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5 features of the Facebook Messenger App you probably didn’t know

If you’ve been using Facebook Messenger as often as I do, it’s probably one of the most overused used apps in your phone. However, in spite of the fact that I use it several times in a day, it would seem that I haven’t been able to fully utilize what the app can do!

The most recent update comes packed with features that go beyond sending messages or exchanging cat pictures. Here are 5 lesser-known features of the Facebook Messenger app that you may want to try to make your next conversation more interesting.

1. Change Chat colors and Nicknames
If you’ve become tired of the default blue, you can change the chat colors to better match your topic. Maybe change it to red when things are starting to get steamy? Or gray when the conversation’s starting to get too dull. You can also give yourselves nicknames that are visible only to those who are included in the chat.

facebook features

You can change the chat colors and nicknames by tapping on the i button on the upper right corner of the chat window.

2. Change the main sticker to other emojis
With the recent rollout of Facebook reactions on posts, it only makes sense for the main sticker in the chat to be not limited to the thumbs-up button only. You can change the main sticker to a variety of other emojis including poop, rocket, biceps, and even toilet.

facebook chat icon

Changing the main sticker can also be done by tapping on the i button on the upper right corner of the chat window.

3. Challenge your chat mate to a game of chess!
We wrote about the @fbchess play command a few days ago, which lets you play a game of chess against your Facebook friends. Simply type “@fbchess play” on the chat window and you can let the games begin!

facebook chess

You can make moves on the game by typing certain commands. You can see the full list of commands by typing “@fbchess help”.

4. Get your daily dose of cuteness with @dailycute
We know how the internet is crazy over anything that’s cuddly, furry, and cute. Typing “@dailycute” on the message window will activate a bot that sends you random pictures of cats, dogs, and even a Scottish cow. Anything that’s huggable, actually.

facebook @dailycute


5. Use other apps with Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger let’s you use other apps directly from the chat window. Apps such as Photo Grid, Giphy, and Flipboard have been integrated into the messenger app to make it easier for users to send customized messages. In the US, you can even book an Uber Ride or make payments directly from Facebook Messenger.

messenger apps

Tap on the button with the three dots on the lower right corner of the messenger window to see the list of apps in your phone that can be accessed through Facebook Messenger.

These new features should make user experience more interesting. Is there any feature we missed? Let us know through the comments section below.

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