The Uncyclopedia

Looking for something funny? Try the Uncyclopedia. You’re guaranteed to waste hours and hours laughing out loud with this free encyclopedia on totally useless stuff, such as this article on Japan, and the like:

The physical geography of Japan is characterized by upheavals and the depressed. Because so much of the land mass is mountainous, 94% of the population is forced to live on mountaintops so that the limited amount of flat land can be used for cultivating monsters. Being squeezed onto mountaintops has forced the Japanese people to come up with space-saving innovations such as Game Boy Advance.

I’ve seen hilarious entries on Wikipedia, but nothing beats a whole Wikipedia of wacky stuff.

(via the Man Blog)

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  • You should check out the entry on the Philippines.

  • the entry on the philippines is hilarious… but needs lots of editting. Some parts are bland…

  • Uncyclopedia is fiction. If you want funny stuff that’s true, see Wikipedia Unusual Articles.

  • I found out about this uncyclopedia through the Sassy Lawyer last year.