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5 killer features of the Samsung Galaxy Note

I find the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note a very curious device. Is it just a Samsung Galaxy S update? Or is it something entirely different coming from Samsung? I was able to play with one yesterday and it reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 with its big, flat and light profile.


The Galaxy Note won’t be launched here until end of next week but looking at the specs and reviews over the net, here’s what I think are its 5 killer features which might warrant people from getting this instead of having a phone/tablet combination.

1. Size. The first 5-inch smartphone we held was the Dell Streak. It was chunky and too heavy for our taste. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note has a bigger 5.3-inch screen yet it has the form of the slim and light Samsung Galaxy S2. Weight is not an issue for this device. You can easily handle it with one hand without feeling any fatigue. It’s slim enough to be portable (even pocketable) and at the same time you’ll have ample space for reading books or surfing the web. With its big display size, it can also double as a worthy GPS.

2. Display. Brilliant and gorgeous! It has a Super AMOLED display for vibrant colors and deeper contrast. Then it also has a whopping 1280 x 800 resolution which is even higher than most netbooks. Only the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4/4S has a higher pixel density than the Note. I really enjoyed watching high-def videos on it and it is even watchable in different angles due to its IPS screen.

3. S-Pen. This is probably the unique selling point of the Note compared to other Galaxy devices. You may not have much use for a stylus but it’s really usable on its 5.3-inch screen for jotting down notes quickly. It even has a feature where you can take a screen capture with a press of a button and immediately annotate or put marks on it with the S-Pen.


4. LTE and HSPA+ ready. If you want to be secured in the future in terms of mobile connectivity, the Galaxy Note is LTE and HSPA+ ready. There aren’t a lot of phones in the market that can support HSPA+ but this one trumps them better with LTE support as well.

5. Battery life. One of the things that bothers smartphone users is that they had to charge their phones at the end of the day just so they won’t run out of juice the following day. The Galaxy Note has a generous 2500mAh battery which is the highest among other smartphones right now. If you think it needs it because of the display and faster processor, well according to a review, this baby can play a video continuously for more than 9 hours. That’s creeping into the world of Apple’s iPad and most of you know how long the iPad can go on standby mode.

So what do you think? Does Samsung have a winner with the Galaxy Note? The friend who owns the Note that I used said that it’s really good and he enjoys using it A LOT. This guy owns an iPhone 4S, a Sony Tablet S, a BB Bold 9900… heck every recent mobile gadget you can think of so that tells you how awesome the Galaxy Note really is.

Have you seen the Samsung Galaxy Note video ad yet?

Disclosure: Samsung asked me to write something about the Galaxy Note but I already wrote a couple of entries about it so this is what I came up with. Even if they didn’t ask me, I would still write something like this because this device is really cool. No, I’m not getting a Galaxy Note out of this. I wish. Hehehe. If I’m not mistaken, I think the official launch here in the Philippines is on the 18th so will keep you posted more about this device then.

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  • JmBalicano

    Droolworthy device indeed. Hope it fares better than the Dell Streak 5 that was similarly touted as a phone/tablet combo. 5.3″ SUPERAMOLED FTW!!

  • Sani G

    Sana nasa under 20k ang price kapag available na dito sa atin.

  • Chris

    \is it a phone?
    If it is then its perfect:
    Phone-Multimedia Player-Internet tablet-Notebook/scratch pad- ebook reader the same size as a regular pocketbook-Andoid Apps-Games-ALL IN ONE.

  • Pinoy Persuasion

    Very nice device, very expensive, too!

  • redmd

    ” I really enjoyed watching high-def videos on it and it
    is even watchable in different angles due to its IPS screen.”
    Calvin maybe u meant super AMOLED screen?

    • screen/display features Super AMOLED and IPS. IPS displays allow more viewing angles than ordinary ones.

  • jp

    mas takaw pansin siya sa mga holdaper at snatcher 😀

  • Edward

    Hi! I’m a bit confused with LTE and HSPA+ ready.

    If you buy the unit from SMART, does it mean your buying the LTE Version? If your buying the unit from GLOBE, does it means its the HSPA+ version?
    If you buy from sansung Phils or third parties, is it hte HSPA+ version?

    In the official microsite of samsung galaxy note, it says both LTE & HSPA+ is available BUT DEPENDS ON THE NETWORK OF YOUR COUNTRY.

    • HSPA+ all the way… just found out today

  • Edward

    Hi! I’m a bit confused with LTE and HSPA+ ready. I thought BOTH ARE NOT compatible?

    • yeah just found out today na we are getting the HSPA+ version of the Note

  • bobet

    i read comments from users/owners of SGN complaining about the phone overheating…

  • Jhun Valencia

    Hi, just want to ask if Samsung Galaxy note LTE can be used in Philippines. The phone is 4G

    • would you know the specific brand and frequency of the note that you have?

      • Jhun

        Model is SAMSUNG GALAXY Note LTE
        See below specification…
        GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, 3G/UMTS/WCDMA/2100/900, HSPA / LTE 1800 / 2600 (100Mbps/50Mbps

        • mas maganda if you know the band… smart and globe uses 1800 but it should be band 3.