and by April 1, 2012, it should reach 3560MB, or just under 3.5GB.

What does this mean for us? I guess it means that unless we really try to fill up our inboxes, the people at Google will be able to deliver on their promise that we will “never need to delete another message.”

source: nirajsanghvi.com (via Search Engine Journal)

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  • 2.8 + 1.7 makes 4.5 right?

    Go Gmail!

  • Agh! Stupid me! That wasn’t a typo – it was bad math on my part. Sorry.

    Umm… I can’t edit the post. Help?

  • Haha. We’ll findout if that promise is true …because as of now, my gmail’s at 97%!

  • jomar: Grabe! Kala ko my 36% was already pretty significant. I’m storing things faster than Gmail becomes though…

  • I thought my 24% was big – but then again, I haven’t added up the space I’ve used on all my GMail accounts.

    Jomar, kumuha ka na ng isa pang account.

  • Joe

    This is awesome. It’s good to see that services on the internet like gmail are keeping up with the new wave of connectivity now that people have access to reliable t1, residential t1.

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  • 1 gb of inbox for me is enough for me i think..

  • my gmail account is at 79% already hahaha

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  • i think gmail dont get it .. just for me ..

    gmail is one of the domain or subdomains that is not getting eyeballs on internet .. just like google base .

    i think email like yahoomail , hotmail and gmail will be useless in coming years.

    its too late for gmail , hotmail is the king og email and yahoo is next ..

    now that web2.0 and its more on sharing email is no more a great medium.. take stumbleupon as a sample , the mailing system is great .. think of social community sites . like facebook ..

    Google is search , yahoo is email , msn or ms is software

    facebook myspace is sc , digg is sharing ..

    one company or online company will be viewed by its users are as a single services , a trademark of what it is .. sooner or later email will die , so no need for more gb on it..