3G saved my day

This is 3G in action folks — your day to day problem solving adventure!

Our team has about 18 workstations with 6 of those working on a night shift. We’re connected via Globe Broadband. Yesterday, due to a very dumb administrative failure, we lost our telephone line — and of course, the internet. And when I said “we lost the internet connection”, that means screaming clients and possible income losses.

Globe’s telephone reconnection normally takes 24 hours. We can’t have 24 hours of internet-less office life! No broadband? “Dial up will do”, I told my self. But hey, we don’t have the telephone lines, too, remember? My only way to make us back online is through wireless connections. How?

Around 6 in the evening, I thought of how I would connect my laptop to my N6680 Smart 3G powered phone. I told myself, what if I install the 3G connection from one of the XP machines and then, try to share it across the network?

It actually worked! From 8 pm to about 8 am the next day, 6 computers shared the internet connection from the 3G enabled phone. We averaged 100kbps. Not bad. 12 hours of uninterrupted internet connection. It probably cost me P240 (P10/30 mins x 2 x 12 hours). But, hey, it saved me a lot of explanation to the client and definitely a lot of stress. Lots of lessons learned: one is this feature and the other — keep your phone bills monitored.

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  • very nice..

  • one more lesson i guess: SPOF

  • wow, this is exactly or closely the same to what i just did… 3G is fast enaough, isn’t it? I have tried it as well… 🙂

  • That’s cool. Makes me think of getting HSPDA. Still, I’m usually in WiFi-enabled places anyway, so I might not have the need.

  • d3nn15

    Ask ko lang po how did you setup the internet connection so that you use the 3G Network and not the GPRS para maaccess ang internet? I’m planning to upgrade my phone kasi to 3G so that I can use my phone to connect to the internet. ang bagal kasi ngayon pag ung 2G phone ung gamit ko dial up speed lang ung speed nya. I prefer. Im currently using my 6610i and PC Suite 6.7 para makaconnect sa net. Madali kasi pag pc Suite e.

  • budda

    dear all,

    can somebody teach me how to configure the mobile phone to enable 3G internet connected to Laptop ?
    i would like to try using it when i visit manila next month.

  • joelski

    to all:

    sino po ang nakakaalam kung pano po gagamitin yung n70 k para connect ko sa pc ko via blutooth using smart 3g?

  • i tried 3G using n70 with windows Xp without service pack. pero bakit parang GPRS lng ang Speed nya? naka lagay sa connection 900+ kbps. pero parang slow paren… bakit kya? may mali ba sa settings ko? i used pc suite to connect.. bakit kaya?

  • bangus:
    The 900KB+ is the USB cable speed.

    For the actual speed, you need to look in the Connection Manager (for S60 phones).

    I couldn’t get the Bluetooth DUN (Dialup networking) to go up, either. I’m using IVT Bluesoleil for the Bluetooth stack.

    For Nokia phones, easiest is to use the USB cable. On Windows, just plug it in and use “Connnct to the Internet” from the PC suite. Everything is automatic from there.

  • just a tip.. when downloading from a website.. always use download accelerators because the default downloader of the browser is pretty slow when using 3g..

    3g saved my day too when i reformat my pc then i forgot to download antivirus. my dial up is pretty slow and i need it fast. so there..

  • Mark


    it seems that kahit anung gawin ko d ako maka connect to online games using my smart 3G connection

    any answer to this??

  • haha.. yeah!

    used to connect my pc thru smart 3G before.. best alternative when no wifi, no dial-up, no dsl etc. must have a good 3G reception in your place though! and secure that USB cable! or you’ll pay 10 petot everytime you get disconnected..

    came across your site coz i’m looking for a way to utilize the 3G function of my lenovo Y310. any ideas?

  • Hell_Yeah

    Bangus how were you able to use your N70 to connect to GPRS?

    I have the same phone (Nokia N70) and i want to use it on my laptop if I’m not at home. Hope you can help me. Thanks!

  • @Hell_Yeah:
    1] install Nokia pc suite
    2] make sure “3G” is indicated under the signal bar on your N70. if not try to get a good signal first. or if you haven’t done it yet , change the Network Mode in Network Settings to “Dual mode” instead of “GSM”
    3] connect your N70 to your pc. USB cable is recommended
    4] open pc suite and click the button Connect to the Internet
    5] open your web browser (firefox, IE etc) and start browsing

  • bryant

    What if you dont have 3G?
    We’ll here’s my story. I have a laptop in a very remote place. Internet cafe is so expensive plus virus (don’t want to plug my usb there). I connected my laptop to my old motorola rokr and used it as phone modem. It’s not as fast a 3G but was able to chat, check facebook and send reports.

    It amazes me that you’re able to share it with 6 computers! Good job.