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5 Free BlackBerry Apps for Mother’s Day

So you or your mom don’t have any use for iPhone apps because you are more of the BlackBerry smartphone user, here are some free apps you can download or give her for Mother’s Day.


Viigo – Moms love keeping pace with her family’s interests. Viigo for BlackBerry will help Mom keep tabs with what her family is into and what she is into herself. Whether it’s the latest stock market update for her husband, the results of the NBA play-offs for Junior, the best fashion trends for her unica hija, or impressive recipes from Kumareng Martha Stewart, information is delivered quickly, efficiently, and intuitively in a format specially designed for BlackBerry.

DriveSafe.ly – Even Moms can sometimes be tempted to use their BlackBerry while driving. Keep her hands on the wheel and her eyes on the road with DriveSafe.ly, an application that reads her text messages and e-mails out loud automatically or on demand. Additional features include customizing auto-responses and timeout durations. DriveSafe.ly helps Mom stay connected without her texting or reading e-mails while driving.

iGallery – With iGallery, Mom can turn her BlackBerry into a digital photo frame so she can see the photos of her whole family in a slide show. Features include automatic photo slide, customizable play period, and password support.

OurGroceries – Mom, with the use of OurGroceries, can tap the rest of the family to help her with grocery shopping. OurGroceries automatically keeps the family’s grocery list up to date with the latest changes on every family member’s BlackBerry. Nearly out of milk? Mom can add it on her BlackBerry so that anyone in the family who finds himself near the supermarket can get it. One can also keep track of the key ingredients in favorite recipes and add them all at once to the shopping list.

SparkRecipes – Spark Recipes allows users to choose from almost 200,000 healthy recipes that are categorized according to occasion, cuisine and more. Mobile and easy to use, working mothers can instantly decide which meals to whip up for their families on their way home.

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