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3rd Gen iPod Shuffle is not new but can still be a decent gift for Christmas

The iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen has been around for months now but some people still aren’t warm to the idea of having an mp3 player without the usual playback controls on it.

iPod Shuffle

I was skeptical about the controls being on the headphone cord at first but upon trying it out, I think it would be a nice way to control your music and should be an option to mp3 players in the future.

iPod Shuffle

Just like the previous versions of the iPod Shuffle, the 3rd generation is still not for anybody without having any sort of display screen. It is still a nice upgrade from the old iPod Shuffle though with its VoiceOver feature that can tell you the title of the song currently playing, the current playlist and warns you if the battery is low with just a click of a button.

iPod ShuffleGoing back to the playback controls being placed on the right earphone cord, I find it very comfortable not fiddling with the mp3 player during a long commute or while jogging. It’s quite easy to get the hang of pausing a song or skipping it or moving back.

It is a perfect music solution for active people who just wants to listen to mp3’s without searching for particular songs. Just load your workout playlist and enjoy how it shuffles your music. The clip is very sturdy too and won’t fall off easily even if you accidentally brush on it.

One caveat though when getting a 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle. The casing for the playback controls is not moisture or sweat-proof. Once sweat gets inside while working out, it will short the controls and might damage it. A suggestion is to buy an adapter and use ordinary earphones or get a decent earphone substitute for the new Shuffle. Or you can apply a simple low-tech solution that worked for me when I used the Shuffle on a run.

Apple has no word yet on how or if they will fix this problem and it has already been reported ever since the new Shuffle came out. Bad Apple.

Anyway, it is still a decent mp3 player with unique controls that I find likeable and can be a nice gift to give this Christmas.

2GB ““ Php3,290
4GB ““ Php5,490

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  • for its price and size the 3rd gen shuffle looks like a great gift idea. although i must add that the earphones look a bit fragile. got an iphone with pretty much the same earphone design and the inline control is busted now. but, hey, you don’t buy it for the earphones.

  • thanks for the information i was planning to buy 1 of these

  • Oh yes, i agree. there are still people who will be happy to have the 3rd gen. Afterall, it’sthe music that matters, not the model of ipod.

  • yeah.. i agree to that… Im planning to buy this technology as a new years present to my niece.

    may i know whats the price of this one?

  • I say it is no more $200