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5 free Android puzzle games to tease your brain

So you’re waiting in a long queue, or maybe stuck in traffic, or just waiting for someone hoping that he or she shows up. You only have your Android phone and there’s no WiFi hotspot nearby. Your internet allocation just hit its limit and you don’t want to spend for additional data/hours.

Well, here are 5 games that will surely help you kill time. These games are puzzle types that you can bring out anytime, anywhere and are also a great exercise for the brain.

1. Fit / Block Puzzle


Remember when you were little and you have a ball with cutout shapes and you put everything inside that ball, this is not quite like it. Fit or Block Puzzle are two different apps but they’re both from the same developer. I only have Fit installed and I’m not done with the 980 levels of Beginner and 500 levels of Advanced puzzle. Basically, you just need to fit the Tetris-like pieces in the box but it’s always not as easy as it sounds.

2. Puzzles with Matches

Puzzles With Matches

We used to play these when I was a kid using pencils and papers. Puzzles with Matches’ mechanics revolve around manipulating matchsticks in order to achieve a shape or whatever the level’s objective tells you. There are 2 game modes: Shapes and Numbers. Shapes requires you to build the required number of shape/shapes by removing or moving matches. Meanwhile, the numbers mode presents an arithmetic equation and you move matches to make the equation true.

3. Unblock Me

Unblock Me

Unblock me requires the user to manipulate blocks that are blocking the way in order for the red block to have a clear path to the exit. This is the very first game I’ve ever played on an Android device years ago and it killed time a la Narnia. It has 2 game modes: Relax mode, if you just want to solve puzzles without any pressure; and the Challenge mode, which you need to solve each level with the fewest number of moves.

4. Move the Box Lite

Move The Box

Now, Move the Box got me hooked like Unblock me. It’s like Bejeweled in a way that you match 3 boxes of the same kind, but with the influence of gravity. What makes it more challenging is that there’s a limited number of turns in which you have to match all boxes . Plus, it’s fun to see that if you made a right move, you’ll see the chain reaction of the boxes going poof.

5. Flow


I just downloaded Flow last night and I’ve been playing it ever since. At first I thought it was easy and I’ll get bored immediately but as the levels progressed and the board gets bigger and bigger, I got challenged and the game got more fun. What you need to do is connect Point A to Point B with the same color and without overlapping other colors’ path. There’s the Regular pack which features 5×5 to 9×9 boards and the Jumbo pack, which is for tablets (it worked in my Galaxy Note) which features 10×10 to 14×14 boards.

These games have the right amount of challenge to frustration ratio to keep you occupied in times where you need a quick fix and not have time to launch that RPG or just too bored of playing Angry Birds on your phone.

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  • I used to have a game that was very similar to unblock me, I think it was called traffic jam or something similar and you had to unblock the different vehicles. Think I’ll be downloading that one.

  • simplynice93

    I already installed Unblock Me in my Android phone. It has many levels and get harder every level. Gonna try these other games..

  • Griswold

    Thanks for these. sawa na nga ako sa angry birds. hahaha.